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Entrance: [[Pariah]]
Entrance: [[Pariah]]
* [[Doom Howler]]
* [[Doom Howler]]
* [[Fallen Angel]] (entrance: [[Paladin]], [[Shepherd]])
* [[Fallen]] (entrance: [[Paladin]], [[Shepherd]])
* [[Infernal Behemoth]]
* [[Infernal Behemoth]]
* [[Void Walker]]
* [[Void Walker]]
===Evil Spellcaster Classes===
===Evil Spellcaster Classes===
Entrance: [[Defiler]]
Entrance: [[Defiler]]

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The Class of your character permanently determines your access to skills belonging to that class, and your Alignment.

There are three different tiers of Character Class. All characters begin at level 1 in the first tier as the Mortal Class, and are limited to learning Mortal Skills.

When the character earns enough experience to become level 10, they are able to choose a second class from the Tier 2 classes. There are currently 6 different tier 2 classes to choose from (two of each Alignment, though the choice is restricted based on the character's Morality.

When the character earns enough experience to become level 20, they are able to choose a third and final class from amongst the tier 3 classes. This choice is restricted based on the tier 2 class of the character.

All characters are able to purchase skills from all of their character classes, i.e. an Infernal Behemoth (tier 3) can still purchase skills from the Pariah (tier 2) and Mortal (tier 1) class skills.

Tier 1: Mortal

All characters begin as the Mortal Class and are permanently able purchase Mortal Skills at any point, provided they have enough Character Points.

Tier 2

Good Classes

Neutral Classes

Evil Classes

Tier 3

Good Combat Classes

Entrance: Paladin

Good Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Shepherd

Neutral Combat Classes

Entrance: Myrmidon

Neutral Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Sorcerer

Evil Combat Classes

Entrance: Pariah

Evil Spellcaster Classes

Entrance: Defiler