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Breath II



  • Potions now grant "Invisible" status (identical to Invisibility).
  • Demon Tracker should now reveal properly if used in the correct tile.
  • Invisibility wasn't being dispelled when attacking a door or wards. Now it does.
  • Invisible status could expire without the character actually becoming visible. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed javascript bug that caused targets not to be autoselected in dropdowns if combat pane was closed.
  • Guilds were not granting Planar Protection on the "home plane."
  • Fixed problems with Spellwands not showing up in target shooting menu.
  • Fixed problems with to-hit chances being calculated incorrectly when target shooting (includes bug that made spellwands always miss).
  • Dropping potions no longer shows the potion's name.
  • Blank message was being generated when enchantments on items decayed at moment of death. The message now displays properly.
  • Golem Form now has a "Deactivate" button.
  • Golem Form cannot be activated while on Water (or Void) tiles.
  • Mask of the Martyr was not recognizing Fallen as demons.
  • Bond of the Mechanical was not loading Harpoon Guns (will cause significant damage).
  • No "deactivate Inviolate Form" button was showing up.
  • Obelisk (Silverlight) was granting less MP than it should for those factions and guilds who had Magic discount bonuses.
  • Healing Aura wasn't healing on AP ticks.
  • No "deactivate Mask of the Penitent" button showing up.
  • Faction Invites now expire properly (on the AP tick following the Expiry date/time).
  • Fixed bug that caused faction invites with quote or apostrophe in the message not to be sent.


  • Free Speech (i.e., 0 AP speech) no longer triggers a status tick on the speaker. Non-Free (1 AP) speech does.
  • Faction Invites now have a "Decline" button - this deletes all invites from the inviting character to the inviting faction (if other characters send invitations to the same faction, these are not deleted; likewise if a character sends invites to multiple factions, these are not deleted).



  • Revenants in Shadow of the Wolf/Bat can no longer build fortifications.
  • Option to attack fortifications in a stronghold not present if no other characters present. Now fixed.
  • Members of the Opal Syndicate should now be able to attack with Chaos Shards outside of Kaleidescopia.
  • Re-did several actions that weren't checking for encumbrance properly. Encumbrance checks should now be handled such that Chaos Shards and Opalescent Breastplates should no longer be causing problems outside of Kaleidescopia.
  • Holy Transfer wasn't working properly (targets not being shown correctly in dropdown). It is now working properly.
  • Holy Transfer now charges the correct amount of AP (5).



  • Fixed bug whereby bending portals was not increasing AP cost by 3.
  • Character Pages now display guild membership.
  • Fixed crafting bug that was causing sling crafting not to consume required leather.
  • Fixed bug that was causing potions found while searching or created via alchemy not to be created.
  • Fixed bug that was causing unloading or giving of single-round ammunition (e.g., arrows, pistol rounds, rifle rounds) to not be created. (Unloading ranged weapons should work again).
  • Fixed bug that was not granting achievement badges nor allowing characters to find "stashes."
  • Writing on walls was not causing a character to lose hidden status. This has been fixed.
  • All weapons were vanishing from the weapon dropdown when a character's MP dropped below 0. This has been fixed.



  • Dark Heart, Soul Vampire, and Life Vampire were not appearing in the combat pane. They now appear in the "weapons" dropdown and are treated as any other weapon (i.e., they do not require a separate section).



  • Fixed bug that was causing AYS stronghold to not have a door.
  • Fixed bug that caused Cloak of Magma status effect not to be removed when "Deactivate" button pushed.
  • Modified Animus/Shadow effects for Revenant, thusly:
- A character in Animus or Shadow of the Wolf cannot shift into Animus/Shadow of the Bat unless s/he returns to "normal" form first and vice versa.
- A character in Animus of the Bat can shift to Shadow of the Bat (and vice versa), but loses the first status effect when doing so. This also applies to Animus/Shadow of the Wolf. (i.e., no more running Shadow AND Animus at the same time).



  • Sinmasters (and Wheels of Unrighteousness) now cost MP to rejuvenate.
  • Chaos Shards no longer encumber outside of Kaleidescopia when attempting to search.
  • Martial Spellcraft wasn't always appearing in spell casting dropdown.
  • Spellwands from hiding should no longer have damage penalty.
  • Heal Self wasn't giving a message.
  • Small Cannon was only dealing one damage with Bond of the Mechanical
  • Characters could join alignment-restricted factions when morality was out of step
  • Sealed firearms were showing (but not applying bonus) in dropdowns to all subsequent weapons.
  • Tattoo of Inner Strength was setting Max MP to 5. Is now increasing by 5.



  • Prayer wasn't displaying messages when it "renewed" an existing status effect.
  • MP regeneration from Prayer can now take a character to maximum MP.
  • Clicking on a character's link in the description area should now select the character on all dropdowns.
  • Master of Improvised Tools and Fraternity of Wondercraft are now working (weren't working before unless character also had "Master" crafting skill).
  • Fixed long-standing but just-noticed bug with shadows in buildings.
  • Fixed Nexus Champion teleporting weirdness (can no longer teleport into Solid Earth and should gain swimming status if they teleport on water with Swim but no Water Breathing).
  • Other various and sundry minor patches.



A bunch of interface patches, highlights only are below:

  • Opalescent Breastplates and Chaos Shards no longer encumber outside Kaleidescopia.
  • Fixed Holy Champion Cloaks breaking interface.
  • Holy Radiance Cloak now grants attacks.
  • Innate attacks granted by cloaks now check to see if cloak is active before allowing attack.
  • Hiding damage bonus no longer displays vs. doors, pets, targets - only characters.



  • Patch applied that should stop the "Bending = Death" bug - if not, have tried to add a second failsafe that would abort the portal use attempt (with message to send to bug reporting).
  • Fixed problem that was causing faction leader invites, credit messages, and other stuff to result in the triggering of the "User Ban" option instead.
  • It should now be possible to land in water while using Water Breathing.
  • Fixed bug that allowed retrieval of allied flags from one's own stronghold.
  • Water Breathing status expiration should lead to drowning (if the character doesn't have Swim) or the Swimming status (if he does).
  • Changing a tile's status due to removing infusions should now kick all characters (and pets) outside if the change causes the tile to "lose" its status as a tile with an interior. This has the additional effect of destroying any stronghold extant on the tile (no flag is captured and no renown is gained for destroying a stronghold in this manner; however, this does start the 24-hour cool-down timer).
  • Pattern Weaving cannot be done if a character has no AP.
  • Pattern Weaving cannot take a character into negative MP.
  • Feet of the Wind wasn't allowing travel across water tiles.
  • Silverlight guild MP discount wasn't applying to cast spells in combat.
  • Learning aura spells did not cause enchantments of the relevant type to show up in enchanting pane.
  • Innate items (e.g., Fists, Kicks) removed from Enchanting dropdown.
  • Fixed bug causing strange portal costs to appear with Sense Magic.
  • SEAL MAGIC NOW WORKS (tested on live server).
  • ENCHANTING ARMOR AND CLOTHING NOW WORKS (tested on live server).
  • POISON ENCHANTMENTS ON ARMOR WORK (tested on live server).


  • Enchanting and Seal Magic will display the number of enchantments (or seals) currently on an item in the enchanting dropdown if the character has Sense Magic.
  • Enchanted and Magical items have (enchanted) or (magical) next to their name in inventory.
  • Magical items (not enchanted items) have lost the "Drop" button.



  • Infusions deeper than 25 points now damage Tier 2 and Tier 3 all characters whose morality does not match the infusing faction's alignment regardless of factional stance (exception: does not damage members of the infusing faction, regardless of their alignment). Planar protection prevents this damage.
  • Characters can no longer repair nor drop items currently being worn; they must first be removed.
  • Faction chatboxes should be able to handle apostrophes, quotes, and slashes.
  • Cleaned up bugs that were affecting faction leaders' ability to promote, demote, ban, and "userban" members.
  • Faction leaders have the "Ban" and "Userban" buttons - and can use them - on characters who are not members of the faction as well. (NOTE: There is no mechanism to rescind bans or userbans; be careful how you use them!)
  • Acid Blood now gives messages to attackers letting them know they are being splashed with acid.
  • The ability to set faction politics now also appears for faction leaders and lieutenants on the faction's "view" page (instead of just on the faction list page); this allows for changing of political stances toward "dead" factions that do not appear on the faction list page (since you can still see them on your own faction politics page).
  • You now longer get the "attack magical ward here" for your own stronghold ward.
  • Unholy Stain was not showing an option in the skills area; it is now.
  • Animus of the Bat was showing hidden characters for those without Enhanced Senses skill but was not allowing attacks on them; this has been fixed.


  • Relocated the "Hide" button to sit to the right of, rather than below, the Search button.
  • Increased infusion XP awards thusly: 1 XP is granted for each 1 AP/MP spent infusing. If the character removes all infusions on a tile, he gains 5 XP. If he claims a tile for his faction, he gains 5 XP. ("Flipping a tile" from another faction to your own in a single action garners 10 XP - 5 for the flip and 5 for the claiming).
  • Added fixed favicon. Also added icons for each of the "shards" on the character select page for a little quicker graphical identification of the character's location.



  • Reset all characters AP and MP to "max+66" in honor of 6/6 (Tlacolotl being in charge of this breath, it's his favorite day).


  • Fixed bug that was causing faction or guild MP discount not to apply when summoning pets.
  • Fixed bug that was causing faction or guild MP discount not to apply to portal usage. Re-did portal code slightly so it would display correct amounts.
  • Fixed several faction-related bugs, including:
- Bug that was causing factions not to be able to retrieve allied standards.
- Bug that was causing faction names not to appear in standard retrieval dropdown.
- Some bugs regarding interpretation of political stances.
  • Repaired recap honor timer such that standards should now tick down in value towards one. All standards are currently set to have 24 hours at full value, after which time they will begin to drop.



  • Fixed bug whereby "change class choice" for Tier 3 would not display if a character had more than 70 CP.
  • One with Death was healing 6 instead of 5 hp.
  • Characters could learn "Tier 3 restricted" spells during Tier 2. This has been fixed; however, existing characters who already purchased restricted spells will be allowed to retain spells learned.
  • Fixed a variety of little bugs remaining with negative-charged bullhorns.
  • Attacking wards (and doors) with slings was causing sling to be removed from inventory.
  • Poison Pistols can be unloaded to yield pistol rounds
  • Spellgems should no longer be able to drop into negative charges.



  • Fixed Verdant Sling bug whereby Lilies and Paradise Lilies could not be loaded into sling.
  • Fixed bug whereby Verdant Sling ammo was not being removed from inventory when last "charge" was used.
  • Fixed bug which was causing Soul Harvest not to grant Bone Trinkets.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Death Touch not to synergize with death spells known and Lich skills.
  • Fixed bug where Caustic Horns purchase was not actually granting the character the attack.
  • Weapon degrades during target shooting were not being reported on hits; only on misses. This has been fixed.
  • Crafting newer items was not always causing components to be consumed.
  • Cloak of Water and Water Mastery were not interacting properly with movement costs in the Crystal Grotto. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that showed Lead Bullets as "repairable" items.
  • Characters should no longer be able to bend portals if they have enough MP to pass through the portal normally but not enough to bend (was allowing character to reach negative MP).
  • First Aid Kits, Healing Herbs, Stygian Bone Leeches, and Blood Ice now cure Minor Poison when used on self. Defiler Poison is NOT cured (even by Blood Ice).
  • Bullhorn use now charges 1 AP.
  • Fixed bug whereby bullhorns could go into negative charges if the character had multiple bullhorns.


  • Re-did the way potions are assigned to found items (similar to the re-vamp of spells being assigned to spell gems) that should eliminate the problems we had with blank potions showing up.



  • Flames of Punishment skill (Infernal Behemoth) has been removed from the game (see changelog 12/30/10).
  • Burning Aura skill (Infernal Behemoth) now has two functions: (a) a passive aura that deals level/4 (rounded down) fire damage vs. close combat attacks and (b) the ability to activate "Flaming Weapons" status effect for 20 status ticks (decremented Flames of Punishment duration was 10) at the cost of 1 AP and 8 MP. "Flaming Weapons" converts all close-combat attacks to fire damage and increases the damage dealt by close-combat attacks by 1.
  • Caustic Punishment status effect duration increased from 10 to 20 status ticks. If both "Flaming Weapons" and "Caustic Punishment" are active, the damage bonuses stack, and the damage type is (still) acid.
  • Caustic Punishment and Whip of Torment have been moved to be child skills of Infernal Combat.




  • Re-worked the way spells are assigned to spellgems. (Back-end change only)
  • Slightly re-jiggered underlying code faction safes, footlockers, and local stashes to aid in sorting of potions and spellgems (for those with Sense Magic).
  • Ability to send Credit Messages (for users with credits) now exists. The Credit Message dialogue appears on the (target) character page, along with indicating to the player which character they are currently logged in as (i.e., this character will send the Credit Message). You must be logged into a character to send a credit message.



  • Fixed nasty portal bending bug that was causing characters to land in random portals throughout ANY of the planes (including the "Acid Portal" in Acid Springs that deals 150 damage) instead of bending only to a portal exit in their intended plane.
  • Eye of Death now works.
  • One With Death should now allow regeneration during night cycles (note that Elysium lacks night cycles; will work on all other planes).
  • Fixed typo on character pages that led to incorrect link on Wiki when clicking on character classes.
  • Maxxing Out message provides a character link.
  • Stepping of the World Gate should now allow characters to pass through portals regardless of current MP levels.
  • Stepping of the World Gate button (skills area) should display MP required.



  • Bug that was causing inadvertent "join planar guild" messages when bending portals should be fixed.


  • Chalk and magic markers can now be used to scribble messages on things. Chalk has a 2/3 chance of breaking when used, markers have a 1/4 chance of running out of ink. (Either case removes the item from your inventory).
  • "Fresh" corpses (killed within the past hour) should also allow you to write messages - in blood. Doing this is considered an "evil" act and will shift a character's morality downward by 2 points.
  • Writing a message takes 1 AP. The "Write Message" option appears in the "speech" pane.



  • Characters now have the ability to "bend" portals (any portal) to take them to their "home" planes. "Bending" a portal means it will take an additional 3 AP and 5 MP to pass through it.
A character's "home" plane is considered to be the plane on which his faction's stronghold resides. The stronghold must currently be standing for the character to have a "home" plane.
In addition to the stronghold's plane, Angelic characters consider "Elysium" to be their home plane and Demonic characters consider "Gehenna" to be their home plane.
A demon/angel who has a stronghold on a plane that is not Gehenna/Elysium respectively will have two dropdowns; both default the dropdown is "none" - if both are selected, the character's class home plane (Elysium/Gehenna) overrides the character's factional home plane.


  • Gehenna and Elysium have re-opened but are smaller than in Breath One. Angelic/demonic characters have a chance to respawn in these plane (1/3 chance for Tier 2 demons/angels, 2/3 chance for Tier 3 demons/angels). Non-demons in Gehenna and non-angels in Elysium (mortals included) will take 3 points of planar damage per move.


  • Characters can now join Planar Guilds in certain planes.
  • In order to join a planar guild, the character must:
(a) find the appropriate location on that plane
(b) have selected a Tier 2 class
(c) "dedicate" himself by spending 10 AP and 20 MP (this button will be found in the "Portal Actions" pane).
  • Joining a guild always grants the character the equivalent of the Planar Protection skill while on that plane and allows him to "bend" portals to take them to his plane (as though he were a factioned character with a stronghold in that plane).
  • Factions and guilds are mutually exclusive; i.e., joining a guild causes a character to leave his faction and joining a faction causes a character to leave his guild.
  • Guildmates are NOT considered "factionmates" (i.e., you can attack guildmates with impunity).
  • Guild options at present include:

The Brigade of Sanguinity (Foghaven)

Character gains +1 to damage.
If the character's morality is between 19 and -19 inclusive, the character gains an additional +1 damage bonus.
While in Foghaven, the character gains an additional +5% to hit and +1 to damage on close-combat (non-spell) attacks.

The Darksoul Cabal (Marrakun)

Character gains a +5% attack bonus to all attacks and a +1 damage bonus to firearm and spell attacks.
While in Marrakun, the character gains an additional +5% attack bonus and +1 damage bonus on all attacks.

The League of Theurgy (Silverlight)

The character receives a discount on MP-using actions as though he had a 10% factional Magic bonus. This increases to 25% in Silverlight.
Spells cast by the character receive an additional +2 to damage.

The Order of Key-la (Crystal Grotto)

The character gains a +5% bonus to all Hide attempts.
Close-combat weapons used by the character deal an additional +1 damage.
When in the Crystal Grotto, the character is considered to have the "Swim" skill.
When attacking from hiding, the character deals an additional +2 damage (on top of the close-combat weapons bonus).

The Coven of the Verdant Green (Birchdale)

Character gains a +1 soak to all.
While in Birchdale, the character gains an additional +1 to soak.
When on a "tree" tile in any plane (Forest, Elder Birch, etc.), the character may spend 3 AP and 10 MP to gain the "Barkskin" status effect for 25 status ticks. Barkskin grants an additional +2 soak to all attacks.

The Sect of Maevel (The Necropolis)

The character gains a +5% defense bonus.
At night, the character gains an additional +5% defense bonus and +1 to soak.
While in Necropolis, the character becomes immune to Death and Piercing damage.

The Fraternity of Wondercraft (Il Pozzo del Deserto)

Character spends 1 AP fewer than normal when repairing items and 3 AP fewer than normal when crafting items.
While in Il Pozzo del Deserto, the character is always treated as though he had the facilities to craft or repair items (but not perform alchemy).

The Opal Syndicate (Kaleidescopia)

During the day, the character has a greater chance of finding rare items when he searches (25% of the value of the Discerning Eyes prayer result bonus).
During the night time, the character instead receives a +15% Search bonus.
Items exclusive to Kaleidescopia no longer vanish from the character's inventory when the character is outside Kaleidescopia.

The Knot of Keepers (Diamondthrone)

The character heals 3 more points of damage than usual when using healing items and gains 10% damage reduction to all (stacks with existing Damage Reduction).
When on the plane of Diamondthrone, the character heals an additional 5 points of damage more than usual when using healing items and gains an additional 15% damage reduction.




  • Infusions damage has been slightly re-worked, thusly:
An infused tile does not begin to cause damage to those whose alignment does not fit the Infusing Faction's alignment unless the infusion level is at least 25 points.
An infused tile that deals damage to a character based on "alignment incompatibility" does so "for free."
An infused tile that deals damage to a character based upon "hostile to this faction" does so at a cost of 1 point of infusion for each 1 point of damage dealt above and beyond damage dealt based on "alignment incompatibility."
Infusion damage based on character class has been removed (this removes the below four points in the original infusion entry); infusion damage is now based solely on hostile status and morality.
- If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character is a Tier 3 transcended character, the character will take 2 points of damage.
- If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character is a Tier 2 transcended character, the character will take 1 point of damage.
- If the infusing faction is Neutral and the character is a Tier 3 demon/angel, the character will take 3 points of damage.
- If the infusing faction is Neutral and the character is a Tier 2 demon/angel, the character will take 2 points of damage.
(When Elysium and Gehenna are re-opened, planar damage on those planes will continue to be class-based.)
A character who meets multiple criteria for taking planar damage in a single tile receives damage (and a damage message) based upon whichever single criterion would cause him to take the most damage. In the case of a tie, the "priority" order is "hostile" takes precedence over "alignment incompatibility" takes precedence over "natural damage from Elysium/Gehenna."
  • (Promoted Suggestion) Sorcerer's Might status effect no longer causes the character to be "immune" to healing until the duration expires. Instead, healing items and skills used on the character reduce the Sorcerer's Might duration by one status tick for each point of damage that would have been healed. If the healing amount is more than the duration of the Sorcerer's Might, the "excess" is applied to healing as normal. Using healing items to reduce Sorcerers Might duration in this manner does not grant XP. (In essence, you have to "heal" the SM effect before you can "heal" the character himself).


  • Fixed bug that was causing "pristine" and "good" options not to appear in crafting menu for mastersmiths.
  • Healing Items (e.g., First Aid Kits) were not curing Minor Poison.
  • Characters with Lockpick skill should now be able to craft a Set of Lockpicks.



  • Have completed the move/rebranding of the site from to including automatic redirection of all URLS to URLs (all references in the Wiki may not be updated; other references should be).


  • Fixed bug that was causing crafting of Surgery Kits, First Aid Kits, Portable Toolkits not to work.
  • Fixed bug that was causing unloading of weapons not to grant the proper ammunition.
  • Fixed bug that was causing crafting to "Destroyed" status (actually, any status below "average") not to work properly.
  • Fixed bug that was causing some items not to have their weight added to a character's inventory display (though character could still be encumbered).
  • Lead Bullets should be crafted in lots of 10, not 6 (fixed typo).
  • Fixed bug that precluded crafting of Lead Bullets, Pistols.
  • Fixed bug that was causing items found to be found at less than average quality (even when message pane said "destroyed" they were showing as average).


  • Entirely re-worked the offensive spell system (this is too large to fully document here; see instead the updated Offensive Spell Comparison on the Wiki Page: for complete list of changes). The net effect of these changes is that spells cost about half of the MP that they did before (i.e., you're getting "twice the bang for your MP-buck.")
  • Aura spells (Death Mantle, Flame Charge, Frost Charge, Static Charge, Stonefury) have had their durations increased to eight status ticks.
  • Some spells are now "restricted to Tier 3" status; these spells may only be purchased if a character has selected a Tier 3 class.
  • Implemented new non-restricted spells: Chargewhip, Jolt of the Eel.
  • Shifted Electric Blast and Jolt into restricted spells.
  • Implemented restricted new spells: Blazing Blow, Cold Snap, Column of Flame, Earth Song, Ebon Scythe, Force Focus, Glacierblast, Ice Storm, Mageclap, Rockhammer, Set Ablaze, Sheet Lightning, Sunflare, Thanatoid Gaze, Thunderstrike, Withering Fist, Withering Strike.


  • Cutlass: -1 damage (now 5) and +5% to hit, weight increased by 1 (to 6).
  • Dagger: gained +10% to hit.
  • Rapier: -1 damage (now 5) and +5% to hit.
  • Spear: -2 damage (now 4) and +15% to hit.
  • Tarnished Sword: +1 damage and -5% to hit.
  • Trident: -1 damage (now 5), and +10% to hit.
  • Vial of Acid: Damage increased to 10.
  • Flintlock Pistol: Damage switched from piercing to impact (everything else remained the same)
  • Flintlock Rifle: Damage switched from piercing to impact (everything else remained the same)



  • Re-worked the "search" engine somewhat to streamline it.
  • Vastly increased the number of possible potion descriptions for those without Sense Magic.
  • Under-the-hood changes to the way innate attacks are granted when a character purchases skills that grant them should streamline the process.
  • Messages in the message pane now appear with the "most recent message at the top" (per a promoted suggestion); the "auto-scroll-to-bottom-of-message-pane" javascriptlet (that did not work quite successfully with multi-line messages) has been removed.


  • Opalescent Breastplate - Weight 10, grants 1 soak to fire, cold, electric, arcane attacks, only "exists" while the character is in Kaleidescopia (weight and soak disappear on other planes).
  • Chaos Shard - Melee weapon, weight 5, deals 7 slashing damage, only "exists" while the character is in Kaleidescopia.


  • Portals have opened to Acid Springs, The Forgotten Bay and Diamondthrone. Respawning is possible in all prime plane shards except for Acid Springs (the reasons for which will be clear if one visits it).


More detailed information about the planes, including backstories of the planes, will be released slowly on both the forums and in-game.


  • Fixed bug whereby wearing one instance of clothing/armor causes all other instances to show as "worn" in inventory.
  • Fixed bug that was causing all potions to be "identified" upon finding. All potions found prior to this patch will be shown as bottles of sour purple liquid (regardless of the original description).
  • Fixed bug that was causing some characters to deal extra Fist and Kick damage.
  • Fixed bug that was causing ammunition items to have really screwy weights when "unloaded".
  • Reworked code when purchasing skills that should have solved the "bought a skill and missing my XXX attack" bug.
  • Fixed reversed messages with Hand of Fate and CP changes.
  • Various inventory weirdness with 0-weight items should now be corrected.
  • Fixed bug whereby Death Touch was not counting the first Death-type spell when computing damage.
  • Void tiles (as well as some other water tiles such as rivers) no longer accept infusions.
  • Fixed bug which allowed character with Shadowskulk (instead of Shadow Meld) to hide and avoid Enhanced Senses (Shadow Meld provides this ability).
  • Fixed bug that was prevented fortifications from being reduced in strength when a flag was captured.
  • Fixed bug that caused setting an Evil stronghold while at 0 Morality to cause HP gain.
  • With help from the Dev Team, have provided power plants on most of the planes (some planes do not have power by design).
  • Bullhorns are working again (some would say this goes in as a reduction under the "Quality of Life" entries).
  • Fixed a minor bug in the character display screen that was causing the selection of the "a/an" article to describe what a character is wearing to be a bit goofy.

12/31/10 - A NEW BREATH

I will note right up front that NOT all changes are covered in this changelog (and it's not even close); this is mostly deliberate so that players will be able to experience the "newness" of some of the changes. This changelog entry covers ONLY those changes to mechanics that Bob deems are of such significance as to weigh on the purchase of initial skills or will be such a departure from the previous game experience as to be noted here so as allay the reports of these features as "bugs."


  • All characters have been "released" - however, this coincides with the introduction of a "reclaim" feature that allows you to reclaim a released character. All character skills have been wiped; characters that begin in the "reclaim" area have been set to have 10 CP (for purchase of a new starting skill; you must purchase this skill yourself for "old" characters).



  • Elevator cost is now based on all pets the pet master has in play, not on "pets of the same type."


  • Some areas of the game are extremely chaotic (not "evil," just chaotic).
  • Some areas of the game are "low-visibility" areas; in these areas you will only be able to see one tile in every direction instead of the usual two.
  • There are special "Underwater" areas that normally require 2 AP to move tile-to-tile; flight does NOT reduce this cost. The Swim skill or Water Breathing reduces this cost to 1 AP per tile, and Water Mastery reduces it to 0.
  • There are also some special outdoor tiles where movement is greatly impeded (e.g., "Mountain" tiles); tile-to-tile movement costs are 2 AP instead of the usual 1, and flight reduces this to 1 instead of 1/2.
  • Some new items can only be crafted in their "home" areas (NW vets may want to remember Walker Colts, only craftable in Niflheim).
  • Some items' characteristics - including whether or not they "appear in inventory" or function properly - may vary from plane to plane.
  • Not all portals are two-way (I know this was the case in NexusWar as well, but it's a good reminder).
  • Some areas of the game are... more difficult to escape from than most.
  • The Great Ziggurat no longer exists.
  • Implemented new feature, "Localized" Status Effects. These are essentially "Shared" status effects that affect every character in a given tile; every action taken in the tile decreases the local status effect's duration by one.
Implemented new local status effect: High Winds. Firearms have a -5% hit chance and bow or thrown weapons suffer a -10% hit chance.
Implemented new local status effect: Snowstorm. Firearms and bows have a -10% hit chance and all other attacks have a -5% hit chance.
Implemented new local status effect: Burning Incense. Close-combat attacks have a +5% hit chance but a -1 to damage.
  • Planar Protection changes are complex enough to warrant their own entry (see INFUSIONS AND PLANAR DAMAGE below).


  • Exploration Badges earned in previous breaths are kept (the CP is not).
  • "Lifetime" Achievement Badges earned in previous breaths are kept (the CP is not).
  • Crafting Easter Eggs (e.g., Virtuecaster, Soul Cannon recipes) are lost and must be rediscovered in the new breath.


  • Characters retain those articles of clothing (not armor) that were "worn" on their person at the time of the new breath; any enchantments on those items have been removed.
  • Faction footlockers and safes have been emptied.


  • Some weapons have been rebalanced.
- Chainsaw weight has been lowered by 1, and damage has been increased by 1.
- Torch damage has increased by 2.
- Taser now holds 6 shots, and does 1 additional damage.
- Cutlass weight and damage has been increased by 1 each.
- Flamethrower weight has been reduced by 2.
- Short Bow damage has increased by 1.
- Compound Bow damage has increased by 1.
- Virtuecaster weight has increased by 1, and does 2 additional damage.
  • Guns now deal "piercing" damage instead of "impact" damage.
  • Implemented new "sonic" damage type.
  • Spell MP costs have been re-jiggered (mostly lowered; full information will be released in the next day or two).
  • Area-of-effect "blowback" damage has been removed from the game.


  • Recipes now require six ingredients to create instead of seven.
  • If a character is dissatisfied with an alchemical formula he has discovered for a given item, and is in a location where he can brew a potion, he may dismiss a completely-discovered alchemical formula from his mind. Doing so will cause a new formula for that item to be created for the character; however, he must discover all of the ingredients via experimentation again.
  • More possible alchemical ingredients have been added.


  • Kills now only result in renown gain if made on ground infused to (a) the attacker or (b) the victim.


  • Removed the restriction on maximum number of hostile factions.


  • Planar Damage outside of Elysium and Gehenna is now determined by infusion in the tile to be moved to, thusly:
Mortals of levels 1 through 9 do not take damage from infused tiles - this overrides other considerations. Mortals of levels 10 through 19 are treated as Myrmidons; Mortals of levels 20 or above are treated as Eternal Soldiers for the purposes of planar damage based on infusions.
A character never takes damage from passing through tiles infused to his own faction. This overrides other considerations.
A character with Planar Protection (either via skill or status effect) does not take damage from tile infusions.
Otherwise, when moving into an infused tile, the character will take the highest amount of applicable damage from the list of possibilities below (the faction that has infused the tile is considered the "infusing faction"):
* If the infusing faction has set the character's faction hostile, the character will take (infusion level divided by 100) points of damage, rounded down.
* If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character is a Tier 3 demon/angel (including a Fallen/Redeemed), the character will take 3 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character is a Tier 2 demon/angel, the character will take 2 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character is a Tier 3 transcended character, the character will take 2 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character is a Tier 2 transcended character, the character will take 1 point of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character has a morality of less than 20/more than -20, the character will take 2 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Good/Evil, and the character has a morality of less than -19/more than 19, the character will take 3 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Neutral and the character is a Tier 3 demon/angel, the character will take 3 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Neutral and the character is a Tier 2 demon/angel, the character will take 2 points of damage.
* If the infusing faction is Neutral and the character has a morality of greater than 20 or less than -20, the character will take 3 points of damage.



  • Santa Bob has come to town. For a limited time, you will be able to find Christmas presents when searching. Enjoy, but don't save them too long!


  • Found (and squelched) bug that was causing "ghosts" of characters outside a building to appear inside. As part of this added another nifty feature that will not be revealed at present but will be obvious when discovered.