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Obsolete The page is marked obsolete.
The info listed here is no longer accurate / out-of-date.
This is a historical record of Breath I changelogs. For more recent changes, see the changelog.

Archives of older Changelogs can be found here.

The full Changelogs during the time of Breath I can be found in the forums as well under this link



  • Fixed bug that was causing quivers not to be created when unloading a weapon to get arrows (thanks, Entomo, for the spot-fix).
  • Fixed bug that was causing the archery dropdown not to appear when a character had a toolkit and wood, but not a broken item in need of repair.
  • Fixed bug that caused Dark Heart to deal one point of damage per hit.
  • Weapons that degrade from "destroyed" in combat should now disappear correctly.
  • Removed debug message from appearing during item crafting.
  • Animus of the Wolf should now be correctly applying status effect when used.
  • Pet names with apostrophes should no longer "break" message pane.
  • Faction messages with apostrophes should no longer truncate, (and cause all text below them to become green).
  • Attempting to set too many factions hostile now yields an error message.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Wytchfire to appear in charged dropdown only when character was hidden.
  • Fixed bug that was causing character name to disappear when using Area Status Effects (e.g., Way of Void).
  • Fixed bug with Verdant Sling load button showing up where it was not supposed to - and not showing up where it was supposed to. Also tested loading of various items and now seems to be working as intended.



  • Implemented new Fallen Skill, Salt the Earth (60 CP child of Hellfire)

As the Defiler skill of the same name.


  • Added icons to most buildings in Stygia. At this point, only the Euphoria Asylum, Dark Harem, and Dark Sanitarium remain as "tile-less."
  • Filled out class descriptions on class selection pages.


  • Message giving variable name should now be giving variable value for MP needed when recharging spellgems.
  • Fixed bug whereby donning armor (or purchasing innate armor skills) was not granting appropriate soak.
  • Fixed stray debug message when donning and removing items.
  • Weapon Breaker should now be using correct percentages break a weapon (if one exists).
  • Manabiter now works properly (granting status effects based on original potion).
  • Poison enchantment on armor should now be working.
  • Non-combat spellgems carried in inventory show up as available to be triggered.
  • Spellwands should receive faction damage bonuses.
  • Fixed bug that was causing quantities of items stored in safes/footlockers to show up on the row following the item, rather on the row with the item itself.

9/7/10 - Alpha v.2


  • Right-hand sidebar column now displays only one of Map, Inventory, Pets, Parry Settings, Alchemy Recipes (the last three only enabled if the proper skills exist).
  • Clicking on a character name will select that character as a target in the first available (usually combat) dropdown. Clicking on the numerical level displayed after the character's name now links to his character sheet. (Before, clicking on the name sent you do the character sheet).
  • Overland map area now shows graphical stronghold icons in the upper-left corner of tiles with strongholds currently invoked on them.
  • Characters with psychometry now show infusion alignment icons on tiles in color (purple for "own faction", black for enemy, red for hostile, etc.) This replaces previous "text" output on tile showing the infusing status. As part of doing this, have fixed bugs for infusion and stronghold display that was reversing Ally and Friendly status. This shows up in the lower-left of the tile.
  • If a tile's lights can be "powered" a light-bulb icon (white for power on, grey for power out) will appear on lower-right the tile.
  • Attack Fortifications has been moved from the "Stronghold Actions" pane to the combat pane (at the bottom of combat pane).
  • "Give" and "Anoint" actions have been rolled into the "Basic Actions" pane.
  • Most action panes (messages not included) can be set to "open" or "closed" - the state of each pane will be persistent to each character, helping to de-clutter the screen.


  • Completely re-built inventory handling. Inventories should alphabetize and stack far more nicely now than before. Moved "drop" button so as to be a good distance away from "use" button and colored it an ugly red for warning purposes. Rebuild should also eliminate the "phantom items" bug whereby items showed in safes, footlockers, on the ground, etc. but disappeared when "picked up."
  • As part of re-building inventory handling, revamped factional safe and footlocker dropdown display to show exact count of items stored in safe/footlocker.
  • Screen rebuild has drastically decreased database queries (down to about 1/3 of previous).
  • Slight re-coding on some of the headers for various themes to show the menu buttons (though note that at present, only the NukeNews theme is "fully supported").


  • Earning achievement badges now causes the character's faction to earn a small amount of renown (1 to 6 points, depending on how 'deep into the tree' the character is on the achievement badge earning).


  • All Aura Spells were dealing fire damage.
  • A bunch of stuff having to do mostly with item grants being screwy.
  • Fixed bug applying in an edge case with Weapon Breaker hitting certain weapons.
  • Lance of Nullity, Wresting now working properly.
  • Fixed bug that was causing "local events" (speech, deaths, etc.) not to be broadcast to the area.
  • Fixed bug with fangs plus auras causing weirdness in hp regaining.
  • Fixed bug with Berzerk Frenzy not costing 2 MP per action taken.
  • Mask of Vengeance should now be working properly (was applying +2 bonus to attack chance, not damage).
  • Fixed infuse showing two dropdowns for those with Infuse and Greater Infusion.
  • Smite of Ages no longer disappears between 15 and 12 MP.
  • Flaming Weapons should now be applying to attacks on doors and fortifications (should stack with Axe).
  • Fixed weirdness with Agony Curse not applying extra damage as it should.


  • Flying characters can no longer interact with doors or pass through portals (exception - may attack doors/wards with ranged attacks) - they must land first.
  • Flying characters can no longer attack non-flying characters with close-combat attacks (and vice versa).
  • The Divine Herald's "Feet of the Wind" skill (60 CP) allows the character to attack flying characters while not flying and vice versa (though this is not reciprocal for the target). The character still cannot pass through portals/doors while flying.
  • Pets cannot attack flying characters (exception: Air Elementalist pets can).
  • The pet throttle implemented 8/10/10 has been removed (it was NOT placed in for the reasons a lot of people thought it was, I might add).
  • In addition, a "once-per-minute" pet tick is being tried on an experimental basis (if it overloads the server, it's getting the boot immediately). EDIT: Not working yet.
  • Demon Tracker (Seraph skill) now also strips invisible status from all demons in the character's tile (NOT field of view) when used (as does a reveal spell).
  • Blood Frenzy (Revenant skill) grants +2 damage bonus for each instance (was +1).

NEW SKILLS: -- Implemented new Archon skill, Blade of Light (30 CP skill)

  • Character gains an innate attack (uses the sword tree), the Blade of Light. This attack deals a base of 7 points of holy damage and requires 1 MP each time it is used. Characters of evil morality take an additional 2 points of damage (if the character has Hand of Zealotry, this bonus damage extends to neutral-morality characters and if the character has Holier Than Thou, this bonus extends to all characters of lesser morality).

-- Implemented new Corruptor Skill, Caustic Horns (30 CP skill)

  • Character gains a new innate attack, Caustic Horns. These use the Hand-to-Hand tree and deal 7 points of piercing damage. In addition, there is a 25% chance per strike that they inflict the minor poison status on their target.

-- Implemented new Corruptor skill, Draining Field (60 CP child of Manabiter)

  • The corruptor is so in tune with stealing of magicks that he has an almost palpable aura - any time an enchanted weapon is used to attack the Corruptor, there is a 40% chance of the Corruptor spontaneously consuming an enchantment from the weapon (as per Manabite) to gain MP and/or additional effects.

-- Implemented new Corruptor Skill, Cut the Silver Cord (30 CP skill)

  • Character gains a new attack against pets only, Cut the Silver Cord. This attack requires 1 AP and 5 MP to use. On a successful hit, the targeted pet is immediately dismissed (ceases to exist). Character gains XP as though he had killed the pet.

-- Implemented new Corruptor skill, Touch of Corrupted Loyalty (60 CP child of Cut the Silver Cord)

  • Character gains a new attack against pets only, Touch of Corrupted Loyalty. This attack requires 1 AP and 10 MP to use. On a successful hit, the targeted pet comes under the control of the Corruptor as though he had summoned it. If a Corruptor already controls a pet when using this skill, there is a 20% chance per pet already controlled that this skill functions as Cut the Silver Cord instead (except there is no XP gain in this instance).

-- Implemented new Holy Champion skill, Cloak of Magma (60 CP child of Cloak of Earth and Cloak of Flame, requires both skills in order to purchase)

  • Costs 1 AP, 6 MP to activate. Duration is 45 status ticks. Character gains the "Cloak of Magma" status effect. While under this status effect, the character gains the following abilities:
The character loses access to his inventory.
The character's soak against all attacks is increased by 3 points.
Fire Immunity - the Character is immune to fire
Intense Heat - Close-combat weapons used to attack a character under the effects of Cloak of Magma have an increased chance (+4%) of degrading. When the character attacks with hand-to-hand attacks, he has an increased chance of causing degradation of his foe's armor (+4%).
Magma Spurt - The character spurts magma when wounded by a slashing or piercing weapon. The magma deals 6 points of fire damage.
Magma Burst - The character gains the ability to expel magma at his foes. This innate attack uses the Throwing tree, costs 1 MP to use, and deals a base of 4 points of impact damage (subject to normal damage increases for skills, status effects, faction bonuses and so forth) and 6 points of fire damage (which is a constant and does not increase).

-- Implemented new Holy Champion skill, Cloak of Hoarfrost (60 CP child of Cloak of Air and Cloak of Water, requires both skills in order to purchase)

  • Costs 1 AP, 6 MP to activate. Duration is 45 status ticks. Character gains the "Cloak of Hoarfrost" status effect. While under this status effect, the character gains the following abilities:
Frost Aura (deals cold damage equal to the character's level divided by 5, rounded up).
Cold Immunity - The character becomes immune to cold damage.
Piercing, Slashing Resistance - The character gains 33% damage reduction against piercing and slashing attacks (i.e., damage is reduced by 1/3, not reduced to 1/3).
Icy Blade - The character gains an innate fencing attack, the Icy Blade. This deals 9 cold damage and does not require MP to use.
Blizzard - The character gains an Area of Effect attack, the Blizzard. This attack requires 1 AP and 10 MP to use and deals cold damage to all characters in the area. Per-target damage is equal the character's level divided by two (rounded up). Maximum total damage is the character's level times 10. Base chance to hit is 70% (ranged attack whose chance cannot be improved, defense applies).

-- Implemented new Holy Champion skill, Cloak of Holy Radiance (60 CP child skill of Cloak of Flame)

  • Costs 1 AP, 6 MP to activate. Duration is 75 status ticks. Character gains the "Cloak of Holy Radiance" status effect.
  • While under this status effect, character gains the following abilities:
Holy Aura (deals holy damage equal to the character's level divided by 5, rounded up).
Holy Strike - Character gains the ability to make a holy strike attack. This attack uses the the throwing tree and deals a base of 7 points of Holy damage.
Flaming Weapons - all close-combat attacks are changed to fire damage (as Cloak of Flame).
Fire and Holy Immunity - The character becomes immune to both fire and holy damage.
Holy Burst - The character gains an area-of-effect attack. This attack uses the throwing tree to determine hit chance. The attack deals holy damage to all evil characters in the area. Per-target damage is equal to character's level divided by two, maximum damage is character's level times 10. Cost is 1 AP and 10 MP per use.

-- Implemented new Holy Champion skill, Cloak of Quicksand (60 CP child of Cloak of Earth and Cloak of Water, requires both skills in order to purchase)

  • Costs 1 AP, 8 MP to activate. Duration is 45 status ticks. Character gains the "Cloak of Quicksand" status effect. While under this status effect, the character gains the following abilities:
Damage Resistance - The character gains a 40% reduction against all attack types.
Sandblaster - The character gains an innate attack that uses the Bow tree. This attack deals 7 points of slashing damage, has an innate +10% hit chance, and has an added (+4%) chance of causing armor to degrade.
Minor Regeneration - The character regenerates 1 hit point per status tick while under the influence of Cloak of Quicksand.
No item use - character loses the ability to use items in inventory while under the influence of Cloak of Quicksand.

-- Implemented new Holy Champion skill, Cloak of Lightning (60 CP child of Cloak of Flame and Cloak of Air, requires boths skills in order to purchase)

  • Costs 1 AP, 7 MP to activate. Duration is 45 status ticks. Character gains the "Cloak of Lightning" status effect. While under this status effect, the character gains the following abilities:
Character can "seep" through doors and "float" over water and similar tiles as per Cloak of Air
Character becomes immune to Electric damage.
Character gains an innate attack, the static blade. This uses the sword tree and deals a base of 9 points of Electric damage.
Character gains the "static burst" AoE capability. This attack has a base 60% chance to hit and deals (Level*3/2) per-target damage and Level*5 total damage. The cost is 10 MP and 1 AP.
Attacks have a 20% automatic miss chance (as per Cloak of Air).
Character loses access to his inventory.
Character spends 1 MP per action (including attacks). If the character runs out of MP, the cloak dissipates.

-- Implemented new Revenant skill, Animus of the Bat (60 CP child of Shadow of the Bat)

  • The character gains the ability to shapechange into a hybrid man-bat form. The cost is 10 MP to activate and the duration is 75 status ticks (may be turned of prematurely). Character gains the following abilities:
+15% defense bonus
+1 damage to close-combat weapons
Character has the equivalent of Enhanced Senses, if not already purchased.
Character can see (and attack) invisible characters on his own tile.
Character may activate flight ability at will at a cost of 1 AP (c.f. Flying Potions).

-- Implemented new Revenant skill, Natural Predator (30 CP skill)

  • The character gains a +10% attack bonus and +1 damage bonus with hand-to-hand attacks.




  • Fixed bug that allowed Nexus Champion stepping from inside building to step into water without Swim skill or Water Breathing status.
  • Fixed but that allowed morality shift from 0 to 1 or -1 for characters in Unaligned factions while in their strongholds.
  • Fixed bug that was not causing defender to properly receive damage amount in message from Martial Spellcraft attack.
  • Soul Cannons are now charging properly on killshots (tested successfully).
  • Poison, Agony Curse, Curse of Blood, and similar innate attacks no longer grant XP if the target is a factionmate.
  • Touch of Dark Exile should now be working as expected.
  • Abilities that allow the grant of status effects to an area (e.g., Way of Void, Healing Aura, Words of Inspiration) are functional again.
  • A large number of other minor bug-fixes (number of active bug reports is under 100 for the first time in a LOOOONG while).


  • Enchant Item - Weapons can now hold up to 6 damage enchants (for a total of +5 damage bonus).


  • Reorganized main game screen slightly (a few underlying changes in the code) in preparation for some more visible modifications that will be implemented soon.



  • Moved most of the links that ran down the side of the page to the top of the page instead (uncluttering the site look a bit). This has caused the removal of the "raid log" block; expect that to be back in another incarnation a bit later on.


  • Fixed bug that was causing Tattoo of Adaptation (in fact, all immunities) to only soak damage down to 1 point.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Tattoo of Adaptation to be incurred for 9 ticks instead of 10.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed riposte damage.
  • Did considerable work behind the scenes on pets, knocking out a number of bugs with them, the most visible of which was incorrectly displaying damage (there are still a few bugs extant, particularly with attacks on pets triggering retribution, it should be noted).



  • Characters now have the option to select their gender preference (same location as description editing; on the character page). Changes do not affect the character until the next respawn. Additional respawn messages based on gender should no longer appear. Note that some gender confusion with pronouns (using the masculine pronoun for a "she") may remain in messages as I have not gone through the code with a fine tooth comb to remove/change them all yet.


  • Fixed bug that was causing characters with Precision of the Assassin to always deal 1 damage.
  • Fixed bug that was causing soak to not always be reported.
  • Faction soak and defense now shows on character pages (of your own characters only).
  • Integration of new combat engine code into Riposte (Advanced Parry) function should fix several riposte bugs, including spurious messages during ripostes (given to riposter only), riposte not firing against pets, and Blood Taste not working in conjunction with ripostes.
  • Pets should now be able to acquire other pets as targets.
  • Fixed bug that was causing extra damage for attacking from hiding not to be processed. Attacking from hiding should now deal the damage listed on the tin (except against a target aware of you, etc.).
  • Potions are now masked when passing them to another character (this masking occurs for BOTH parties on the give message, and is intentional).
  • Feet of the Wind and Ether/Void Stepping should no longer cost double AP on water.
  • Another "nagy csomo" of assorted bugs.


  • Nerf: Attempted implementation of a "pet throttle" that affects large numbers of pets belonging to a single petmaster as follows:

-- Each time a status tick occurs on the master, the first 3 pets slated to attack will always attack.

-- Subsequent pets may or may not attempt an attack, based on the following formula: percent chance to attempt an attack is equal to 100 - 100*log(total number of attacks already made). Note that this is log(10), not log(e).

-- (Hard numbers: if 3 of your pets have already attacked, each pet that follows will have an 83% chance of attacking until one attacks. Each pet that follows that 4th attack will have a 70% chance of attacking until one attacks. Each pet that follows this 5th attack will have a 61% chance of attacking, and so on, to a maximum of 20 attacks, after which further pets have a 0% chance to attack).

  • Granted Cirri, Sylph, Hurricane (Air Elementalist pets) a 20% flat miss chance on successful incoming attakcs (similar to Cloak of Air or Phasing).
  • Phoenix (Fire Elementalist pet) now has a fiery aura that deals 8 points of fire damage.
  • Earth Elementalist pets (Gnome, Golem, Juggernaut) have minor soak vs. all attacks (1, 3, 5 respectively).
  • Water Elementalist pets (Naiad, Undine, Hydrodragon) now have immunity to Impact damage and take half damage from Cold attacks.



  • Fixed bug whereby Shadow Wrap spell was not causing characters to hide.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Nexus Champions with Tattoo of Adaptation to pick up the "adapted to..." status with respect to the damage type that killed them when being hit by certain attacks (mostly auras).
  • Salt the Earth should now work correctly.
  • Martial Spellcraft should now be working properly again (and should now also be effective against doors, wards, and fortifications).
  • Characters should now gain XP for damage dealt by Martial Spellcraft and Aura spells when attacking in combat.
  • Tattoo of Adaptation should now work properly when dealt damage by multiple sources in a single attack (e.g., Aura spells). Damage is applied in the following order: (1) aura spells, (2) martial spellcraft discharges, (3) the actual weapon used to attack.
  • Pet attacks should be soaked/immuned against correctly.
  • Pets should be toggling back and forth between primary and secondary attacks if they run into an immune target.
  • A "nagy csomo" (don't ask) of other minor bugsquashing.

(Note that many of these combat-related bug fixes are a natural result of the continuing integration of the new combat engine into the game).


  • Character pages now display a character's current defense, dodge, and soak values - including immunities - to that character's owner (only). Soak due to Fortifications for a character in his stronghold is listed separately.
  • Implemented new game mechanic, Damage Reduction. Damage reduction is a "multiplicative" value that affects the amount of damage a character takes and is applied post-soak. Damage reduction will always reduce damage from an attack by at least one point, but can never reduce an attack below its damage floor. When displayed next to soak on a character sheet, the percentage of damage the character TAKES (not soaks) from the attack is shown (i.e., a soak of 4 (70%) means the character soaks 4 points, then takes 70%, rounded down, of whatever damage gets past the soak).
  • Cleaned up default site theme a bit (expect more of this).


-- Implemented new Mortal skill, Lockpicking (10 CP skill)

  • Character is able to pick locks without the aid of a Set of Lockpicks. Base chance of success is 25% without lockpicks, 40% with lockpicks. Note that doors can be picked with a Set of Lockpicks alone (i.e., without the skill) at a 15% rate of success.


  • Aura of the Crypt damage is now Level/4, rounded down.
  • Clockwork Cloud damage is now Level/5, rounded down (yes, this is less than the 60-CP auras).
  • Air Affinity no longer grants a flat +2 soak vs. Electric attacks. Instead, it grants 30% damage reduction against electric attacks.
  • Earth Affinity no longer grants a flat +1 soak vs. Impact and Slashing attacks. Instead, it grants 15% damage reduction against impact and slashing attacks.
  • Fire Affinity no longer grants a flat +2 soak vs. Fire attacks. Instead, it grants 30% damage reduction against fire attacks.
  • Water Affinity no longer grants a flat +1 soak vs. Cold and Piercing attacks. Instead, it grants 15% damage reduction against cold and piercing attacks.
  • Hiemal Armor is now treated as 50% damage reduction vs. Piercing and Slashing attacks.


When calculating the effects of damage reduction, soak, etc., the following rules apply:

  1. The "base" additive damage modifiers are calculated for the attacker using all skills, status effects, and similar bonuses.
  2. After all additive modifiers are applied, all multiplicative damage modifiers based on the attacker's skills, status effects, etc. are applied. All multipliers in this step round DOWN.
  3. The defender's additive soak is calculated and applied to the damage (Precision of the Assassin bypasses this step)
  4. The defender's multiplicative damage reduction (e.g., Air Affinity vs. Electric damage) is applied calculate additional damage soaked.
  5. The damage "floor" is checked. Damage inflicted is raised to the damage floor or the initial base attack value (from Step 1), whichever is LOWER.
  6. Immunity to the damage type is checked for and applied, if applicable, to bring the damage down to 0.


A character's "most powerful" Aura (the one that does the most raw damage, without regard for target soak) is the one that will be applied when a character is on the defensive.


Characters who have "reloaded" a spellwand prior to this latest bugfix may see some of their Damage Bonuses due to skills accrued twice. Reloading the spellwand should solve this bug; as it only affects a tiny handful of characters, and only until they reload their wand (and I can't be bothered to hunt them down manually), please do not report it.



  • Quitting a faction while in that faction's stronghold results in the character being automatically moved "outside."
  • Attack actions taken against factionmates while in one's own stronghold cause a morality shift (though no XP is granted). This is the exception to the general "no morality shift that goes away from the faction's alignment while in one's own stronghold" rule.



  • Fixed "Phantom Pet" bug that was causing tentacles summoned by a character to summon the pet graphic as though they were "on the current tile" regardless of actual location. Note that a character's own pets in another location will still show on the map as "white" and not "yellow."
  • Fixed bug that was large numbers of pets in a location not to display graphically.
  • Fixed bug that was causing pets on the "outside/overland" map not to display.
  • Weapon Breaker was not charging extra MP to boost breakage chance if attack missed. Now it charges regardless of the attack result.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Revenants with Shadow of the Wolf and not Shadow of the Bat from being able to purchase Call Animals.
  • Ultimate Suffering now appears properly in the Redeemed skill tree.
  • Words of Inspiration should now show cost properly on map page and should work when used.


  • Morality shift in a character's own stronghold occurs (only) if the shift in morality is "in tune" with the faction's alignment, to wit, positive morality shift in Evil strongholds is not possible, negative morality shift in Good strongholds is not possible, and only morality shifts that take the character towards 0 morality are possible in an Unaligned stronghold. This is meant to reinforce the fact that a faction stronghold is a physical manifestation of the ideals of Good, Neutrality, or Evil and while ensconced within their protection, members of factions cannot try to pull themselves away from the innate "tug" of the stronghold's moral embodiment. The ramifications of this (the most common being, "healers in an Evil or Unaligned stronghold cannot easily get a Good morality") are *intentional* design choices.

NEW SKILLS: -- Implemented new Redeemed skill, Remembrance of Demonhood (30 CP skill)

  • If Redeemed was originally a Defiler, s/he gains a +3 damage bonus and a +5% hit chance when attacking evil-aligned Defilers and their demonic exits and a +1 damage bonus against evil-aligned Pariahs and their demonic exits.
  • If Redeemed was originally a Pariah, s/he gains a +3 damage bonus and a +5% hit chance when attacking evil-aligned Pariahs and their demonic exits and a +1 damage bonus against evil-aligned Defilers and their demonic exits.

Implemented new Redeemed skill, Crossbow of Cold Resolve (60 CP child of Mask of Vengeance)

  • The Redeemed gains an innate weapon, the Crossbow of Cold Resolve. It attacks with the Bow tree, has a base weight of 6, an innate +5% accuracy bonus deals 12 points of cold damage, holds 10 shots, and is reloaded with arrows (as any other bow). The Redeemed takes 3 points of unsoakable damage each time it is fired. The bow cannot be traded, dropped, nor given away, and does not degrade.


  • Mask of Vengeance (Redeemed): +2 bonus now applies to Bow attacks as well as Hand-to-Hand and Thrown.
  • Weapon Breaker (Myrmidon): Base chance to break weapons remains at 20% while Weapon Breaker is active; however, each additional MP spent adds 10% to the chance of breaking a weapon (was 5%).



  • Tiles now display icons to show (approximate) number of characters and pets in a location instead of just showing numbers.


  • Characters with Tattoo of Strength should see the correct attack percentage with Sledgehammers.
  • Angel Tears now cure the Blood Curse.
  • Wheels of Righteousness can now be summoned.
  • Wreathed in Flame status (Fire Mastery) now grants 30 status ticks instead of 29.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Taint Spell not to apply excess damage to targets based on morality.

NEW SPELLS: -- Implemented new spell: Conjure Sinews (10 CP to learn, 10 CP to cast)

  • Character gains 10 status ticks of the "Strength" status effect. Multiple castings of this spell stack. This effect is identical to, and stacks with, the effects produced by a Potion of Strength.

-- Implemented new spell: Shadow Wrap (20 CP to learn, 5 MP to cast)

  • Causes the character to become "hidden" as per a successful hide attempt.


-- Implemented new Redeemed skill, Candle of the Soul (30 CP skill)

  • The Redeemed gains a new innate hand-to-hand attack, Candle of the Soul. Each use of this attack deals 5 points of unsoakable damage to the Redeemed. This attack deals no damage, but instead inflicts the "Illuminated" status effect for 5 status ticks on its target if the target is of Evil alignment. Characters with the "Illuminated" status effect suffer a defense penalty of -10% and all attempts at hiding or becoming invisible automatically fail.

-- Implemented new Redeemed skill, Lamp of Clinging Purity (60 CP child of Candle of the Soul)

  • At the cost of 30 Hit Points, 5 Morality points, and 5 action points, the Redeemed causes the inner light of his purity to shine forth, banishing darkness and clinging to evil. All characters in the tile are unhidden and invisible status is revoked. In addition, characters of morality -5 or below gain the "Illuminated" status effect for a number of status ticks equal to their morality score divided by -5, rounded down (i.e., a character with a morality score of -48 gains the effect for 9 status ticks).

-- Implemented new Redeemed skill, Words of Inspiration (30 CP skill)

  • Costs 7 AP, 7 MP, 21 HP to activate. When activated, all good-aligned currently in his tile (but not the character himself) receive the "Inspired" status effect for 20 status ticks. Multiple uses of this ability reset the duration (does not stack). While under the "Inspired" status effect, characters receive a +10% bonus to close combat, thrown, and bow attacks and +5% to their firearm and spell attacks. Does not affect pets. If the HP loss from the use of this skill kills the Redeemed, the duration is increased to 35 status ticks.

-- Implemented new Redeemed skill, Ultimate Suffering (90 CP child of Mask of the Martyr)

  • If the Redeemed is struck by a demon while under the effects of Mask of the Martyr and the attack deals 15 or more points of damage (prior to soak being applied), the Redeemed collects his tears and receives a Vial of Angel Tears in his inventory.

-- Implemented new Lich skill, Summon Will-O-Wisp (30 CP skill)

  • Allows the Lich to summon a Will-O-Wisp (q.v.). Does not require corpses in the tile.

-- Implemented new Lich skill, Summon Wight (60 CP child of Summon Will-O-Wisp)

  • Allows the Lich to summon a Wight (q.v.). Requires corpses in the tile.

CHANGES, PETS: -- All lich pets are now immune to death damage.


-- Implemented new Lich Pet, Will-O-Wisp

  • Base cost 25 MP (8 MP Elevator)
  • 40 AP, 20 MP, 40 HP
  • Deals 7 death damage (no secondary)
  • Heals its master for 1/2 the amount of damage dealt by its attacks (rounded down, cannot go over max hp).
  • Heals itself for 1/2 the amount of damage dealt by its attacks (rounded down, cannot go over max hp).
  • 50% attack chance, 10% defense

-- Implemented new Lich Pet, Wight

  • Base cost 30 MP (9 MP Elevator)
  • 70 AP, 35 MP, 50 HP
  • Deals 12 death damage (no secondary)
  • Heals its master for 1/2 the amount of damage dealt by its attacks (rounded down, cannot go over max hp).
  • Heals itself for 1/2 the amount of damage dealt by its attacks (rounded down, cannot go over max hp).
  • 60% attack chance, 20% defense

NEW USES, OLD ITEMS: -- Consumption of a Soul Ice while under the effects of Illumination will dispel the Illumination status, but the normal 5 MP gain will not be granted. -- An Infernal Behemoth with the Bloodlust skill who uses a piece of Blood Ice will trigger his Bloodlust in addition to the healing normally associated with the use of Blood Ice. Such a character can use Blood Ice even if he is not injured.

UNDER THE HOOD: This began yesterday though was not explicitly noted as it affected only the display dropdowns on the mainscreen but not the underlying "attack" code itself; I am going to make people aware now since I am starting to do work in earnest now. The combat engine (the single oldest piece of code in the engine and thus the most embarrassingly bloated and unwieldly) is undergoing a considerable makeover (and one that is, frankly, SORELY needed) in hopes of streamlining a LOT of things. Please be aware that as I phase in these changes, there may be some unexpected bugs with the combat engine, but bear with me on it; I will patch them as quickly as I can after they are noted. Please keep your eyes peeled for oddities in combat.



  • Fixed bug that was causing Chitinous Armor not to provide soak to attacks.
  • Curse of Blood now costs 5 MP to use (was 0).
  • Agony Curse now appears in the appropriate innate attack menu.
  • Agony Curse now costs 5 MP to use (was 0).
  • Sorcerers Might status effect no longer precludes the use of Energize or Absolve Suffering.
  • Soul Cannons should be "charging" correctly on kill shots.


-- Implemented new Dark Oppressor skill, Crown of Pain (30 CP skill)

  • Innate weapon, holds 10 shots, uses the firearms tree to attack.
  • Cost is 1 AP, 10 MP to recharge the Crown; in addition, the character must use a Blood Ice or Soul Ice to "charge" the crown (consumed during the recharge).
  • If the Crown is recharged with Soul Ice, it deals a base of 10 points of unholy damage.
  • If the Crown is recharged with Blood Ice, it deals a base of 11 points of death damage.
  • The Crown comes into being with 10 shots of 10 unholy damage when purchased.

-- Implemented new Wizard skill, Cosmic Oneness (90 CP child of Cosmic Mastery)

  • Character's maximum Magic Points increase by 15.
  • Character gains 2 MP instead of one at each AP tick.

-- Implemented new Wizard skill, Arcane Affinity (60 CP child of Cosmic Affinity)

  • Spellcasting, Skill Use, and Enchantment actions (but not stronghold planting/revoking) are done at a 25% discount in MP cost. Cost of "Charged Attacks" added to spells are not affected if the cost of the addition is less than 4 MP (e.g., Arcane seeker and Eldritch Blast are not discounted, even if used together, since each costs less than 4 MP).

-- Implemented new Lightspeaker skill, Summon Wheel of Righteousness (60 CP child of Summon Judgemaster)


  • Dark Heart no longer causes one point to be sacrificed to the Dark Powers after being drawn from the target (1 MP cost to use the ability in the first place remains). MP cost to use is applied before MP gained from target is applied.
  • Prayer (Shepherd): Bonuses derived from Offensive Power, Offensive Guidance, Offensive Might, Crusader Blessing answers affect spells (including spellgems), not just weapons.
  • Enervated status effect does not reduce target's spell/spellgem damage, only physical attacks are reduced in damage. Accuracy is still affected for spell attacks.
  • Bolster Attack status effect will add to spell/spellgem damage as well as conventional weapon damage (change affects Divine Heralds and Corruptors who happen to steal the status effect).



  • Plague of Doubt should now show in the charged attack dropdown.
  • Attacking a target with a taser no longer gives the spurious message to the attacker that the attack has made them twitchy (should still give it to the defender).


  • Added descriptions of text contained in books when books are read.
  • Significantly reorganized character pages.
  • Custom avatars can now be uploaded for characters from the character page (size is limited to 40 KB at present for testing purposes) - see for an example. Uploading a custom avatar requires 200 game credits. If your upload attempt fails (file is too big, for example), you should not be charged the credits (note: generic avatars - pardon the pun - will be rolled out soon).


(Note: My goal for the month of August is to squash at least one bug per day... so far, I'm ahead of schedule)


  • Retrieval of allied flags should now be possible.
  • Morality shift no longer occurs within one's own stronghold.
  • Fixed bugs in "ban" and "ban user" function that kept it from working - should now work properly.
  • Plane name should be displayed for all planes when a faction captures the flag of another faction.
  • Tap Ley Line message should now display properly.
  • Martial Spellcraft should work to trigger Martial-Spellcraft weapons until the attacker reaches 0 MP (was stopping at 1).
  • Utility spellgems (i.e., non-offensive spells) no longer disintegrate at 0 charges if the user has Pattern Weaver.
  • Moving tile-to-tile in Cloak of Earth should now cost 2 AP instead of 1.
  • Fixed bug whereby Mystic Mail was not adding soak properly against attacks.
  • Removed spurious link in Eye of Death pane when a character is killed by reasons other than another character (killer id 0).
  • Fixed Anoint - should now work for Advocates.
  • Tattoo of Strength now displays correctly on Sledgehammer attack chances (was working "under the hood" but did not display the attack chance increase).
  • Fixed message sent to defender when subjected to a custom spell attack and the attack missed (was giving attacking flavor text).
  • Characters in Bat Form should no longer be able to attack fortifications.


  • Aura spells (Death Mantle, Flame Charge, Frost Charge, Static Charge, Stonefury) can now be stacked in duration, though casting one of them still nullifies any other instances of aura spells the character may be under.


-- Implemented new Wizard skill, Spell Parry (30 CP skill)

  • Character gains the option to activate "Spell Parry" status effect (costs 1 AP, 5 MP, lasts 25 status ticks). Multiple uses stack.
  • While under the influence of "Spell Parry", the character spends 1 MP each time s/he is the target of a spell attack (includes spellwands). If the character has 0 MP, this status effect has no effect.
  • If the character has learned the exact spell being used to attack him/her, the incoming spell is automatically countered (i.e., the character takes 0 damage). If the incoming spell is a variant of a spell the character knows, there is a 50% chance that the spell will be countered. If the character does not know any variants of the incoming spell, it affects the character as normal (and the 1 MP is still spent).
  • If the attacker has used the Eldritch Blast feature of the Deep Spellcraft skill when casting a spell, the defender's spell parry attempt always fails, even if he knows the exact spell, unless he also has the Deep Spellcraft skill. Incoming spells affected by Taint Spell or Sanctify Spell are parried 50% of the time if the character knows the exact spell, but only 25% of the time if the character only knows a "similar" (i.e., same base) spell.
  • Aura spells cannot be parried.


  • Tier 3 characters' identities are "masked" to characters of Tier 2 or Tier 1 in the tile description pane; they will show up as "a/n <Tier 3 Class name>" (though will still be listed by name in the targetting dropdown). Tier 2 characters' identities are "masked" to characters of Tier 1. This "masking" does not apply to members of one's own faction (exception: characters under the effects of Blood Frenzy, since they perceive everyone as "hostile" - yes, it is possible *cough*alchemy*cough* for a non-Tier 3 character to receive the Blood Frenzy status effect).
  • When inside a stronghold with fortifications, characters without the Structural Engineering skill will be given descriptive text to indicate the general level of fortification (light, moderate, heavy, extreme).
  • Alignment restrictions for faction leaders have been relaxed slightly; to wit: any faction leader may edit a Neutral faction or plant/revoke a stronghold, regardless of current morality score, any faction leader whose morality is in the "Neutral" zone for Good or Evil factions may also edit the faction or plant/revoke a stronghold. However, when planting or revoking a stronghold, a character whose morality is "out of step" with his factions takes unsoakable damage thusly: Unaligned faction leaders who are not Neutral alignment take damage equal to twice the distance of their current morality score from 0; Evil faction leaders take damage equal to twice the distance of their current morality score from -50, and Good faction leaders take damage equal to twice the distance of their current morality score from 50. A leader that takes damage in this fashion also receives the Sorcerers Might status effect (if he survives) for 40 status ticks (will stack with existing SM instances).



  • Faction footlockers should no longer be "Crossing" inventory size with faction safes.
  • Heavenly Host and Legions of the Abyss were receiving karma bonus equal to 100% of all Good/Evil infusions; this has been reduced to the proper 10% amount.


  • Characters are considered "inactive" if they have not been logged into for at least one week. This only affects their faction/faction membership as below.
  • Inactive members of a faction no longer display on the faction roster and no longer count towards the faction's karma requirement (they are still members of the faction if they later return to activity) or the calculation of the faction's level.
  • A faction with no active members immediately loses its stronghold (but may replant immediately if a leader or lieutenant returns to activity).
  • A faction with no active members is not listed on the faction list page, though their flags continue to exist. Exceptions: The Heavenly Host and the Legions of the Abyss will continue to display even if they have 0 members.
  • The check for "inactive" status occurs every AP tick. Because of implementing this, a couple extra AP ticks were run off at the time of this update.