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The Class of your character permanently determines your access to skills belonging to that class, and your Alignment.

There are three different tiers of Character Class. All characters begin at level 1 in the first tier as the Mortal Class, and are limited to learning Mortal Skills.

When the character earns enough experience to become level 10, they are able to choose a second class from the Tier 2 classes. There are currently 6 different tier 2 classes to choose from (two of each Alignment, though the choice is restricted based on the character's Morality. In order to choose a Tier 2 class, the character must have spend at least 70 CP on T1 skills.

When the character earns enough experience to become level 20, they are able to choose a third and final class from amongst the tier 3 classes. This choice is restricted based on the tier 2 class of the character. In order to choose a Tier 3 class, the character must have spent at least 250 CP on T1 and T2 skills and spells.

All characters are able to purchase skills from all of their character classes, i.e. an Infernal Behemoth (tier 3) can still purchase skills from the Pariah (tier 2) and Mortal (tier 1) class skills.

Tier 1: Mortal

All characters begin as the Mortal Class and are permanently able purchase Mortal Skills at any point, provided they have enough Character Points.

Tier 2

Good Classes

Paladins are the heavy hitters of the Angelic forces. They possess relatively few special abilities, but with Elite Attack they can gain a higher base damage than the other warrior classes. The abilities they do have, such as Bolster Attack, provide additional advantages in combat. Paladins also have access to Divine Armor, which significantly reduces the damage they take from most sources.
Shepherds are a specialised support class. Many of their abilities, such as Heal Others, Energize and Absolve Suffering, focus on aiding others. They may gain the ability to cast spells, Infuse and have access to Alchemy. Their signature skill is Prayer, which grants a random, sometimes potent, bonus to their abilities.

Neutral Classes

Myrmidon skills give them bonuses to their chance to hit and damage, as well as unique advantages such as Critical Hit. Myrmidons are perhaps best known for their Enhanced Senses, which allows them to detect hidden characters without needing to search for them.
Sorcerer skills focus on enhancing their ability to store and cast spells. They possess the powerful ability Sorcerer's Might, which allows them to replenish their MP more quickly than other classes. Like other spellcasting classes they can Infuse and practice Alchemy.

Evil Classes

Pariahs gain some regular combat bonuses, and their abilities (such as Enervate) focus on weakening their opponents and causing as much mayhem as possible. The Blood Taste skill allows them to regenerate hit points quickly in active combat. Pariahs are also known for the Explosive Murder skill; however, many players find this skill impractical to use.
Defilers' most feared ability is Dark Heart, which quickly drains an opponent of his Magic Points. The Defiler can then use them to fuel his own abilities, which include spellcasting, Infuse and Alchemy. The Soul Vampire skill allows the Defiler to store this magic for later use.

Tier 3

Good Combat Classes

Entrance: Paladin

Good Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Shepherd

Neutral Combat Classes

Entrance: Myrmidon

Neutral Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Sorcerer

Evil Combat Classes

Entrance: Pariah

Evil Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Defiler

The demonic penchant for twisting deals and usurping power is never more evident than in the Corruptor. While possessed of only modest offensive abilities on his own, the Corruptor truly shines as a character who is able to turn almost anything his foe possesses against him - magical abilities, summoned creatures, unused magic power - all of these can be stolen by the Corruptor and used for his own dark ends.
The demon who loves power most is the Dark Oppressor, and his abilities are geared towards an exercise of power to force others to submit to him. Where the Corruptor steals, the Dark Oppressor simply denies or removes anything - or anyone - that stands in his path. Master of his domain, and demonic master of magic, his abilities allow him to effectively lead those demons who choose to follow him by supplying them with the things they need to improve their ability to inflict suffering on others - thus ensuring their loyalty.
Warped and twisted by their study to commune with and command the creatures of evil, Wyrm Masters often gain abilities due to their grotesque forms - but more importantly, they can summon a large variety of creatures to do their bidding - and each creature is destructive after its own fashion.