Blessing of Inspiration

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Blessing of Inspiration
Class CP Requires
Advocate 0 None
Blessing of Inspiration
AP MP HP Duration
5 10 - 15 Status Ticks
  • All good characters in the tile gain the "Blessed" status. Caster does not.
  • Blessed status grants +5% to-hit.
Armor Effect
Slashing - Piercing - Impact -
Fire - Cold - Electric -
Acid - Death -
Holy - Unholy Arcane -

This skill grants the Advocate a passive Immunity to Unholy damage.

In addition, this skill allows the Advocate to grant the Blessed Status Effect to all good-aligned characters - other than the caster - in the area for 15 status ticks. Characters under the effects of the Advocate's blessing receive a +5% to-hit bonus. Later skills improve this status effect.

Each use of the ability costs the Advocate 5 AP and 10 MP. Advocates gain this skill for free upon selecting the class. The effects of the Blessing do not stack; rather, new instances of the Blessed status effect will overwrite previous instances (even if the previous instances would have lasted longer or granted superior bonuses).

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