Blood Frenzy

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Blood Frenzy
Class CP Requires
Revenant 60 Strength of Darkness
Blood Frenzy
AP MP HP Duration
1 5 - 30 Ticks
  • +2 dmg
  • +5% to-hit
  • -2 to all soak values
  • -5% dodge penalty
  • Every action costs 1 MP and all frenzies end if the Revenant does not have enough MP to pay
  • If a Kill is made, character gains another instance of Blood Frenzy
  • Instances of Blood Frenzy do not stack, they multiply (up to a maximum of 4 simultaneous instances)
    • After the fourth instance of Blood Frenzy, each kill resets one of the frenzy statuses to 30 ticks

This skill costs 1 Action Point and 5 Magic Points to activate. When activated, the character gains the Blood Frenzy Status Effect for 30 Status Ticks. It cannot be activated again until the duration of the effect has run its course, though the duration can be extended as explained below.

While Blood Frenzy is in effect the character gains a +2 damage bonus and a +5% bonus to hit. However, the Revenant's fervor for bloodshed leaves them symmetrically open to attack, as they suffer a -5% defense penalty and -2 to all their soak values. In addition, the character spends 1 Magic Point per action regardless of the amount of Blood Frenzy status effects. A character who cannot pay this MP cost will lose all their Blood Frenzy status effects.

If a character makes a non-AoE kill while under the effects of Blood Frenzy, they will gain another instance of the Blood Frenzy Status Effect (adding another 30 Status Ticks on to the duration). This includes killing pets. The second instance of Blood Frenzy gives the character another +2 damage bonus, +5% to hit bonus, -5% defense penalty and -2 soak penalty. The Magic Point cost per action does not increase.

A character may not be under the influence of more than four Blood Frenzy status effects at any given time, giving a maximum of +8 damage and +20% accuracy, along with -8 soak and -20% defence. A kill while four Blood Frenzy status effects are operating on the character will randomly reset the duration of one of the effects to 30.

The character may voluntarily end their Blood Frenzy at will, however choosing to do so will negate all instances of Blood Frenzy. In other words, a character with 4 instances of Blood Frenzy active cannot choose to stop 2 instances and keep 2 instances active -- it is all or nothing. Similarly, a character who does not have enough MP to maintain Blood Frenzy will lose all instances of Blood Frenzy.

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