Circus Carnivorous

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It's a demon kind of circus. Within the Circus Carnivorous, the chaotic power of Tholaghru grants all characters the power to use Explosive Murder in combat whether they possess the skill or not, including its 50% chance to explode on death. Pariahs who actually possess the Explosive Murder skill will always explode on death if they die within the Circus.

CircusCarnivorous.gif You are standing outside of Circus Carnivorous. This building has been constructed from blackened, carbonized stone that has been deeply carved with unintelligible runes.
You are standing inside of Circus Carnivorous. The inner area of the circus is dominated by an enormous dirt-covered, elliptical field. A series of stone seats rise around the entire area.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 0
Hide % 25 0
Allows: Strongholds