Brothers Bond

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Brothers Bond
Class CP Requires
Lightspeaker 60 Summon Aethersprite
  • The Lightspeaker may summon 2-4 Aethersprites with a single Summon action.

Each time the Lightspeaker summons an Aethersprite, an additional 1-3 Aethersprites will appear under his control. Therefore in total, 2-4 (average of 2.5 as the odds aren't symmetrical) Aethersprites will be summoned with each summon action.

Lightspeaker Skills

Keepers Crook || Summon AetherspriteBrothers Bond |→ Heart Light || Summon JudgemasterSoldiers of Endurance |→ Soldiers of Might || Vitality of Justice (free skill) → Summon Wheel of Righteousness || Caretakers BlessingCaretakers Gift || Verdant Sling || Glyph Mastery || Wings