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Constructed at the turn of the twentieth century as the home of brilliant (but eccentric) Laurentian political operator Yannick Moreau, the lavish Chateau of Triste-le-Roy put South Sunset on the map as a choice home address for the very rich. Triste-le-Roy fell into disuse for a generation before being reclaimed and renovated by Yannick's great-nephew, yet it captured many ideals of Laurentian home architecture and was frequently discussed and even imitated, most recently by a vast and anachronistic vacation getaway built in the early twenty-first century in Windfall Ridge.

Chateau.gif You are standing outside of Chateau. This is a very large house with a large, well-kept lawn. The main building has multiple wings.
You are standing inside of Chateau. The interior is lavishly decorated. Antiques seem to be found in every corner. Most of the furniture here is made of dark-stained wood and is in good condition. The rooms are very large.

Outside Inside
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