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The Class of your character permanently determines your access to skills belonging to that class, and your Alignment.

There are three different tiers of Character Class. All characters begin at level 1 in the first tier as the Mortal Class, and are limited to learning Mortal Skills.

When the character earns enough experience to become level 10, they are able to choose a second class from the Tier 2 classes. There are currently 6 different tier 2 classes to choose from (two of each Alignment, though the choice is restricted based on the character's Morality. In order to choose a Tier 2 class, the character must have spend at least 70 CP on T1 skills.

When the character earns enough experience to become level 20, they are able to choose a third and final class from amongst the tier 3 classes. This choice is restricted based on the tier 2 class of the character. In order to choose a Tier 3 class, the character must have spent at least 250 CP on T1 and T2 skills and spells.

All characters are able to purchase skills from all of their character classes, i.e. an Infernal Behemoth (tier 3) can still purchase skills from the Pariah (tier 2) and Mortal (tier 1) class skills.

Tier 1: Mortal

All characters begin as the Mortal Class and are permanently able purchase Mortal Skills at any point, provided they have enough Character Points.

Tier 2

Good Classes

The Paladin is a martial warrior dedicated to goodness whose strength and powers arise from his purity. Those who accept the call to fight for the forces of righteousness are duty-bound to remain pure or lose access to the powers they are allowed to wield.

Their devotion to the ideals upheld by the good elder powers allows the Paladin to enlist into the Heavenly Host to defend all that is just against the demonic forces and to call upon the powers of light protection and strength at those times when good beings must stand against evil and fight for what they believe in.

The Shepherd is an angel of mercy, the student of so-called white magic. One becomes a Shepherd by swearing themselves to the powers of good. They channel holy magic directly from the elder powers whose ideals they uphold, and can use that power to smite evil, aid others in need, and even consecrate the land itself. While many of the skills a Shepherd uses uplift and heal others, he can also learn spells to aid him in combat and has the ability to call upon the Powers of Justice directly for aid when faced with the merciless forces of evil.

Neutral Classes

A Myrmidon is one who has turned their focus on the art of combat. They are skilled warriors who have sought power from within themselves. Like the Sorcerer, they have gained power from themselves, and do not sacrifice their free will in the process.
A Sorcerer may gain their powers through any number of ways. They may have a natural affinity which is tapped into through training and focus. They may study the Arcane lore left behind by those who understood before them. They might even stumble upon it by accident by exposure to powerful energies that flow through the Nexus. Whatever the means a Sorcerer finds their power from, they have gained it by their own efforts, and without sacrifice or devotion of their soul. Their free will remains untouched. Armed with the freedom of choice, they are neither shunned nor welcomed by the angelic hosts or the demonic horde.

Evil Classes

The Pariah is, in the most simple terms, a corrupted soul. In more elaborate terms, a Pariah is a soul who has allowed itself to become consumed by hatred, and have had their soul twisted and warped as a result. When a soul becomes twisted enough, it becomes a creature as deformed on the outside as it is on the inside. The perversion of the body seeps all the way to their blood; a wounded Pariah is forced to seek their own means of tending to themselves (such is the life of an outcast). However, these discarded souls frequently band together, united against those who shun them. Unlike the Defiler, a Pariah will seek to turn their curse into a strength, drawing power from a combination of their deformities and lust for vengeance.
All souls who become Defilers have one thing in common: A lust for power. Those who chose to become Defilers will form a dark pact with a greater entity (usually an evil elder power), agreeing to make tribute to them in exchange for power. A Defiler is expected to spill the blood of others and make sacrifices to keep their patron satisfied, and they will gain more power in this way. The patron siphons off small amounts of the soul of a Defiler, consuming it to gain power. Breaking free of the patronage is extremely difficult, but not unheard of. A Defiler is cursed to walk a warped, twisted existence, shunned by all that is holy, and forced to fend for themselves should they come to harm; however, the Defiler also learns to utilize the black arts to inflict pain and suffering on others, in turn tearing off and stealing bits of their strength, power, or souls.

Tier 3

Good Combat Classes

Entrance: Paladin

The Holy Champion calls upon divine power to cloak him in elemental energy, giving him access to various powers, depending on which element he imbues his body with. A Holy Champion is perhaps them most flexible of the angelic fighting classes, able to fill many roles - but never more than one at a time.
The Divine Herald is the light skirmisher among the angelic fighters - his skills can make him difficult to pin down.
The primary offensive soldiers among the legions of the angels, seraphs are almost organic extensions of the land of paradise itself. Tasked with eternal vigilance against the demonic hordes, seraphs are particularly well-equipped to track, find, and kill the unworthy. These heavy hitters embody the fury of divine disfavor and tend to be quite direct in their methods.
A few demons begin down the path of darkness, only to turn back toward the light. While they are never fully free of the stains of their demonic lineage, those who seek redemption are blessed with powers to aid themselves and others - and to become hated and despised by the demons who once embraced them. They become embodiments of penitence, humility... and vengeance.

Good Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Shepherd

The advocate is the support class among the angelic legions. With few offensive capabilities, the Advocate is best suited to defense and to providing boons and aid to other characters; this subtle, yet powerful role allows the advocate to increase the efficacy of all around him, allowing a group to far surpass their individual abilities.
The field general among the angels, the Archon is a combat-oriented caster who brings a good deal of offensive firepower with him, and is most often found leading the angelic charge against the minions of darkness.
Caretaker of the creatures of the Elysian fields, the Lightspeaker often lives vicariously through his charges. While not armed personally for great combat duty, his ability to summon creatures to protect himself and his allies - and to smite the foes of evil - makes him a formidable foe when accompanied by his menagerie.

Neutral Combat Classes

Entrance: Myrmidon

Master of martial training and discipline, the Eternal Soldier is focused upon utilizing superior training, ingenuity, and tactics to overcome his enemies. The Eternal Soldier relies very little on magic, but is master of the mundane and a weapon in his hands is exceedingly deadly.
Mysterious warriors who draw much of their power from the tattoos that cover their body, the Nexus Champion tends to focus himself on attaining victory through inner balance and harmony. He has some access to the arcane arts, and though he does not usually approach the Eternal Soldier for sheer single combat power, he is a more flexible and subtle warrior.
Warriors who align themselves with shadows, nightmares, and death, Revenants have been known through the ages by many names - Werewolf, Nosferatu, and Vampire among them. They tend to draw their power from the night and from the fear - or love - of death itself, and many of them soon come to revel in their unlife and the power it affords them in their chosen element.

Neutral Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Sorcerer

Watching over the walls that divide reality, the Conduit manipulates the raw energies of the planes. He can forge pathways between distant places, manipulate the ambient magicks of an area, strike at his foes with raw Arcana, and exploit his knowledge of matter and ether to better shape them into weapons or potions.
A master of necromantic (death) magic, the lich passes beyond life itself to become undead. The lich holds power over creatures of unlife and has an uncanny ability to work with the powers of death.
More than just a studious bookworm, the Wizard is the premiere practicioner of magic. He understands magic more deeply and can utilize it in a much larger variety of ways than most other casters.

Evil Combat Classes

Entrance: Pariah

The Infernal Behemoth is the personification of violence, destruction, and death. These mighty combat engines excel and bringing death and destruction to any and all that oppose them. The Infernal Behemoth specializes in close combat and can deal out massive amounts of damage. They are able to concentrate their powers to command the fires of hell that burn within them, exerting them outward to wreath their weapons and bodies in unquenchable flame, or focusing them inward to spur their bodies into Bloodlust that allows them to wreak incredible havoc in single combat.
A harbinger of destruction, the Doom Howler wreaks indiscriminate death and despair wherever he goes. The keening wail of the Doom Howler is his trademark and is fully capable of doing harm to anyone in his path; however, he is also armored for combat and has learned the arts of spellcasting as well, making for an unpredictable foe.
The nightmare that strikes from the shadows, the Void Walker is the ultimate assassin. Able to pass through walls, cloak himself in invisibility, and even pass through dimensions at a whim, he is all but impossible to find respite from. In addition, his deadly single-combat arts allow him to quickly fell even the mightiest opponent, no matter how heavily armored.
Angels who have once embraced the light and then fallen into the depths of evil are known as the Fallen. These fiendish beings often subject themselves to horrid experiments that cause them to become twisted metal and organic hybrids - usually in an attempt to make a mockery of the angels whose forms they have discarded.

Evil Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Defiler

The demonic penchant for twisting deals and usurping power is never more evident than in the Corruptor. While possessed of only modest offensive abilities on his own, the Corruptor truly shines as a character who is able to turn almost anything his foe possesses against him - magical abilities, summoned creatures, unused magic power - all of these can be stolen by the Corruptor and used for his own dark ends.
The demon who loves power most is the Dark Oppressor, and his abilities are geared towards an exercise of power to force others to submit to him. Where the Corruptor steals, the Dark Oppressor simply denies or removes anything - or anyone - that stands in his path. Master of his domain, and demonic master of magic, his abilities allow him to effectively lead those demons who choose to follow him by supplying them with the things they need to improve their ability to inflict suffering on others - thus ensuring their loyalty.
Warped and twisted by their study to commune with and command the creatures of evil, Wyrm Masters often gain abilities due to their grotesque forms - but more importantly, they can summon a large variety of creatures to do their bidding - and each creature is destructive after its own fashion.