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== 11/28/2019 - Performance Data and Offensive Prayer ==
'''<span style="color:green">MONITORING</span>'''
* There is now a performance monitoring page at https://www.nexusclash.com/modules.php?name=Game&op=performance. For non-admins this will display some aggregated performance statistics.
'''<span style="color:green">GAME MECHANICS</span>'''
* Offensive [[Prayer]] now checks the user's skills when assigning results. ''Hawk Sight'' and ''Holy Eye'' results will only trigger for characters who have the [[Ranged Combat]] or [[Spell Combat]] skills. ''Holy Brawn'', ''Might of Heroes'' and ''Strength of the Dragon'' results will only trigger for characters who have the [[Hand-to-Hand Combat]] or [[Melee Combat]] skills. All other Offensive Prayer results may trigger regardless of the Shepherd's skills.
'''<span style="color:green">INTERFACE AND QUALITY OF LIFE</span>'''
* When giving or receiving a [[Spellgem]], the game now tells you what spell you gave or got if you have [[Spellcraft]], [[Aether Manipulation]] or [[Tattoo of Sorcery]].
'''<span style="color:green">BUGFIXES</span>'''
* [[Fraternity of Wondercraft]] no longer displays a Spellgem recharging cost reduction that it does not actually provide.
== 11/27/2019 - Themes Fixes, Prayer and Desecration ==
== 11/27/2019 - Themes Fixes, Prayer and Desecration ==

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Breath 4 Changelog

Changes to the game will be posted below as they become available.

Archive of early Breath I | Archive of Breath I | Archive of Breath II | Archive of Breath III


11/28/2019 - Performance Data and Offensive Prayer



  • Offensive Prayer now checks the user's skills when assigning results. Hawk Sight and Holy Eye results will only trigger for characters who have the Ranged Combat or Spell Combat skills. Holy Brawn, Might of Heroes and Strength of the Dragon results will only trigger for characters who have the Hand-to-Hand Combat or Melee Combat skills. All other Offensive Prayer results may trigger regardless of the Shepherd's skills.



11/27/2019 - Themes Fixes, Prayer and Desecration


  • Weapons are now sorted to be the first inventory category
  • Potions and spellgems now sort and combine correctly if you know what they are
  • Expanding and collapsing panes on the "NexusNuke" theme has been fixed
  • Old theme "NukeNews" has been disabled ("NexusNuke" and "NewClash" are still available)


  • The Desecration results Fiendish Foresight, Sulphurous Cloak and Unholy Strength now last for a duration in minutes, not ticks.
  • The Desecration result Corpse Explosion has been removed from the game.
  • All Insight Prayer results are now minute-based status effects, not tick-based, with the exception of Discerning Eyes.
  • The odds of Intermediate Insight prayers have been changed: Hands of the Crafter now has a 65% chance and Sixth Sense now has a 35% chance. Previously it was the other way around.
  • The Prayer result Packrat Vision now grants 10% search boost (was 20%).
  • The Wyrm Master's Metamorphic Unguis now always deals Unholy damage if the target is a Stronghold ward.

11/26/2019 - Theme Update


  • Panes can now be expanded and shrunk without incurring a page load
  • Updated look & feel of pane headings
  • Fixed issues with the top left corner overlapping some UI elements
  • Worked around stats on character page being hidden when viewing message log


  • The Tier 1 and Tier 2 1/2 ward damage multiplier now also applies to attacks on Stronghold fortifications.


  • Inventory is now sorted by item category
  • The screen after having selected a Tier 2 or Tier 3 class is now slightly less barren


  • Bloodlust now correctly gains 30 ticks on a kill and doesn't reset longer durations to 30

11/23/2019 - Nexus Update: Enchanting, Renown Store and Candy Debug


  • New faction upgrade, the Generator. For 5 Renown per day, a faction's Stronghold will always behave as if it is Powered, even if the plane it is on doesn't allow for Power and even if the building is disconnected from a grid that it is on.
  • The cost of Gunsmithing Tables has been reduced from 5 Renown per day to 3 Renown per day.
  • Soul Creches and Infernal Hatcheries now summon twice the number of outer-plane NPCs that they did when these upgrades were introduced. For 5 Renown a day, you should be seeing a more dramatic effect.



  • Leveling up now tells you when you cross certain level thresholds and no longer qualify or begin to qualify for some bonuses. This is not a complete list and we are open to adding more thresholds in the future.


  • Fixed an issue where Flying did not correctly turn into Gliding on AP ticks.
  • Fixed a bug where obsolete Alchemy items like Kingsize Candy Bars could appear in Alchemy recipes.

11/16/2019 - Nexus Update: Performance, UI, MP Gain and Core Combat


  • The AP Tick has been optimised and should have much less of an impact on game performance
  • Improved game performance for characters with large numbers of inventory items
  • There is now a new site theme. It is still in testing and has some minor layout issues on certain pages, so its currently not enabled by default. You can try it out by going to the theme selection in your account and choosing "NewClash" instead of "NexusNuke".
  • Enchant viewing on items for characters with Enchant Item or Manabiter now shows a number of how many enchants of a type exist instead of repeating the same type name multiple times.
  • If consumed outside, Flying Potions now automatically make you take flight.




11/05/2019 - Accessibility and Hide Update


  • Word of the Holy Light is now a 30 CP skill with no prerequisites. It was previously a 60 CP child skill of Intense Halo, but it's really worth 30. Since no one bought it because it cost more than it's worth, there's no need for refunds.
  • Bonus attack from hiding damage for the Shadow Dirk has been increased from 7 to 8.
  • Enchanted grenades now deal more AOE damage.
  • Attacks from hiding have been modified thusly:
    • Attacks from hiding without mortal Hide skills now have a +10% chance to hit, but no bonus damage. As you have the element of surprise, your chance of hitting should be better, not worse.
    • Attacks from hiding with the Hide skill grant +10% chance to hit and +4 damage.
    • Attacks from hiding with the Advanced Hide skill grant +15% chance to hit and +8 damage.
    • Bonus damage from attacks from hiding is no longer negated by Enhanced Senses skills or status effects.
    • Bonus damage and accuracy for attacks from hiding now apply to spells, which they previously did now.


  • Cardinal-direction (North, East, etc.) move buttons added in the last update now also apply to interior movement.
  • Corrected an issue where character creation text remained when typing in character name creation.
  • Character targeting dropdowns now say your faction relationship (ally, hostile, etc) to the target, if such a relationship exists. To prevent unneccessary clutter, if you are in your stronghold and your ward is up, the interface doesn't bother with telling you that your factionmates are your factionmates.
  • The character planner has been updated to a more accessible version. + and - keyboard shortcuts level and delevel in the new planner version, after a starting skill has been chosen. "G" as a keyboard shortcut generates the skill list.
  • Pet targeting dropdowns now tell you the master of the pet and whether you are friendly or hostile to them.
  • If you have Spellcraft, spellgems in the safe Discard interface (and legacy safe Withdraw interface) are listed with the name of the spell first, followed by gem color. Their alphabetical order is still based on gem color.
  • More Keyboard Shortcuts have been added to the game:


10/01/2019 - New Skills and Game Adjustments


  • Sin Eater, a 30 CP Advocate skill. Advocates with this skill may spend 1 Morality and 1 AP to raise the Morality of an Evil-aligned character in their vicinity by 1, up to the point of Neutral morality (-19). Sin Eater will work on Pariahs and Defilers but not Tier 3 exits of these classes nor the Fallen. Sin Eater is considered a Healing action but is not subject to statuses that prevent normal healing (Sorcerers Might, Blood Curse, Corrosive Venom).
  • Binding of Gnak, a 60 CP Wyrm Master child skill of Summon Horrid Tentacle. Horrid Tentacles with this skill can target Flying characters. On a successful hit, Tentacles will drag flying characters out of the sky, negating their Flying status. Successful hits by Tentacles summoned by Wyrm Masters with this skill will also drain 1 MP from the target on a hit, canceling out the 1 MP spent by the Tentacle to attack. This skill also grants +10% accuracy and +10 HP to Tentacles.
  • Summon Bat Swarm, a 30 CP Revenant skill. Allows the Revenant to summon a single Bat Swarm for 15 MP. The Bat Swarm has 50 AP, 25MP, 40 HP, 55% attack, 10% defense, and a 6 Piercing primary and 4 Impact secondary attack. The Revenant may have only one Bat Swarm at a time, but it is exempt from pet decay and can attack flying characters. Bat Swarms will heal themselves when they deal damage.


  • The display of currently active Status Effects on your character is now composed of links to wiki articles explaining what your current status effects do.
  • Slightly better messages to unregistered users explaining the benefits of registering.
  • Slightly better new account creation messages that tell users how to get to the game interface.
  • Move buttons have been changed to show move directions, largely to make the game more accessible to auditory interfaces.
  • Updated the Character Planner with changes to date. In addition, the Level and Delevel buttons on the Character Planner no longer jump around the page, as suggested in plscks' character planner mod.
  • Purchasing a skill now leaves a record in your Message Log that you have done so.
  • Respawning resets the interface to view the map since when you respawn your first concern is figuring out where you are.
  • There is now a confirmation check on leaving your guild at your Guild Shrine, that explains the dangers of doing so.
  • When items are Dropped, they will now appear on the ground and can be picked back up instead of instantly vanishing forever. However, to prevent clutter, items that appear on the ground this way will vanish on fifteen-minute AP ticks. If you accidentally drop something important to you, you should pick it back up as soon as you notice. Tick clearing of dropped items has the following exceptions:
    • Anything that can be set up as a target
    • Heavy Items (Ambulances, trees, etc)
    • Throwing weapons that are not Rocks.


  • The four Holy Champion combination cloaks (Cloak of Mist, Cloak of Magma, Cloak of Quicksand, and Cloak of Lightning) now require one of either parent skill as a prerequisite, instead of both parent skills.
  • The Shepherd's Heal Others and Energize skills now only charge MP for the amount they actually healed or energized, if you attempted to heal/energize a target over their maximum (or just didn't feel like doing the math).
  • Members of the Order of the Blue Rose now have all the guild bonuses of the Monks of the Unbound Mind and vice versa, in addition to their current bonuses. Having two Baraas guilds was an early design decision that didn't work out and speech point bonuses are practically useless now; therefore these two guilds have been de-facto merged. Blue Rose affiliation will still matter for something in the future, but it shouldn't require you to sacrifice your guild slot without any real mechanics benefit.
  • Leaving your Guild at its Guild Shrine (and getting killed for it) now takes 1 AP and no MP, instead of the full cost of guild joining.


  • Clicking "Join" on a Closed faction now notifies the leaders of that faction that you are requesting an invite.
  • Accepting a faction invite now notifies the character that invited you that you have accepted their invitation.
  • You may now edit your faction and purchase faction upgrades (if you have enough Renown, of course) regardless of Level. Stronghold Setting continues to require Level 10 or above.
  • Anyone may destroy or open a door on a faction Stronghold tile, but only a member of that faction may close or repair the door.
  • Faction Leaders may now Discard items from their faction safe. This costs 0 AP, is available to Leaders only, and can discard up to 10 items at a time. Additional details:
    • The default number of items in the discard dropdown is zero, so you won't discard stuff by accidentally hitting the discard button.
    • Enchanted items cannot be discarded.
    • Discarded items do not appear on the ground like Dropped items.
    • Discarding items will create a record in the Faction Safe Log that you did so.


  • Kills made by pets now trigger Desecration rewards if the petmaster is a Defiler exit.
  • Target Shooting code now properly accounts for MP reduction skills such as Arcane Affinity.
  • Potion brewing MP costs now account for MP reduction skills.
  • Bloodlust and Berserk Frenzy melee damage and accuracy bonuses have been corrected to apply to sword-based melee weapons.
  • Fixed a very old bug that caused leaving your Guild at your Guild Shrine to rejoin the guild and charge you AP/MP for doing so, which thus made it effectively impossible to directly quit a guild.
  • Resolved an issue with lesser flight abilities (Wisp Form, Cloak of Air, Shadow of the Bat and Ghostwalk) where the expiration of these status over terrain obstacles/hazards such as water or void didn't trigger the results of landing in these types of terrain.


  • AP costs shown on the repair button now account for the reduction caused by Prayer's Mending Touch.
  • Fixed a bug where Lockpicks could be crafted indoors by use of the back button.
  • AP/HP/MP display circles now correctly display as empty when negative.
  • Fixed a broken link in credit sending.
  • Unholy Ley Lines now correctly tell you that they granted MP.
  • Redeemed with Ultimate Suffering now get tears when the attacker is a Fallen.

08/15/2019 - Bugs and Balance Minipatch


  • Dark Heart will now always hit factionmates and is unaffected by defense, dodge or automiss chances when attacking factionmates. Dark Heart attacks on factionmates will ignore auras and poisoned clothes.
  • Equipped items may now be unequipped while Encumbered.
  • Damage absorbed by Inviolate Form now count toward the Damage Taken stat.
  • Way of Antitoxin now prevents the Great Wyrm's venom.
  • Vials of Wyrm Bile now may be used with Anoint.
  • The Great Wyrm has been given a much less frequent respawn rate and is now on the daily tick; it should feel like a big deal when you kill it, and getting killed by a second Wyrm respawning at the AP tick interfered with that.


  • Released characters have a different icon in the character select screen to distinguish them from Dead characters.
  • Invisible characters have a different icon in the character select screen to distinguish them from Hidden characters.
  • The potion forgetting button now says what potion forgetting will cost immediately.
  • Aura spells (which are useless as direct attacks) no longer appear as options in attack dropdowns.


  • Fixed a piece of redundant code that was causing Blood Ice and Soul Ice gathering at lower damage to not work.
  • Character resets now correctly remove Prayer Beads.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Mall clothes production to generate clothing items not on the mall pulldown options.


  • Potion forgetting is now reducible by MP-reducing effects (Arcane Affinity, Darksoul Cabal); previously it claimed reduction but did not actually reduce the cost.
  • Supplemental damage now applies on Touch Attacks such as Agony Curse.
  • Passive Regeneration can now be turned off at zero AP.
  • The Respawn flavor text for Myrmidons and Sorcerers should now appear instead of being overridden by Mortal text.
  • Attacking structures while Defensive Stance or Shield of Faith is active now costs 1 MP like attacks on characters/pets do.
  • Corrected an issue that made Wraiths sometimes spawn outside of The Death Cascade.

06/03/2019 - Pets, Alchemy, Faction Mobility and Other Updates


  • You may now Forget an Alchemy recipe once you have learned any amount of the recipe, rather than being required to complete the recipe first.
  • MP gain for members of the Obsidian Cartel guild has been boosted to 2 MP on a kill (4 if killing an angel) for Rank 3, 3 and 5 (if angel) for Rank 2, and 4 and 6 (if angel) for Rank 1.
  • The Monks of the Unbound Mind guild has been improved such that the duration of beneficial status effects is also boosted if the caster of those effects is a member of the Monks of the Unbound Mind guild. This compounds with the bonus duration if the recipient is in Monks. Therefore, for example if a first-rank Monks Advocate with Blessing of Eternity Blesses a first-rank Monks character, the duration will be 30 * 1.15 * 1.15 (rounded up). Status effects that benefit from this include:
  • For 5 AP, players may now search the inside of a Mall for specific clothing items. This is done via a menu with a wide range of colors and materials and another menu of clothing types. There are over 1,700 possible combinations.
  • If you fail in Alchemy research because you already know the recipe, you are now not charged AP/MP for doing so.
  • Using Wings, Leathern Wings, Ghostwalk or Flying from a Flying potion now starts the users of these skills on their free movement half step instead of the AP-costing movement half step.
  • The Defiler's Life Vampire and Soul Vampire have been modified thusly: These attacks can now grant Blood or Soul Ice on attacks that deal 5 to 9 damage, but these low-damage attacks have a failure rate on ice generation that starts at 50% for 5 damage and drops 10% per additional damage point dealt. The purpose of this change is to make these allegedly Tier 2 skills accessible to Tier 2 Defilers, who generally don't have ways to deal 10+ damage in a single shot without assistance from Tier 3 enchanters.
  • The Corruptor's Draining Field no longer negates the Corruptor's Tainted Wings attack.
  • The Fallen's Bond of the Mechanical now extends its damage and accuracy bonuses to Melee attacks as well as Firearms.
  • Feral Hellhounds now possess the immunity to fire and critical hit chance inherent to all other hellhound types.
  • The Burning Incense effect now grants substantial buffs: it increases melee and hand-to-hand damage by 2 and accuracy by 10%.
  • The damage bonus for using Affinity potions has been increased from 2 to 3.
  • In addition to +2 damage, Strength potions now grant +10% accuracy to melee and hand to hand attacks.
  • The Conjure Sinews spell now lasts for 30 ticks and (in addition to its current effects) grants +20 inventory capacity.


  • Faction leaders get a notification in their message log whenever a leader (including themselves) buys a faction upgrade.
  • Faction leaders get a notification when someone joins their faction via character creation.
  • Faction leaders get a notification when someone leaves their faction via releasing their character.
  • Revoking mechanics have been updated to include a change meant for the last patch: While you can now revoke if your ward is at full and reset immediately (thus making moving easier) you cannot revoke within 24 hours of a successful flag capture by your own faction. Inasmuch as this word is usable in the Nexus, revoking is a "peacetime" action.
  • Viewing of the exact locations of strongholds of factions not your own has been returned to its previous bounds (Faction level 7 or above). Viewing of stronghold locations by neighborhood has been kept low (level 2 or above), however.
  • New Faction upgrades. These upgrades can be purchased and stored until they are consumed, similar to Spelltraps and Lead Paint:
    • Homing Beacon: Faction Leaders may spend a Homing Beacon in their stronghold to give every member of the faction a one-AP teleport to the hold (similar to the Archon's Word of Recall but without MP cost) allowing you to transport your entire faction to a new location. Once the Beacon is spent, every faction member gets 24 hours in which they may use this teleport, which may only be done once per person per Beacon. Homing Beacons cost (Faction level x 6, maximum 50) Renown each.
    • Emergency Bunker: If your faction has Emergency Bunkers purchased, one will be spent every time your flag is captured or revoked to generate a partial Fortification soak bonus on the site of your fallen stronghold. Emergency Bunkers cost 10 Renown each.


  • Petmasters are now informed when a pet has despawned for reasons besides violent deaths i.e. running out of AP or MP.
  • All Petmasters now have the option to activate Passive Pet Regeneration in the Skills pane. When this status is active, during AP ticks you will automatically spend MP to rejuvenate pets that are critically low on AP, MP or HP, if you have the MP with which to do so. While this will not sustain a large pet wall, it means that you can maintain a certain base level of pets without having to micromanage your time and be sure of logging in every day. Passive Regeneration is adjusted only by your choice to push the toggle button and cannot be disabled by things other players can do to you; for instance if you are killed with the effect active, it will still be active when you respawn.
  • Attempting to cast Shadow Wrap in unhidable circumstances or if you are already hidden now gives an error message instead of spending AP/MP as if you'd successfully cast the spell.
  • In addition to users of Enchant Item, Corruptors with Manabiter can now view the enchants on an item.
  • Forgetting an Alchemy recipe now leaves a record in your message log that you have done so.
  • The Wear and Remove buttons for items now have a line break for the slot used, to fit better in the interface.


  • Corrected an issue with greyed-out buttons that blocked players from spending AP into negative numbers. Buttons for normal actions should now only grey out for AP reasons when you have zero or less AP. Buttons for actions that legitimately cannot be done without large reserves of AP setting and revoking strongholds) will still be greyed out if you don't have enough AP.
  • Kills of player characters made by area-of-effect attacks now correctly grant kill Renown. This (and last patch's fix of renown for kills made by pets) does not extend to kills of pets; killing pets only nets renown if the kill was made via direct player-character attacks.
  • Corrected a bug that forced Wandering Monsters in the outer planes into specific neighborhoods when a circumstance that was supposed to lead to them spreading further than those neighborhoods applied.
  • Resolved an issue where enchantment decay messages on death weren't telling people when Poison enchants were lost.
  • Corrected an issue that made Shadow of the Dust users unable to track their killer when killed by a pet that raised their corpse such as a Ghoul or Zombie.
  • Pets stolen with the Corruptor's Touch of Corrupted Loyalty now clear their targeting and do not keep attacking whatever they were attacking before the Corruptor enslaved them.
  • Resolved an issue in which renamed weapons could decay on attack to conditions far worse than Destroyed, which ironically allowed them to behave as if Average indefinitely if not fixed.
  • Corrected many conditions where Fraternity of Wondercraft reduced MP costs that it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Adamant Kinship damage bonus to work outside of Laurentia and Laurentia derivatives if the target is a ward, fortification, glyph or door.
  • Darksoul Cabal and Arcane Affinity now correctly reduce MP costs on MP-costing target shooting attacks.
  • Items that have somehow gotten to a condition worse than destroyed will now display as destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where under some circumstances, Elysian Ivory Guardians were able to target Good characters.
  • Deep Spellcraft's Eldritch Blast now works on wards.
  • Poison clothes/armor enchantments now apply when struck by a Touch Attack such as Agony Curse.
  • Fixed a bug with the new healing interface that kept Dark Oppressor curses from being absolved.
  • Resolved an issue in which Wizard spell bonuses were being assigned to Spellwand multiple times.


  • Neck-slot custom clothes were assigning to an otherwise unattainable slot due to a typo.
  • When a notification goes out that someone unlocked a door, it now has a link to who did so.
  • Fixed a bug where individual rounds of ammo can't be dropped.
  • Fixed a condition where under some circumstances it was possible to bring Flying into your stronghold with Word of Recall.
  • Fixed a bug that gave the wrong error message when using a bullhorn with insufficient AP.
  • Casting Shadow Wrap while invisible no longer dispels invisibility.
  • Closing the Description pane no longer incorrectly closes the Eye of Death pane.
  • Corrected an issue where it was sometimes possible to heal oneself to greater than maximum HP if healing through Sorcerers Might.
  • Added an extra check to clear non-Horrid Tentacle pets on respawn, to correct a number of fringe cases where pets might erroneously survive their master's death.
  • Corrected an issue in which Ghostwalk users sometimes retained their status (and were charged MP) while dead.
  • Aethersprites are able to attack invisible characters and therefore should now correctly be able to heal invisible characters.
  • Additional code to ensure that stolen Sires of Retribution pets can be rejuvenated correctly. The rejuvenation cost for these pets should be 15 MP.
  • Clarified the message a bit when inflicting Phantasmal Terror.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed multiple activations of Shield of Faith.
  • The Void Walking status now clears correctly when leaving Void.
  • Fixed an issue where dead Revenants were sometimes told that they took sun damage whilst dead.
  • Expanded protections to keep petmasters from shifting their morality when hitting Sect of Maevel zombies.
  • Wytchfire (which is utterly useless against pets) has been removed from the combat dropdown for fighting pets.
  • Acrid Vapors now displays a spell description.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of lingering typos.

04/19/2019 - Hunt for the Great Wyrm

An entrance to a Maze of tunnels can now be found beneath Uffern in Stygia. At its end is the Great Wyrm, a ferocious foe worthy of the strongest of raiding parties. Defeating it brings glory and rewards.

02/27/2019 - Broad Improvements and Exploration Patch


  • Updated much of the information in the Character Planner to reflect the current state of skills and spells that have received updates this year.
  • Wiki links on the site have been updated to point to the current HTTPS-supported wiki address. This should address recent issues with access to the wiki.
  • The Hypermap now points to a new version with the current outer planes detailed. Many thanks to plscks for setting it up and to the members of the community who supplied much of the exploration information used to create the map.


  • Wandering monsters can now be found roaming the outer planes. Depending on which plane it is and who you are, these may be a boon or a hazard.
  • The memory engrams powering some outer planes exploration badges have changed to point to new stories.
  • Something has changed about the Necrotic Tower. This announcement will not reveal what it is but those familiar with this building's more intact form in Nexus War may have some idea.


  • All Hellhounds now possess the Critical Hit ability previously possessed only by Nether Hounds.
  • The Myrmidon's critical hit chance now applies to spell and spellgem attacks made by Nexus Champions with Tattoo of Sorcery.
  • Dealing damage to Stronghold fortifications is now subject to the same criteria as the ability to capture flags: The attacker must be in a faction hostile to the target faction that has a standing stronghold, and must have been in the faction for at least 24 hours. If a character attacks fortifications without these criteria, the fortifications will soak a substantial amount of incoming damage.
  • The mechanism for Heavy Item spawns was resulting in an excessive amount of heavy items on every tile eligible for them. As a result, the spawn rate for heavy items has been toned down a bit. There should still be more than enough for anyone who has a use for them.
  • The Morality bounds for Angels and Demons have returned to +40 and -40, the same as Transcended classes. Since they spend Morality as a resource, Redeemed are an exception with a maximum Morality of 50.
  • Laurentia and the Underground are now considered the same plane for the purposes of the Revenant's Eye of Death. Revenants investigating a corpse in one of these places will be able to see the exact location of the killer or killed in the other.
  • Character resets no longer remove Alchemy recipes. This is a different sort of character development than what is governed by character resets.
  • Infectious Zombies now inflict Shambling Infection. Characters who die violent deaths under the influence of Shambling Infection will rise as wandering, aggressive Shambling Zombies. The infection cannot be detected in the Status Effect screen, but can be healed by most common means of healing.
  • The Wyrm Master's Acid Blood and the Holy Champion's Cloak of Magma are now triggered by a far wider range of attacks that would realistically cause a spray of blood. In general, if the base item upon which the attack is based dealt Slashing or Piercing damage, it will trigger the effect. There are some additional exceptions that never dealt one of these damage types but would still logically cause bleeding, the most prominent of which is the Pariah's Blood Claws. Acid Blood now renders the Wyrm Master immune to damage from Vials of Acid and Weapon Breaker attacks directed at Vials of Acid.
  • Casting Glyphs vs Good is now considered an Evil deed if the caster is of Good Alignment.


  • Faction flag collections now show the viewer's political relation to the faction whose flag was captured (green if the captured flag is from your allies, etc).
  • Flag capture renown rewards now factor in the level difference between the attacking and attacked faction. Flags of factions of a much lower level than you are worth less renown than normal, and flags of factions of a much higher level than you are worth more.
  • Setting the stronghold of an Unaligned Faction no longer deals damage if the character doing so is not of Neutral alignment; the patron Elder Powers of such Factions are morally unaligned and not Neutral per se, and will not punish you for not abiding by neutrality.
  • Revoking a stronghold now only starts a 24-hour timer in which you cannot set your stronghold if the revoking was done during a raid (specifically, if your ward is not at its maximum). If a faction revokes while not under attack, they can set a hold again immediately.
  • In addition to a faction's flag collection, a faction page now also shows a list of factions who have currently hold that faction's flag. As with the faction's flag collection, this shows political stances relative to the viewer and is limited to factions that are still active and have standing strongholds.
  • The Faction Renown store now shows items for sale that you cannot afford with your current renown rather than hiding them, so that new factions can understand some of the possible rewards and strategies available to them once they earn more renown. The buttons to buy items that you cannot afford are greyed out and clicking them has no effect.
  • The Faction Renown store for single breath upgrades (Planar Domain, Planar Screen and Adamant Denial) now tells you which of these upgrades you already bought.
  • New Faction Upgrades have been added. The new upgrades are unique to specific alignments. Like other upkeep-using upgrades such as the Forge, these use up 5 Renown per day. Unlike Forges, Medical Bays and Gunsmithing Tables, these upgrades do not require the Stronghold to be standing to work. The new upgrades are:
    • Soul Creche: Exclusive to Good factions, this upgrade boosts the amount of Aethersprites that will roam the angelic plane of Elysium.
    • Infernal Hatchery: Exclusive to Evil factions, this upgrade boosts the amount of lesser demonic creatures that will roam the demonic plane of Stygia.
    • Polarity Adaptor: Exclusive to Unaligned factions, this upgrade causes members of your faction to be unaffected by the negative effects of glyphs cast by other members of your faction.
  • Faction leaders now receive notifications informing them of goings-on in the faction. The events that cause notifications are:
    • When someone joins the faction.
    • When someone leaves the faction. Idling out does not trigger this notification.
    • When another faction leader promotes or demotes a faction member.
    • When another faction leader kicks, bans or user bans a faction member.


  • Buttons in the interface that can be disabled if you don't have enough AP or MP are now greyed out and unclickable if you don't have enough AP or MP. Whenever you see a button greyed out, the button will always clearly state what resource you need more of in order to use the button. Previously these buttons disappeared, which created issues with buttons "jumping around" the interface as characters crossed thresholds of AP and MP.
  • Newly created characters now start with all interface panes open by default.
  • The buttons to wear or remove wearable items now say which inventory slot the item uses.
  • /me emote messages will now work correctly no matter what capitalization is used on the emote command.
  • When reaching Level 10 or Level 20, the game now tells you where to go in the interface to purchase a new class.
  • When changing your character description or gender preference, what you did is now stored in your message log, allowing you to retrieve your old description if desired.
  • Many quality-of-life improvements to the healing pane:
    • The dropdowns for healing characters with First Aid Kits, Stygian Bone Leeches, Healing Herbs, Surgery or the Shepherd's Heal Others now only lists injured nondemons (which includes both the Fallen and the Redeemed). These buttons will not appear if there are no nondemons present who needs healing.
    • If you have First Aid, the dropdowns for healing characters now show how wounded those characters are next to their names, e.g. 32/60 HP.
    • If you have both Energize and Sense Magic, the dropdown for Energizing characters will display only nondemons with less than maximum MP, as well as how full their MP pool is e.g. 16/49 MP. The Energize button will not appear if there are no nondemons present below max MP.
    • If you have Absolve Suffering, the Absolve Suffering dropdown will only display nondemons who have a negative status effect that Absolve Suffering is capable of removing. It will not say which status effect they are afflicted with, though you will still find out what you cured if you Absolve them. If there are no nondemons present with negative status effects, the Absolve button will not appear.
    • If you have Arcane Channel, the Arcane Channel dropdown will only list characters that have 70% or less of their maximum AP pool. You will not be able to see how much AP they have, but this should prevent Conduits with this skill from uselessly giving AP to people who are already at or very close to maximum. If there is no one present who fits this criteria, the Arcane Channel button will not appear.
    • The gist of all of the above is if you see buttons in the healing pane (in fact, if you see the healing pane at all) there is someone present who you can help and you are able to help them. Pushing any button in the healing pane will always help someone. The only exceptions are if A) you're an Energize user who somehow didn't buy Sense Magic, B) you're trying to heal through Blood Curse, which you should be able to detect with mortal skills, or C) you're trying to heal a Fallen (without Masquerade of Deception active), in which case your inability to heal them should be a big clue about their true nature!


  • Resolved an issue where thrown weapons used on set up targets did not appear in the location to be picked up. This includes Rocks fired by Slings.
  • Kills of hostile and enemy player characters now correctly grant renown when the killer is a pet.
  • Fixed a bug where the recent adjustment to Fraternity of Wondercraft reduction of crafting costs also impacted the guild's reduction of enchanting AP costs.
  • Character resets now correctly remove Eye of Judgment.
  • Reset characters now correctly carry their Lore MP bonus with them if they had the full Lore of Haldon. This does not apply retroactively to resets prior to this patch; if you have the full Lore and reset before this patch, your maximum MP cap will need to be updated manually.
  • Corrected an issue that allowed players to set stepping stones and stone-like mechanics in impassable void and regenerate AP there.
  • Bent portals now always place characters outside, fixing an issue in which characters were trapped in underground caverns.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Holier Than Thou kill morality losses to incorrectly apply to non-lethal blows struck by Holier Than Thou angels.
  • Arcane Affinity MP reduction checks now work for spells and spellgems attacking wards, fortifications, doors or glyphs.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed Good attackers to lose less morality for area-of-effect attacks on other Good characters if the attacker was in an Unaligned faction.
  • The Holy Champion's Holy Bulwark skill now protects against mana drain by Mischievous Imps.
  • Corrected issues that allowed users of Void Walker Stepping of the Stone, Lich Phylactery, and Conduit Open Wormhole to get trapped in spaces removed in the recent map rework.


  • Fixed a bug where deaths by stronghold setting with the wrong morality did not apply some of the common effects of death.
  • Stepping Stones, Nexal Marks and Phylacteries are no longer listed twice in the dropdown to remove them.
  • Fixed a bug where stronghold revoking announcements did not correctly display the plane from which the stronghold was removed.
  • Fixed a bug where learning a spell while within one's stronghold incorrectly started the confirmation sequence for stronghold revoking.
  • Fixed a bug where under some circumstances, characters were able to repair Heavy Items.
  • Corrected a bug wherein leaving a faction as a Wyrm Master moved Tentacles outside no matter where they were.
  • Updated the attack strings of many innate weapons to use proper grammar.
  • Resolved a minor bug where healing herb users were told they had run out of bone leeches when they ran out of herbs.
  • Adjusted many, many possible situations where Defiler Poison is attached to another attack to correctly show the presence of poison.
  • Corrected an issue in which a Tier 3 character sometimes displayed the respawn message of its Tier 2 parent class.
  • Memories of a Past Life can no longer be wasted attempting to rename a spell.

01/27/2019 - Reshaping of Planes


  • The Outer Planes of Elysium and Stygia have dissolved and reformed themselves into a series of smaller heavens and hells that have more distinct character. Many of these smaller demiplanes are dominated by the influence of individual Elder Powers, and some have been taken over by Unaligned forces.

09/17/2018 - Breath 4 Final Features Update


  • Heavy Items have appeared throughout the Nexus. They may be picked up and (depending on the item) used as melee or thrown weapons by characters with relevant skills. Heavy Items include telephone poles, ambulances, trees, boulders and much, much more. Heavy Items can be seen in the description of the locations in which they appear, and have several unique properties:
    • Unlike other thrown items, they require 1 AP (not 0) to pick up.
    • They cannot be repaired or enchanted.
    • They cannot be stored or given away.
    • They cannot be carried through doors or portals.
    • Heavy Items do not have a weight in your inventory, but only one may be carried at a time.
    • Heavy Items are considered Heavy Weapons and have the associated accuracy penalty.
    • Martial Spellcraft does not work with Heavy Items.
    • You cannot fly while carrying a Heavy Item.
    • If you are killed, drop the item or lose the status effect allowing you to carry it (for classes that must toggle a Status Effect to use Heavy Items) it will fall to the ground in the location.


  • The effect of one's factional alignment overriding "normal" morality shifts outside of one's stronghold has been narrowed considerably. Below is the complete set of cases in which one's choice of faction has an affect on morality shifts.
  • Inside one's own stronghold, actions taken inside a Good/Unaligned/Evil faction members may still only shift morality up/toward 0/down respectively (i.e., this is unchanged).
  • Outside one's own stronghold, the individual morality score of the target and/or attacker is overridden when attacking (including pet attacks) only in the following circumstances:
    • When an Angel attacks a member of an Evil faction inside that Evil faction’s stronghold, the target’s morality is treated as though it were -20 (“evil”) if its individual morality score is higher than -20 (i.e., “neutral” or “good”).
    • When an Angel attacks a member of an Unaligned faction inside that Unaligned faction’s stronghold, the target’s morality is treated as though it were 0 (“neutral”) if its individual morality score is equal to or higher than 20 (i.e., “good”).


  • Custom clothing items are now available for purchase. For 200 Credits, you may create one clothing item named whatever you wish (limit 75 characters). Custom clothing items can be made with any of these nine item slots: Belt, Eyes, Fists, Hat, Jacket, Neck, Pants, Shirt, or Shoes. Like renamed items, custom clothing items cannot be dropped.
  • Custom prefixes, suffixes and domains may now be purchased directly via the credit store instead of needing to go through an admin. You may type in whatever you wish (limit 75 characters) as your prefix, suffix or domain. Custom titles continue to be priced at the cost of a regular title + 100 credits; this means custom prefixes and suffixes cost 250 credits and custom domains cost 350 credits.
  • All Writing items (except one) are sold in credit store for varying costs


  • All Potions may now once again be set up for Target Shooting.
  • Fraternity of Wondercraft bonuses for crafting have been halved (this should have been implemented with the last patch where crafting costs were reduced but was overlooked).
  • Nether Hounds now have a 10% chance to score critical hits (deal 1.5x damage) on a successful attack, similar to the Myrmidon's Critical Hit ability.


  • Updated the pie-chart display of HP, AP and MP to run more smoothly. This may display incorrectly for people who used the game between the previous patch and this one; clearing browser-cache images (Ctrl+F5 with most desktop browsers) will correct this problem.
  • The day/night icon has been made much more obvious in the description pane.
  • Writing update: Magic markers and chalk now come in different colors.
    • 22 Writing items have been added as opposed to just 2 (markers, chalk), all with their own unique colour/effect
    • Innate Writing implements (e.g., writing in blood or using an umbral sword/blood claws/blade of light) have their own unique effects as well
    • Finding a piece of chalk or magic marker while searching grants you a random type of chalk/marker (at varying rates)
    • Existing piece of chalk/magic marker items have a "use" function by which they can be converted to a random color of chalk/marker (at those same rates)
  • Confirmation checks have been added to several actions:
    • Choosing a character class.
    • Leaving a faction.
    • Kicking a character from a faction.
    • Banning a character from a faction.
    • Banning a user from a faction.
    • Joining a guild.
  • The confirmation check for revoking a Stronghold now has a popup warning text that explains what revoking will do.
  • Members of the Adamant Kinship guild now see fellow Adamant Kinship members as "allied" (green color).
  • When a character respawns, anyone in the area will get a notification. These messages are unique to each class.


  • Character pages now include a Reset button (at the bottom of the page, next to the "Release" button). This means you no longer need to request administrative intervention. Clicking the reset button brings you to a page explaining what a reset will do and requires you to click a second time to confirm. Resetting a character may only be done once every 24 hours and follows the same cooldown timer as releasing a character. Resetting a character does the following:
    • Removes all skills, spells, and other CP purchases the character has made.
    • Character has current CP set to 10. You will need to purchase your first mortal skill through the "Purchase skills" screen.
    • Sets the count for "current breath" statistics to zero. You will keep all your Career stats.
    • Removes all current breath CP-granting badges for grinding.
    • Removes all current breath exploration badges.
    • Sets the character's level to 1, XP to 0, and class to Mortal.
    • If the character's morality is less than -40 or greater than 40 it will be set to -40 or 40 respectively.
    • Maximum AP and HP are set to 50. Maximum MP are set to 20 (30 if character has collected the whole of the Lore of Haldon).
    • Current AP, HP, and MP are reduced to the maximum values set above if higher. (If lower, they are not increased).
    • Removes membership in a guild (if any).
    • You will receive a message in your message log that your character has been reset.
    • Faction membership and rank and items in inventory are NOT lost during a reset.


  • Fixed a bug whereby activating Flaming Weapons did not send an activation message.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed text claiming that you lost Morality (from a Blood Ice, Soul Ice or Unholy Book) or gained Morality (from a Holy Book) to still appear when the morality shift was prevented by the alignment of your Stronghold.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked faction leaders from kicking an initiate, which started the demotion dialogue instead.
  • Fixed a bug that kept the name of a renamed item from being displayed when it is given or received.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed Explosive Murder (and certain other skills), under certain circumstances, to kill characters that were already dead.
  • Fixed a bug where Nether Hounds were doing incorrect secondary damage if the Wyrm Master also had Master of the Pack.
  • Pattern Weaver now works on gems that contain Glyph Erasure spells.
  • Extra HP (over max) granted by Adrenal Healing were not removed if Bloodlust was manually deactivated.

08/13/2018 - Crafting, Ease of Use and Bugsweeping Patch


  • With the ascendancy of Marquai the Constructor, whose portfolio includes craftsmanship and ingenuity, some changes have occurred to item Crafting. These changes mean that it is now more efficient to craft an item at its desired quality level than to craft it as a destroyed item and repair it:
    • Crafting an item with the 20 CP crafting skills (Bowyer, Smithing, Gunsmith) now costs (Base item AP) + (6 AP * quality level). This was reduced from (Base item AP) + (10 AP * quality level).
    • Crafting an item with the 30 CP crafting skills (Master Bowyer, Mastersmith, Master Gunsmith) now costs (Base item AP) + (4 AP * quality level). This was reduced from (Base item AP) + (10 AP * quality level) + (20 AP if the quality is Good or Pristine).
  • The AP costs of movement for pets are now tied to the AP movement costs of the petmaster rather than being 1 AP for all tiles. If the petmaster's AP costs of travel are reduced by a travel skill or status effect, or are increased by a terrain obstacle, the cost paid by pets will be reduced or increased accordingly.
  • XP gained by a petmaster when their pets deal damage is no longer halved. XP gain for attacks directed against pets remains halved.
  • For purposes of XP gain for killing pets, pets are now considered to be the same level as their masters. Previously, a fixed level number was used for this calculation, which significantly underestimated the average level of petmasters.
  • Reduced weight of Surgeon's Kit from 10 to 4. This actually happened in June but is mentioned here for the sake of documentation.


  • AP, MP and HP scores are now displayed as a a pie-chart display that shows what proportion of your maximum you have remaining.
  • If you have the First Aid skill, you will now be able to view the remaining minutes of Sorcerers Might on characters who are present in your location. Previously this only displayed whether the Sorcerers Might effect was present or not.
  • Buttons to open and close interface tabs (Skills, combat, etc) are now on the right side of the tab, rather than the left, to reduce the chance that the buttons will be clicked on by accident.
  • Interacting with a character via combat, healing, giving or other forms of non-speech interaction will no longer make speech default to a whisper to them. The Speech pulldown now defaults to Everyone Here unless you deliberately whisper to a character, in which case it will default to that character until the next AP tick. Similarly, whispering to a character will not make attacks, heals, etc. default to them.
  • Clicking on the name of a pet now selects it as your target in the pet combat dropdown. If you attack a pet, they will remain selected as your target in the pet combat dropdown until you either kill the pet, attack a different pet, or the next AP tick occurs.


  • Fixed a bug where Forges and Gunbenches did not allow fixing items at Worn and below.
  • Fixed a bug where Medbays did not help self-healing performed with First Aid Kits, Healing Herbs and Stygian Bone Leeches.
  • Fixed a bug where Plagued With Doubt inflicted by Plague of Doubt did not alter the damage floor.
  • Clarified enchant decay messages to remove references to out-of-date content.
  • Factionless users of AoE attacks may now attack other factionless characters.
  • Fixed some misplaced aura flavor text.
  • Fixed a series of bugs where attacks that autofailed vs flying characters still triggered Corruptor enchant draining Draining Field and other negative side effects.
  • Fixed a bug where the interface to purchase safe upgrades was not displaying the correct upgrade amounts.
  • Fixed a bug where Word of Recall allowed Archons to teleport home alive even if they were killed (e.g. by a glyph, poison, etc.) in the process.
  • Infernal Jets now correctly does not work if the Fallen is not of Evil morality.
  • Fixed a bug in which Divine Herald Harbinger damage type changes were overridden by enchants when attacking a ward.
  • Fixed a bug where Strength of Darkness health regeneration did not factor in permanent day in Elysium.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tattoo of Spell Projection to not apply damage type and total changes if the target was a ward, door, fortification or glyph.
  • Ether Stepping now correctly halves indoor movement if the movement is within a large building and thus not a Corner Step action.
  • Killing pets with Acid Blood or Cloak of Magma auras now correctly counts toward the Pets Killed stat, as other auras do.
  • Infernal Combat now correctly grants its accuracy bonus with Heavy Weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that kept skills that improve accuracy with Heavy Weapons from working against wards, fortifications, doors or glyphs.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the Hide skill to grant a 10% improved chance to hide instead of 20%.
  • Fixed a bug that kept angelic pets whose masters possess Hand of Zealotry from attacking Sect of Maevel zombies and other Neutral-aligned pets.
  • Damage for setting a stronghold with the wrong morality is now correctly processed as a round number.
  • Cut the Silver Cord and failed Touch of Corrupted Loyalty actions no longer incorrectly count as two Pets Killed stats.
  • Touch of Corrupted Loyalty no longer incorrectly counts towards Damage Dealt stats.

04/29/2018 - Factions, Bugfixes, and Broad Improvements Patch


  • Custom Aspects may now be bought via the Credit Store instead of having to manually go through an admin. You may now type in whatever aspect description you want (limit 500 characters) as your new aspect.
  • Because we are no longer selling admins' time, the cost of custom aspects has been reduced from 600 credits to 400 credits.
  • As with character avatars, if you purchase a custom aspect for your character you may thereafter use the credit store to edit it for free. Characters who bought custom aspects through an admin prior to this update will also be able to edit those characters' aspects for free.


  • Faction safes now have an additional set of Advanced options that break out the safe by category. You may view and withdraw items from your safe from the following categories: Ammunition, Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Components, Potions, Spellgems, and Other (all items not in the other seven categories). This is in a secondary pane under regular stronghold options; the legacy interface for accessing the safe remains in place for those that prefer it.
  • Safe upgrades are now worth 20 additional safe space per upgrade (increased from 10). This applies retroactively, and factions that have purchased safe upgrades in the past will also get this increase to their existing upgrades.
  • The capacity of Nexus safes has been set to 100 plus safe upgrades, effectively granting all safes 100 additional points of capacity. This means that new factions begin play with a 100-point safe and may raise it to 120 for 1 renown, to 140 for 2 additional renown, etc.
  • New factions now begin play with a Leader-rank Bulletin Board.
  • New Temporary Upgrades. These upgrades cost 5 Renown to purchase and 5 Renown per day to maintain. They are visible in the stronghold of factions that have them, and may be canceled at any time to eliminate the benefit and upkeep cost. Once bought, the benefit will last until it is canceled or the faction runs out of Renown to maintain it. The time that upkeep is deducted is set at 24 hours after the upgrade is purchased. Upgrade options include:
    • Forge: Crafting and repairing that would require a Factory may be done in the stronghold.
    • Gunsmithing Table: Guns may be repaired and guns and ammo may be crafted in the stronghold.
    • Medical Bay: Healing actions in the stronghold will heal 5 points more than they otherwise would. This bonus is only applied to healing done with a First Aid Kit, Healing Herb, Stygian Bone Leech or Surgery.
  • Faction Chatboxes now show the most recent 100 messages instead of 10. Talking in a Faction Chatbox now consumes Speech Points as per normal speech instead of Action Points, as long as you have Speech Points remaining.
  • The five-faction limit on faction friendliness has been removed. Faction leaders may now set their factions as friendly to as many factions as they want.
  • The faction levels required for a faction's stronghold location to be publicly visible have been lowered. Factions of levels 4 and above will now display the exact location of the stronghold. Factions of levels 2 and 3 will display the district and plane of the stronghold. Factions of level 1 will display the plane only.
  • If your faction gets raided and 24 hours pass without recapturing your flag (at which point you may set a stronghold again) you will receive a message notifying you that your faction may now set a stronghold again.
  • Faction flag collections now only display flags of factions that still exist and have not idled out. The information is still stored; if an idled faction returns, its flag will become visible once more.
  • Likewise, Faction Politics pages will only show your faction's friendliness or hostility to factions that still exist and have not idled out. If an idled faction returns, it will reappear in the Faction Politics pages of factions that are friendly or hostile to it.
  • The Homing Beacon short-term upgrade (which has never worked) has been removed.


  • Attacks with Spellgems now get familiarity bonuses for knowing spells of the same element as the gem, identical to the bonuses granted to spells cast from memory.
  • Attacks now no longer have a random 1% chance to fail regardless of rolls and modifiers. The similar mechanic where all attacks have a random 1% chance to hit regardless of circumstances remains.
  • The Wyrm Master's Acid Blood now grants immunity to Acid damage.
  • All Pets are now on Defensive stance when summoned, with the exception of Imps summoned by a Wyrm Master with Interpose Thrall and Aethersprites, which remain Passive by default.
  • Ghouls and Zombies raised by a kill by another Ghoul or Zombie and Skeletons raised with Infectious Blade now rise with their stance set to Aggressive to Hostiles rather than Defensive.
  • Under circumstances where Aethersprites would attack, they now have a 20% chance of healing their master instead of attacking. This was previously a 10% chance.
  • Users of skills and spells that deal damage to attackers now gain Kills (including Angel Kills and Demon Kills, if relevant) if a player character is killed by their ability. This includes aura skills and spells, spell turning, Acid Blood, and others.
  • The damage type change granted by Harbinger of Conquest now applies to swords and melee weapons in addition to bows, much like the other Harbinger skills.
  • Changing pet stances or dismissing a pet no longer unhides the master. Summoning or rejuvenating a pet still unhides the master.
  • Blood Ice healing has been doubled from 10 to 20 HP.
  • Soul Ice regeneration has been doubled from 5 to 10 MP.
  • Demons are no longer exempt from the lingering power of Defiler Poison.
  • The lingering power of Defiler Poison now wears off on your third respawn if you've been sufficiently unlucky as to not be able to heal it before then.
  • Defiler Poison no longer halves the damage of the attacks that it is attached to.
  • Enchanting items now increases the Items Repaired stat by one.
  • Phylacteries now cost (Character level / 3) AP to use, identical to regular Lich respawns.
  • Lava terrain now only doubles movement cost for ground travel; it can be flown over at the same AP costs as flight over regular terrain.
  • Berserk Frenzy no longer blocks players from canceling Bloodlust.
  • Unlocked an area-of-effect attack with Wing Shards. This attack deals base 8/80 (boostable with damage boosting skills) Piercing damage for 4 AP/10 MP.
  • Stepping of the World Gate cost has been revised to 3AP and 20MP (was 4 AP and 15MP).
  • Bloodlust no longer has a Defense penalty.


  • If you have Spellcraft, when browsing spellgems in the faction safe the gems will now be ordered by the name of the spell, not by gem color. This applies only to spellgems in the Spell category of the new Advanced safe pane.
  • The game's anti-farming records of which character last fixed/broke power at a tile now expire every 24 hours instead of persisting forever.
  • When your damage aura deals damage to a character or pet that is attacking you, you are informed of this and told how much damage your aura did.
  • When a new character enters the Nexus, other characters in their location receive a notification that they have newly arrived in the world.
  • Enchanting actions now tell you how much XP you gained for enchanting, what type of item you enchanted and what type of enchantment you placed on it.
  • Guild rank displays have been made a bit more clear.
  • Character message logs now store the most recent two weeks of a character's life (previously one week).
  • Liches with Phylacteries and Conduits with Nexal Marks may now remove them at will, like Void Walkers can with Stones.
  • Void Walker Stones are once again not consumed on use.
  • The mention of a tile type in a location description is now a link to the wiki page for that tile type.
  • Divine Heralds using Eye of Demon Tracker are now informed of how many (if any) of the demons they have detected are in a Stronghold.
  • Eye of Demon Tracker now gives you a list of names and links to the demons that you have detected.
  • Umbral Sword may now be used to write on rocks and walls.
  • From character levels 1-3, search actions will be calculated as if it is daytime and (if the location is inside a building with toggleable power) as if the building has power.
  • Masterless pets (such as Shambling Zombies) no longer have a chance of causing armor decay.


  • Supplemental damage now works correctly vs. wards, fortifications, glyphs and doors. Affected mechanics include Martial Spellcraft, Tainted Bond, Aura spells, Cloak of Holy Radiance, Cloak of Inferno, Dread Gaze, Harbinger of War, Sulphurous Cloak and Magma Slam.
  • Area-of-effect combat mechanics now correctly factor in and alter morality, fixing a bug that allowed Archons to lose morality for using Song of the Word.
  • Fixed a bug that kept Illuminated from reducing defense by 10%.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Verdant Sling ammo to drop on the ground when fired at a door, ward, glyph, fortification or target.
  • Petmasters joining factions now correctly bring their pets into membership in the faction with them.
  • Landing on water while using flight skills no longer kills you and instead behaves as if you had moved into a water tile normally.
  • Harbinger of Death, Harbinger of Conquest and Harbinger of Judgement now correctly change damage types when the target is a ward.
  • Cloak of Holy Radiance now correctly changes damage type to Holy when attacking a ward.
  • Characters who were both Invisible and Hidden now remain Hidden when Invisibility expires.
  • Master Marksman now works correctly.
  • Characters Hunted By a Revenant cease to be tracked if the Revenant successfully finds them and kills them.
  • It has been long enough since the patch in which this change was implemented that we can say with a reasonable level of confidence that the bug that allowed Advocate Blessing and other area-of-effect status effects to frequently miss has been resolved. Please let us know in the bug reporting forum if you observe this bug again.
  • The Dark Trick damage aura now works against pets.
  • Cloak of Magma's Magma Blood lesser aura now works against pets.
  • Forceful Punishment now works on wards, fortifications, doors and glyphs.
  • When giving away, removing from a safe or removing from a footlocker individual pieces of ammo (single arrows, pistol rounds, etc) these now correctly combine into quivers and clips. However, for reasons that we have not yet been able to identify, you will not receive a notification when this happens.
  • Fists of Holy Resolve now works against doors, fortifications, glyphs and wards.
  • Cloak of Flame, Cloak of Water and Cloak of Holy Radiance now correctly allow ammoless archery vs. doors, wards, fortifications, glyphs and targets.
  • The "Aggressive to Non-Allied" pet stance now correctly targets factionless characters and pets.
  • Avatar uploading now works again. In addition, the avatar size limit has been increased to 300 KB.


  • Fixed a bug in which owners of named items (which cannot be destroyed) were regularly told that those items had been destroyed.
  • Revenant transformations now tell you your correct current form when prevented from shifting forms by a current transformation.
  • Angelic and demonic spellcasters now lose access to their spells when they fall outside of their moral range.
  • Dark Heart attacks now inform the attacker and defender if the attack came with Defiler Poison or another form of charged attack.
  • Manabiting a Potion of Planar Protection now grants the effect for 30 minutes.
  • Holy Bulwark now correctly prevents MP drain caused by Focused Attack.
  • Hex of Nullity and other spell-damage-boosting skills now boost the damage of autohit spells vs wards, fortifications, glyphs and doors.
  • Factionless users of Scream of the Banshee and Channelled Trail may now target other factionless characters with these debuffs.
  • Stepping of the World Gate no longer incorrectly makes guild shrines cost zero MP.
  • Renamed Mystic Mail and Mystic Shield spells now correctly unlock Durability enchants just as learning the base spell does.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed players to create factions while not logged into a character.
  • Added additional checks that should correct a bug that caused some characters to be charged double AP to respawn.
  • Mystic Mail now displays the correct soak values in activation text.
  • Attack dropdowns now correctly show the MP costs for Agony Curse, Blood Curse, Cut the Silver Cord and Touch of Corrupted Loyalty.
  • Healing characters through Sorcerers Might now informs you when you have cured the effect, instead of saying that you have reduced it by 0 minutes.
  • Way of the Fast Hands now reloads Poison Pistols.
  • Fixed a bug that caused credits sent to released characters to vanish into the void.
  • If you are raised as a shambling zombie or a skeleton on a kill, the death message now says that this happened after you died, not before.
  • Weapon Breaker no longer deletes weapons with a weight of zero.
  • There no longer exists a nonfunctional button to demote faction Initiates.
  • Fixed a bug in which admins editing a character sometimes accidentally deleted their personal description. The cause of the bug that sometimes tells character owners that their description was changed when it actually was not remains a mystery to us.
  • Glyph Erasures no longer appear in the pulldown of spells that can be cast on oneself.
  • The Tap Ley Line button now only appears in the interface if a Ley Line is present.
  • Releasing a character now correctly despawns that character's pets.
  • The button to activate Blood Frenzy now only appears if you do not already have Blood Frenzy active.
  • Magma Slam now correctly applies supplemental damage.
  • Unholy Strength works against wards.
  • Defilers are no longer penalized in AP, MP and reduced damage for (uselessly) attaching Defiler Poison to an attack on a ward, door, fortification or glyph.
  • Corrected a bug in which characters immune to a damage type were told they were damaged by an AOE of that damage type when they actually did not take damage.
  • Illuminated now correctly prevents hiding and invisibility.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Arcane Wells and other area status effects to have (non-existent) HP totals displayed if the status effect was in the same location as Glyphs.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Cloak of Water to not give its hiding bonus.

02/11/2018 - Game Balance and Player Information Improvements


  • The Void Walker's Stepping of the Corner no longer synergizes with Ether Stepping. Corner stepping from building to building now always costs 1 AP and cannot be halved. Ether Stepping only halves movement cost if a character is outside or in the Sewers.
  • The Infernal Behemoth's innate skill Hulking Brute now grants 2 points of HP regeneration per AP tick in addition to its existing benefits.
  • The Fallen may now use Bond of the Mechanical to reload Bullhorns.
  • The Void Walker's Stepping of the Stone now costs 4 AP and 15 MP to use. Stepping Stones are now consumed when used.
  • The Dark Oppressor's Agony Curse and Blood Curse have had their duration modified from 12 hours to 30 Status Ticks.
  • The cost of the Advocate's Holy Transfer has been reduced from 5 AP to 2 AP. Holy Transferred spells have double the duration of spells cast on oneself.
  • The Shepherd's Magic Prayer results "Spellgem Affinity" and "Transcend Spellgem" now grant 5 MP as per a Lesser Magic result in addition to their existing effects.
  • Within the Circus Carnivorous, anyone of any class or morality may use Explosive Murder as if they had the skill, including the 50% chance to explode on death if killed in the Circus. In addition, Pariahs with the actual Explosive Murder skill have a 100% chance to explode on death if they die within the Circus.
  • Accuracy enchants now increase weapon accuracy by 5% per enchant (increased from 3%).
  • Ghouls no longer steal HP on a hit.
  • The secondary damage type of Wheels of Righteousness has been changed to Piercing.
  • Mystic Mail now provides six points of physical soak and functions like armor soak, stacking with fortifications and other forms of non-armor soak.
  • Zombies summoned by the Sect of Maevel now do not target factionless characters of level 9 or below, or all characters of level 4 and below.
  • Judgemaster base accuracy has been increased by 10%. Soldiers of Might now changes their secondary damage type to Impact.
  • Wights now cost 20 MP to summon or rejuvenate. Summoning Wights no longer requires a corpse.
  • Skeletons summoned by Liches with Bone Seeker have been revised thusly:
    • Hit Point total changed from 30 to 40.
    • Accuracy changed from 65% to 70%.
    • Primary attack changed from 11 Slashing damage to 13 Cold damage.
    • Added a 10 Slashing damage secondary attack.
  • The damage bonus from Strength potions now stacks with the damage bonus from casting Conjure Sinews. The are now two separate, if functionally identical, status effects and thus using one no longer stacks status effects with the other.
  • Speech point costs for speaking have been halved. Speech point regeneration per tick has been doubled. Halving of costs includes costs reduced by Blue Rose guild membership; however, this guild will not be returning in the next Breath as this update effectively grants its main benefit to all players.
  • Damage resistance granted by Affinity potions has been reduced from 100% (full immunity) to 75%.
  • Targeting of attacks on glyphs in the same tile as you has been expanded from only glyphs that affect you to glyphs one moral step away from you. Good and Evil characters may target Glyphs vs Neutral and Neutral characters may target all Glyphs. Good characters still cannot attack Glyphs vs Evil, nor may Evil characters attack Glyphs vs Good. This only applies to Glyphs on your location; it remains the case that only Protection glyphs against your alignment may be targeted from a distance.
  • While under the effects of Spellgem Affinity, the AP cost of recharging a spellgem is reduced from 3 AP to 2 AP.
  • When creating a custom spell in the credit store, there is no longer an option to make the spell findable.
  • Previously findable custom spells have been removed from the search tables and will no longer be findable. The dev team is looking into methods for custom spell buyers to acquire gems of the spells that they have bought in the future.
  • The list of demonic debuffs removable with Absolve Suffering has been expanded to include additional debuffs: Acid Burn, Choking, Doomblight, Drained, Exposed, Frightened, Lethargic, Phantasmal Terror, Plagued with Doubt, Weakness and Wytchfire.
  • Killing pets with defensive auras now counts toward the Pets Killed stat.
  • Within a Euphoria Asylum or Dark Sanitarium, characters with remaining Memories of a Past Life are now able to exchange them for new renames.


  • When healing a character with Sorcerers Might active, the game now tells you how many minutes of Sorcerers Might they have left after the heal.
  • Characters may now view the current HP total of local Glyphs.
  • The targeting pulldown for attacking Glyphs now tells you how much damage Glyph Erasure spells will do to a Glyph. This does not yet extend to erasure spells cast from gems.
  • The skill and class buying screen now tells you how much CP you've already spent, so you don't have to calculate how much you have left to spend to be eligible for a higher-tier class.
  • Evil-aligned Tier 2 Angels (potential Fallen) and Good-aligned Tier 2 Demons (potential Redeemed) get an additional counter that tells them how much CP they have spent on their Tier 2 side's skills.
  • Shepherds with Absolve Suffering and Dark Oppressors with Curse skills may now view whether a character is Agony Cursed or Blood Cursed.
  • Characters with First Aid and Defilers with Poison may now view if a character is Defiler Poisoned.
  • Characters who lack Absolve Suffering but have First Aid and Sense Magic may now view if a character is unhealable due to Blood Curse.
  • Characters with First Aid may now view if a character is unhealable due to Sorcerers Might.
  • You may now see when another character in the location is Flying.
  • The Character page now displays how much Lore a character has found.
  • As a result of the Glyph targeting expansion, the attack pulldown now tells you the morality of the Glyph you are targeting.
  • The Shepherd's Prayer pulldown now defaults to praying for Magic.
  • Revenants using Eye of Death and other skills that use the Eye of Death pane are now notified if the characters they track are within a Stronghold.
  • Building fortifications is now an act broadcast to everyone in the room if done during a raid (more specifically, if done while the ward is not at maximum strength)
  • Destroying the last of a stronghold's fortifications is now an act broadcast to everyone in the room.
  • Stronghold safes and footlockers now show which items within them are enchanted.
  • All references to Orthodoxy have been removed from the game.
  • When viewing the character page of another player's character, you may now see their current melee and ranged Defense values if you are in the same location as them. Attack, Soak and Damage bonuses remain hidden for characters that you do not own.
  • When creating a character, you are now given the option of selecting your new character's gender.
  • When creating a character, you are given the option of being randomly assigned to a Faction, and given a choice between Good, Evil and Unaligned Faction alignments. You may also choose to be randomly assigned a Faction while not selecting an alignment. Factions are randomly selected from Open, non-morality-restricted factions of level 4 or above with a standing stronghold in Valhalla in which you do not already have a character. If you choose to start the game in a faction you will begin play inside the Stronghold of that faction.
  • When starting play as a new character, you will receive a piece of starting advice, the content of which depends on your choice of starting skill.
  • When starting play as a new character, you will receive a brief introduction to the world of the Nexus. Your choice of faction alignment and whether or not to start play in a faction will impact the wording of this message.
  • Finding a Potion now tells you what type of Potion it is if you have Sense Magic.
  • Characters with Enchant Item may view a list of enchantments on an item by mouse hovering over its name in the inventory.


  • Eldritch Bond, Word of the Holy Light, and Steadfast Resolve now have activation messages, which they previously lacked.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Void Walkers to go into negative AP setting stepping stones.
  • The game no longer erroneously displays "and a here" in the descriptions of strongholds that lack flavor upgrades.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Spiked Knuckles Piercing damage to override the Holy damage applied by Fists of Holy Resolve.
  • Reveal now correctly communicates to the formerly invisible person that they have lost their invisibility.
  • The Archon's Word of Recall now no longer brings your swimming or flying status into the stronghold.
  • The Infernal Behemoth's Bloodlust now correctly stacks duration instead of capping at 15 ticks when used with Rage Strike.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Horrid Tentacles to have a far higher defense value than they ought to.
  • Food and booze no longer display item quality in safes and footlockers.
  • Cups of Tea and other drink-based food items now show that they are beverages to be drunk, not eaten, and have correct use text. These items remain Food items in all other ways.
  • Wrathful Smite now works correctly against wards, doors, fortifications and glyphs.
  • Using forbidden damage types (e.g. Unholy as an Angel or Electric as a Demon) now correctly applies penalties to attackers when used against doors, wards, glyphs and fortifications.
  • Corrected an issue that allowed Monks of the Unbound Mind to extend the duration of Sorcerers Might and many other debuffs.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Darksoul Cabal from offering its chance to prevent debuffs against many common debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sadistic Glee users to bypass aura damage.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to send credit messages anonymously by sending them while logged into an account but not a character. Credit messages sent without a character logged in now identify the account name of the user that sent the message.
  • Stepping of the Stone users in the Darksoul Cabal now correctly receive the Cabal's MP cost reduction when using Stones.
  • Resolved a bug that kept you from being notified when a glyph on your tile was dispelled by a character on a neighboring tile.

01/27/2018 - Broad Game Improvements Patch


  •  Players are now given a confirmation check before revoking their Stronghold.  
  • If you are on a Stronghold tile, the game now tells you the current HP total of the ward and whether the ward is intact or destroyed.  
  • Editing a Faction no longer resets your stronghold setting timer, and can be done as often as you want instead of being limited to once in 24 hours.  
  • Sending Faction announcements and other faction leadership actions no longer unhide characters.  
  • Characters with Swim now begin the two-tick drowning cycle if they spent their last Action Point moving into water, instead of (previously) being stuck with zero AP unable to move or die until an admin smited them or another character killed them. There is not yet a similar function for characters APed out over water with higher-level skills (such as Corner Stepping).  
  • Researching "Any" Alchemy potion (the default choice) is now considerably less dangerous; players are still strongly advised to focus their research into specific potions if they want to get the best results and use their research AP and MP most efficiently, but previously choosing this option meant almost certain death.  
  • Character names in faction rosters are now always links to character profiles, whether you are a member of the faction in question or not.  
  • The login screen now shows the current game time, near the bottom of the page alongside the time of the last AP tick.  
  • The Edit Faction page where faction leaders spend renown now tells them how much renown they have without having to check another page.  
  • Faction Roster pages now tell you the number of people in a faction.  
  • The game now notifies both the defender and the petmaster when an attack by a pet failed due to a skill with a flat miss chance (Phasing, Defensive Stance, Cloak of Air, etc.)  
  • Sense Magic now identifies potions when giving away potions, receiving potions from others, seeing potions lying on the ground or picking up potions lying on the ground.  


  • Reduced the cost of crafting First Aid Kits in Hospitals from 7 to 5 AP.  
  • Fraternity of Wondercraft no longer reduces the cost of skill-based item crafting (FAKs, toolkits, lockpicks, etc.) As a result, these items once again count toward the Items Crafted stat.  
  • The Items Crafted stat now counts each potion in a potion batch as a separate item, instead of one item per batch.  
  •  Pariahs with Blood Claws and Archons with Blades of Light can now use these skills to write on rocks and walls.  
  • Smite and Hellfire charged attacks may now be used with Spells.  
  • Strong Attack, Combat Mastery and Elite Attack now affect spell attacks.  
  • RNG code for many, many functions requiring the RNG has been updated to a better and more modern version.  
  • Fallen and Redeemed may now join factions of their Tier 2 alignment without needing admin assistance to do so.  
  •  Archons under the effect of Rapturous Chant are no longer kept from speaking or bullhorning. Rapturous Chant still prevents use of Song of the Word, which was the actual point of this restriction.  
  • Reduced the chance of chalk breaking on use from 60% to 40%. Magic Markers, by comparison, have a 20% break rate.  
  •  Tier 3 class selection global announcements now tell you a little piece of lore information about the class that the character has chosen. Future updates may expand on this.  
  • Completing the Lore of Haldon now sends a global announcement informing the Nexus of your achievement. 
  •  Damage dealt to stronghold wards and fortifications now counts toward the Damage Dealt stat.  
  • Arcane Marksman now includes an Acid charge attack.  
  •  Maximum AP for zombies created when a member of the Sect of Maevel kills a character has been reduced from 90 to 50.  
  • Zombies created by Sect of Maevel kills now do not target characters of levels 1-4.  
  • Pistol crafting now costs one Chunk of Brass and shortbow crafting now costs one Piece of Wood
  • Newly repaired doors are now spawned at 10 HP of strength. 


  •  Fixed a bug that caused attacks on doors, wards, glyphs and fortifications to ignore attack bonuses that are inherent to weapons.  
  •  Fixed a bug that caused attacks on targets, doors, wards, glyphs and fortifications to ignore the benefits from accuracy and durability enchants.  
  • Heavy weapon attack rolls now work correctly against doors, wards, glyphs and fortifications.  
  • Removed a bug that allowed Hex of Nullity to remove Blood Curse.  
  •  Avenging Lights and Cleansing Lights are now correctly subject to morality-based targeting restrictions identical to Lightspeaker pets; these pets were previously able to attack Good characters often to the detriment of the Holy Champion's morality.  
  • Seraphs with Defender of the Innocent can now correctly remove Enervate, Blood Curse and Agony Curse.  
  • Fixed a bug that allowed renamed items to be destroyed if they degraded when attacking a ward, door, target, glyph or fortification.  
  •  Removed a bug that allowed healing pets (Aethersprites, Wisps and Wights) to heal through Blood Curse.  
  • Day Walker now gives correct night search bonuses and HP regeneration during the day.  
  • Combat and healing actions by pets now correctly give damage dealt and healing stats to pet masters.  
  • The Redeemed is now correctly able to deactivate Mask of the Martyr and Mask of Vengeance at will.  
  • Chance of armor degradation is now correctly set at 4%; this had incorrectly been set to 8% in the past.  
  • Characters with skills that allow zero AP cost for movement under certain conditions (e.g. movement in water if the character has Cloak of the Relentless Sea active) can now move at zero AP if those conditions are met.  
  • Corrected a bug that kept durability enchants from protecting armor.  
  • Corrected a bug that kept pet attacks from having a chance to damage durability.  
  • Spell Parry now blocks all variants of spells you know in addition to the base spell.  
  • Dispelling Blade now correctly works on all Swords, not just the Blade of Light.  
  • Dread Gaze now correctly reduces MP cost when attacking wards, fortifications, doors, and glyphs.  


  • Fixed a bug that prevented many (mostly demonic) innate weapons from being disabled if the character was no longer of the appropriate morality.  
  • Brass Knuckles and Spiked Knuckles now correctly apply their damage bonus vs. doors, fortifications, glyphs and wards.  
  • Elemental Affinity potions now correctly grant damage bonuses vs. doors, fortifications, glyphs and wards.  
  • Redeemed with Mask of the Martyr now get a message informing them of MP loss when they are attacked.  
  • If you know a spell, you can now charge spellgems of all variants of that spell.  
  • Metamorphic Unguis now correctly randomizes its damage types when attacking wards.  
  • Touch attacks correctly no longer work when one (but not both) of the combatants is Flying.  
  •  Transcend Spellgem prayer result now correctly prevents gem charges from being consumed when attacking wards, fortifications, glyphs, doors and targets.  
  • Absolve Suffering now correctly removes Enervate.  
  • The enchanting interface now correctly shows costs reduced by Fraternity of Wondercraft.  
  • Alchemy research results that are supposed to give characters an increase in HP now actually do so.  
  • Shooting targets with a spellgem now correctly costs only 1 MP if you know the spell stored in the gem.  
  • Darksoul Cabal debuff prevention chance now applies to Blood Curse.  
  • Removed a bug that allowed Monks of the Unbound Mind benefits to extend the duration of Blood Curse.  
  •  Removed a bug that allowed Dark Oppressors to inflict Blood Curse on a character already subject to Blood Curse.  
  • Word of the Holy Light now correctly assigns Archery bonuses.  
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing Cloak of Inferno AoE to target the Holy Champion's factionmates.  
  • Mask of Vengeance now sends the Redeemed an activation message and removes the button to active the mask from the interface when it is already active.  
  • Fixed a smattering of remaining typos and grammar issues with game text. 

01/13/2018 - Bug Fixes and Improvement Patch


  • Crafting Alchemy batches now increases the Items Crafted stat by one point per batch.
  • Crafting ammunition now increases the Items Crafted stat by one point per batch. Master of Munitions actions are not affected by this change and will not increase this stat.
  • Basic starting items for new characters have been revised from a carving knife and a can of green beans to two Books and two First Aid Kits. Starting items granted by a new character's choice of starting skill are unaffected by this change.
  • Chances of finding a piece of the Lore of Haldon when finding a Holy Book or Unholy Book have been increased from ~2.5% to ~4%.
  • Successful Lockpicking actions now grant 8 XP (increased from 5 XP).
  • Successful Target Shooting actions now grant 8 XP (increased from 6 XP).
  • Cutting and repairing Power now costs 3 AP and grants 6 XP if successful (revised from 5 AP for a gain of 5 XP).
  • Cutting and repairing Power now grants XP regardless of the Morality of the character modifying the power.
  • Power cutting and repairing actions that fail due to previous power interactions with the tile by the same character no longer charge the full AP cost as if the action had succeeded.
  • Hand-to-hand weapons (e.g. Frozen Gauntlet) are now correctly exempted from receiving further enchantments. Enchantments placed on these items before the patch will still exist, but cannot be added to.
  • Improvements to the admin side of the donation/credits system have been made to make it quicker and easier to grant credits to donors whose Paypal donation email is the same as the email they used to register their Nexus Clash account. If you donate and your Paypal email is not the same as the email you used to set up your Nexus Clash account (or if you're not sure if it is), it is still necessary to send the character id of a character you own as a message attached to your donation so that admins can deliver your credits to you.


  • Corrected the bug that was keeping factions from getting renown for killing individual hostiles and enemy characters; killing hostiles should now be worth 1 Renown and killing enemies (mutually hostile) should be worth 2 Renown.
  • Absolve Suffering now correctly removes Blood Curse and Agony Curse.
  • Tattoo of Inner Strength now correctly grants increased maximum HP upon skill purchase. This will not affect characters who purchased this skill before the patch, and owners of these characters should forum PM an admin (Windrunner, BobGeneric or Kandarin) so that an admin may manually grant this boost to their character's maximum HP.
  • Blessing of the Resolute now correctly grants attack bonuses to recipients of the Advocate's Blessing. A bug that allowed Blessing of the Stalwart to grant these attack bonuses instead has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing demons who attacked Redeemed with Mask of the Martyr to gain far more MO than they were intended to.
  • Mystic Vigor has been corrected to not have its MP cost reducible with Arcane Affinity or the Darksoul Cabal bonus, as intended.
  • Legion Master now correctly grants soak bonuses in addition to the other bonuses of the skill.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the Archon to accidentally drop their Prayer Beads, put them in a safe or give them away.
  • Defender of Justice now correctly increases Guardian duration to 30 ticks instead of increasing it by 30 ticks.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed users of Stone Stepping, Conduit Portals and Phylacteries to access the "outside" of the Olympic Tower by setting marks in inside locations in this plane. We've also fixed this in a few other places where we thought it might become a problem.
  • Corrected a bug that was allowing spell auras to always supersede innate auras.
  • Hold Bladed Edge will now correctly prevent sword degradation when attacking wards, doors, glyphs and fortifications.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing Redeemed to use Morality-costing skills without cost in their own strongholds.
  • Fiendish Shadow (Avenging Light or Cleansing Light stolen by a Corruptor) is now correctly exempted from pet decay and has a rejuvenation cost.
  • Mantle of Vrykolakas now correctly changes the attacker's damage type to Arcane when attacking a Stronghold Ward.
  • Wheel of Injustice (Wheel of Righteousness stolen by a Corruptor) is now correctly exempted from pet decay and has a rejuvenation cost.
  • Phasing and other flat miss chance defensive abilities now correctly affect pet attacks, though players are not notified when this happens. This notification is part of a future patch.
  • Divine Resolve now correctly grants 10% defense to area status recipients if the Holy Champion has Cloak of the Whispering Wind.
  • Divine Resolve now grants an additional 10% attack to area status recipients if the Holy Champion has Cloak of the Relentless Sea.
  • Wheels of Righteousness now correctly rejuvenate themselves on a kill.
  • Corrected a series of bugs that allowed Sorcerers with Pattern Weaver to still lose their spellgems if they used the last charge on a door, glyph, fortification, ward or target.
  • Ultimate Suffering now correctly grants Angels Tears when triggered.


  • Corrected all typos and awkward grammar issues in flavor text that the dev team is aware of to date.
  • Much of the text you can get in the game was using male pronouns even if the affected character is female. All text has been updated to either use the correct pronoun or default to a gender-neutral pronoun.
  • The in-game text describing the classes when you choose a class has been updated to more accurately describe the capabilities of the classes available to choose.
  • Arcane Marksman now correctly uses no ammunition for Electric shots.
  • Lamp of Clinging Purity now displays the correct cost to activate the skill.
  • Tattoo of Inner Strength's Heavy Lifting effect can now be deactivated at will even if the Nexus Champion does not have MP.
  • Cloak of Holy Radiance now correctly costs 4 MP, not 6 MP.
  • Crossbow of Cold Resolve will no longer be visible in the inventory of Redeemed who bought the skill after the patch. Redeemed who bought this skill before the patch will still see this item in their inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Angels to learn Acrid Vapors despite being an angel-forbidden Acid spell.
  • Way of Fire now correctly costs 1 AP when attacking doors, fortifications and wards.
  • Way of the Fast Hands now fully reloads Pump Action Shotguns.
  • Eye of Judgment now correctly costs 2 MP when shooting targets if the Archon has Dread Gaze.
  • Sticks of Incense now correctly grant the Burning Incense benefit to the surrounding area.
  • Fixed Manabiter interaction with Invisibility and Extended Invisibility potions so that the Corruptor no longer pays MP upkeep for invisibility gotten by consuming these potions.
  • Corrected a bug that kept Acid Affinity potions from ever appearing in find tables; they should now have the same likelihood of appearing as other elemental affinity potions.

10/30/2015 - [Mini-Patch] - Tap Ley Line Patch


Tap Ley Line (TLL) has been altered thusly:

  • TLL won't get you above 2x your MP cap
  • TLL now gives 5 MP per activation (in all cases)
  • TLL no longer changes morality, except for angels tapping unholy ley lines (-5 MO)
  • TLL now deals demons 10 unsoakable damage when tapping holy ley lines

10/30/2015 - [Mini-Patch] - Wisp Form Patch


Revised Pet interactions so that they will act as if Defensive when interacting with Wisp Form Conduits, to better balance the skill and bring Conduits more in line with their intended role:

  • Pets that are retaliating to an attack will now attack the wisp formed Conduit instead of ignoring them
  • After retaliating to an attack from a wisp formed Conduit, the retaliating pets will consider them a valid target in subsequent regular pet ticks

10/20/2015 - [Mini-Patch] - Improved Player Messaging


Added button to go to forum profile of character's owner.


Aethersprites will no longer heal other characters that have been recently attacked by their master or master's pets (relevant for Holier Than Thou Lightspeakers)

10/17/2015 - Bug Fixing Spree

Many outstanding bugs have been fixed:


  • Aggressive vs Non-Allied now correctly excludes factions marked friendly by their masters faction when setting pet stances individually, rather than excluding factions that marked masters faction as friendly
  • Aggressive vs Non-Allied pets now correctly acquire targets moving onto their tile
  • Holier Than Thou Lightspeakers no longer lose MO on pet attacks versus good targets with morality less than theirs (except on killing blows, which incurs a -2 morality hit)
  • Holier Than Thou Lightspeakers now correctly lose 2 MO when their pets kill a good aligned character
  • Lightspeaker pets no longer acquire targets that they are unable to attack, causing them to spend a pet tick attempting to find a new target
  • Lightspeaker pets with Holier Than Thou will now correctly acquire targets with good morality, provided target morality is lower than that of their master
  • Favor of GNak tentacles now correctly take damage when their master drowns



  • Renamed non-offensive spells should now be castable
  • Renamed portable toolkits now work for item crafting and repairing
  • Flag capture message now correctly shows plane of capturer's stronghold
  • Flag capture message no longer refers to defunct faction bonuses
  • Day/Night cycle bugs resolved for Elysium and Stygia
  • Revenants no longer get sunburnt in Stygia
  • Spell renames restricted to 32 characters in length
  • Fixed learned spells that had truncated names
  • Exploit allowing grenades to be used to attack people 1v1
  • Players can no longer get trapped "outside" of the sewers
  • Players can now pick up items off the ground even if they don't have any AP
  • Items crafted without components no longer increment the items crafted stat
  • Fixed exploit involving abusing Wondercraft to gain arbitrary amounts of AP

10/07/2015 - Nexus Clash Hypermap for Breath 3.5


The Breath 3 Ultramap (and link) has been replaced by the Nexus Clash Hypermap of Breath 3.5 planes, which can be found at: http://nexusclash.com/hypermap/

08/26/2015 - [BALANCE PATCH] Stronghold Wards and Book Balancing


When level 20 or greater, reading books only grants 5 XP


Stronghold Stronghold Wards strength scales more slowly and is now capped at 500 until there's enough level 20+ members. The new stronghold ward calculation is as follows:

If the faction has at least one level 20+ character, then use the lowest value among the following formulas:

  • 1,000
  • Active members X 200
  • 500 + (Level 20+ characters X 100)

If the faction does not have any level 20+ characters, then use the lowest value among the following formulas:

  • 500
  • Level 10+ characters X 100

07/24/2015 - Launch of Breath 3.5


All New Game Maps:

  • The city-state of Laurentia, the mortal (Valhalla) plane as well as the home of the Transcended
  • The Underground beneath Laurentia
  • Stygia, home plane of the Demons
  • Elysium, home plane of the Angels


  • Double-Barreled Shotguns removed from the game
  • Search odds have been adjusted for many tiles
  • Some improvised weapons have been removed from Obsolete status
  • New improvised melee weapon, the Truncheon
  • A large number of new Clothing items have been added
  • Books now always grant 10 XP when read


  • New Newspaper articles featuring news from the final years of the city-state of Laurentia
  • Odds of finding paper scraps in mortal books has been tripled
  • New paper scraps featuring clues from the history of Laurentia
  • New book texts from the world of Laurentia
  • 40 new exploration badges scattered throughout the planes
  • Many, many grammar and typo fixes in lore content


New Pet stance: Aggressive to Non-Allied


  • Healing required for Healing badges reduced to 15,000 and 20,000
  • Lifetime CP granting badges no longer grant CP
  • Breath badges will grant more CP than they do currently (10 CP and 15 CP)
  • Once you are level 10 or higher, if your lifetime stat is high enough you will be granted the lesser breath badge and CP (regardless of if your breath stats are high enough)
  • Once you are level 20 or higher, if your lifetime stat is high enough you will be granted the greater breath badge and CP (regardless of if your breath stats are high enough)
  • Breath badges have all new names for the new Breath


  • New Mortal aspects
  • New Sorcerer and Myrmidon aspects
  • Mortal aspects are now available in the credit store
  • Many Premium aspects have been added to the credit store, representing figures from the history of Laurentia
  • Elementalist aspects have been added to the roster of premium aspects in the credit store


  • New snazzy raid ticker
  • Updated homepage text
  • Updated top menu


Starting skills have been reduced to a limited roster of core skills useful for leveling. Starting characters receive a 'starting kit' of helpful items related to their starting skill (in addition to the default starting kit). Starting skills (and corresponding bonus starting items) are

Starting Skill Bonus Starting Items
Engineering Portable Toolkit
Hand-to-Hand Combat Set of Brass Knuckles, Leather Jacket (pristine)
Melee Combat Sword (pristine), Pipewrench
Ranged Combat Pistol (pristine), Compound Bow (pristine), Pistol Clip x10, Quiver of Arrows x4, Throwing Knife x5
First Aid First Aid Kit x15
Repair Item Dagger (broken) x10
Search Book x10


Stronghold Wards now base their strength on the number of faction members.

  • 100 HP ward for one character factions
  • 300 HP ward for two character factions
  • 600 HP ward for three character factions
  • 1000 HP ward for four character factions and larger

Single-Breath Upgrades purchased in the last Breath have ended their duration and must be purchased anew:

  • Planar Screen
  • Planar Domain
  • Adamant Denial

The following Upgrades have been removed from the game:

  • Mana Mend
  • Mana Rupture
  • Adamant Proscription
  • Homefield Advantage
  • Favor of the Elders


  • All Angels now go from 50 MO down to -30 MO.
  • All Transcendent (Neutral) classes stay as-is (40 MO to -40 MO)
  • All Demons now go from 30 MO down to -50 MO.
  • Morality is now fractional
  • Attacking now (in addition to current effects) changes morality by a fraction of damage dealt (1/10th when attacking equal or higher tier, 1/20th for tier lower, 1/40th for T3 attacking T1)
  • Morality changes on attack/hit/kill rebalanced slightly to account for new damage related MO changes
  • Healing changes morality by 1/10th HP healed
  • When attacking, characters in unaligned factions gain and lose MO as if they are neutral



Infusions as we know them have been removed - Associated mechanics that depend on them have also been altered to no longer depend on them. Skills that used to refer to infusions have either been removed or now refer to Ley Lines instead.

  • There are magical power sources scattered throughout the map - "Ley Lines"
  • Tap Ley Line will enable users to tap into the powers on such tiles to gain MP
  • Ley Lines have a limited amount of power, which regenerates over time
  • Ley Lines have a morality associated with them, which has a small effect on what happens when they are tapped for power


Alchemy now grants XP when brewing potions


  • Enchanting items now grants XP
  • Clothing enchantments now correctly have a chance to decay on death.
  • Smashing enchantments have been removed with the removan of infusion.


The maximum Speech Point total has been raised to 200 (was 100).


Guilds have received new flavor text upon joining the Guild, indicating which Elder Power you have aligned yourself to, as well as some details about the goals and domain of that Power.

All class-based restrictions on Guild membership have been removed from the game.

Guild ranks are now determined thusly:

  • Factionless characters automatically receive Rank 1.
  • Factioned characters automatically recieive Rank 3.
  • Factioned characters gain one rank if their Class matches the alignment of their Guild's Elder Power
  • Factioned characters gain one rank if their Faction matches the alignment of their Guild's Elder Power

The Global Orthodoxy Standings checker has been removed from the game.

Order of Key-La

Planar guild removed from the game.

Fists of Sanguinity

Planar guild removed from the game.

Order of the Blue Rose

New planar guild, aligned with Baraas.

Ability: Members of this guild may grant 20 SP (speech points) to another character and spend less SP to speak and emote.

  • Rank 3: Ability costs 1AP and 5MP, player character only uses 8 SP per speech action
  • Rank 2: Ability costs 1AP and 4MP, player character only uses 7 SP per speech action
  • Rank 1: Ability costs 0AP and 3MP, player character only uses 6 SP per speech action

Obsidian Cartel

New planar guild, aligned with Tlacolotl.

Whenever a member of this guild kills another character, they gain MP.

  • Rank 3 members gain 2 MP for angel kills, 1 MP for other kills
  • Rank 2 members gain 3 MP for angel kills, 2 MP for other kills
  • Rank 1 members gain 4 MP for angel kills, 3 MP for other kills

Sect of Maeval

Bonuses from Breath 3 have been removed.

When members of this guild kill another character, a masterless zombie is summoned according to rank. Masterless zombies (all flavours) will all act defensive towards members of Sect of Maevel and will ignore level 1s, but will be aggressive towards all other characters.

  • Rank 3 summons a Rotting Zombie. Rotting Zombies are identical to Lich Pet Zombies, but don't spawn another zombie upon killing a player character.
  • Rank 2 summons a Shambling Zombie. Shambling Zombies no longer spawn zombies from corpses. 90% chance to summon Rotting Zombie on kill, 5% chance for Infectious Zombie, 5% chance for Shambling Zombie.
  • Rank 1 summons an Infectious Zombie. Infectious Zombies have the same stats as Shambling Zombies, except with 85% attack accuracy. Upon killing a character, 90% chance to summon Shambling Zombie, 10% chance for Infectious Zombie.



  • Skill removed: Psychometry
  • Planar Protection cost reduced to 10 CP, no longer a child skill
  • Swim no longer manadatory for moving through water, reduces water movement to 1 from 2 AP. Swim cost reduced to 5 CP.
  • Psychic Bloodhound is now a 10 CP child of Tap Ley Line and allows the user to see who cast glyphs as well as detecting ley line tapping actions
  • Tap Ley Line has been significantly revised (see above)
  • Stamina no longer has a synergy with Swim


  • Skill removed: Infuse


  • Prayer results have been rebalanced, including the total removal of Light Within
  • New Skill: Hand of Zealotry, 20 CP
  • New Skill: Holier Than Thou, 20 CP child of Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Infuse



  • Desecration results have been rebalanced. Explosive AoE result can now be triggered on kills.
  • Skill removed: Infuse
  • Skill removed: Salt the Earth
  • Skill added and changed: Life Vampire is now a 5 MP charge attack, grants 1 Blood Ice per 10 damage dealt, rounded down (20 CP)
  • Skill changed: Soul Vampire is now a 5 MP charge attack, grants 1 Soul Ice per 10 damage dealt, rounded down (20 CP)


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Martyr's Blood


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Holier than Thou


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Fanatical Soldiers
  • Pets owned by a Lightspeaker who purchased Hand of Zealotry can now target neutral characters
  • Pets owned by a Lightspeaker who purchased Holier than Thou can now target characters of lower morality than the Lightspeaker


Divine Herald

  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry

Holy Champion

  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry


  • Skill removed: Greater Infusion


  • Skill removed: Greater Infusion

Nexus Champion


  • Skill removed: Unholy Stain

Dark Oppressor

  • Skill changed: Unholy Stain
  • Lord Over Domain now grants full bonuses when in Stygia or on Unholy Ley Lines
  • Skill removed: Life Vampire (now a Defiler skill)


  • Skill added: Infernal Jets. The further a Fallen travels in a straight line, the less AP it costs to continue moving in that direction.
  • Skill removed: Salt the Earth

Void Walker