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Class CP Requires
Infernal Behemoth 30 None
AP MP HP Duration
- - - 30 ticks
  • Activates after landing a killing blow
  • Can be activated with Blood Ice
  • +1 to damage.
  • +1 to soak.

When a character with this skill kills another character in single combat (that is, using a non- Area of Effect attack), or uses a Blood Ice from inventory, they gain the Bloodlust Status Effect. While under the effects of Bloodlust, the character gains +1 to the damage they inflict with Hand-to-Hand and Melee Weapons (including swords) and a +1 Soak bonus.

Bloodlust lasts for 30 Status Ticks. If a character makes a kill while under the effects of Bloodlust, the Status Tick counter will be reset back to 30.
For example: a character with this skill makes a kill, entering Bloodlust with 30 Status Ticks on the counter. After 14 Status Ticks have passed (leaving the character with 16 more) the character makes another kill. The Status Tick counter is now reset to 30.

The character may voluntarily leave their Bloodlusted state at any time.

Infernal Behemoth Skills

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