Bond of the Mechanical

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Bond of the Mechanical
Class CP Requires
Fallen 60 Oath of Steel
  • The Fallen can reload bullhorns for 1 AP and 10 HP
  • +2 damage and +10% to-hit when using firearms and melee attacks.
  • The Fallen can reload weapons for 1AP and (number of shots)HP

This skill grants the character a +2 damage bonus and a +10% to hit bonus when using firearm and melee attacks. These bonuses will be reflected in the combat dropdown menus.

The character also gains the ability to fully reload any firearm or melee weapon (for example, chainsaws and torches) when there is no ammunition for the weapon in the character's inventory, at a cost of 1 Action Point, plus a number of Hit Points equal to the number of shots being loaded. For example, reloading an empty pump-action shotgun (which has a twelve shot capacity) will cost 1 Action Point and 12 Hit Points. Fully reloading a chainsaw will cost 1 Action Point and 20 Hit Points.

The Fallen can also use this to reload bullhorns in the same way.

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