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Some abilities allow a character to effectively leave the tile they occupy, and end up in a non-adjacent tile. These abilities do not allow passage into Water or Void; however, they may allow jumping over narrow gaps. These abilities will ignore any effects on tiles between you and your destination.

Some skills that can grant a character forms of teleportation include:

Double Speed

Some abilities simply allow a character to move at half AP cost. While under an effect that grants double speed, all movement on the map is cut in half in the form of every other move being free. This functions identical to lesser flight with the exception of not allowing the character to pass tiles they normally can not exist on.

Some skills that can grant a character forms of double speed include:

Lesser Flight

Allows movement over hazardous grounds such as water, void, and lava without taking damage.

The character is considered to be hovering at ground level.

  • They may fight in close-combat range and be attacked by such.
  • They cannot target characters flying higher than they are (as usual) without ranged attacks. Feet of the Wind is an exception, removing all physical restraints.
  • This also means they may enter and exit buildings at will while still hovering. As some Lesser Flight methods afford defense, they can be useful during a stronghold raid.

Some skills that can grant a character forms of Lesser Flight include:


The most common method of flying. Rising into the air costs 1 AP, and landing costs 0 AP.

Characters so high are protected from close combat attacks from the ground. The same applies the other way around - you cannot 'dive' down just to attack. You must land first. If you idle in place too long, you will drop to the ground automatically.

Methods of normal fight include:

Water Travel

Characters with Swim are permitted to enter water tiles from on foot.

If dunked into water, they will not immediately drown upon landing. The nature of landing in the Nexus means one must hit a solid enough surface before pushing up to fly again. Those who cannot swim or breathe water will keep sinking and be unable to resurface.

Alternate forms of water travel include: