Chitinous Armor

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Chitinous Armor
Class CP Requires
Infernal Behemoth 60 Hulking Brute
  • +25 to the character's Hit Point total
Armor Effect
Slashing 5 Piercing 7 Impact 4
Fire 6 Cold 4 Electric 6
Acid 9 Death 5
Holy 4 Unholy 6 Arcane 6

Chitinous Armor grants the character an innate and permanent armor. It is always active, weightless, and cannot Decay or be destroyed. It cannot be dropped or given to another character. The character also gains +25 HP.

Infernal Behemoth Skills

BloodlustAdrenal Healing |→ Berzerk Frenzy || Elite Attack || Fire ImmunityBurning Aura || Hulking Brute (free skill) → Chitinous Armor |→ Fiendish Bulk || Infernal CombatTailwhip |→ Whip of Torment || Rage StrikeUnfettered Fury || Leathern Wings