Candle of the Soul

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Candle of the Soul
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 30 None
Candle of the Soul
AP MP HP Other
1 - 3 -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Martial 10%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Fire 7 -
  • Inflicts Target with Illuminated for 5 Status Ticks.
  • Illuminated only affects Characters of Morality equal to or less than -20.
  • Characters afflicted by Illuminated suffer a -10% penalty to their defense value.
  • Attempts to Hide or turn Invisible made by Characters afflicted by Illuminated automatically fail.

The Redeemed gains a new innate Hand-to-Hand attack, Candle of the Soul, which deals 7 points of Fire damage. Each use of this attack deals 3 points of Unsoakable damage to the Redeemed. A successful attack will inflict the Illuminated Status Effect for 5 Status Ticks on its target if the target is of Evil alignment. Characters with the Illuminated status effect suffer a Defense penalty of -10% and all attempts at hiding or becoming invisible automatically fail.

Redeemed Skills

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