Blessing of Inspiration

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Blessing of Inspiration
Class CP Requires
Advocate 0 None
Blessing of Inspiration
AP MP HP Duration
5 10 - 15 Status Ticks
  • All good characters in the tile gain the "Blessed" status. Caster does not.
  • Blessed status grants +5% to-hit.
Armor Effect
Slashing - Piercing - Impact -
Fire - Cold - Electric -
Acid - Death -
Holy - Unholy Arcane -

This skill grants the Advocate a passive Immunity to Unholy damage.

In addition, this skill allows the Advocate to grant the Blessed Status Effect to all good-aligned characters - other than the caster - in the area for 15 status ticks. Characters under the effects of the Advocate's blessing receive a +5% to-hit bonus. Later skills improve this status effect.

Each use of the ability costs the Advocate 5 AP and 10 MP. Advocates gain this skill for free upon selecting the class. Multiple blessings from multiple Advocates may be on one character, but multiple copies of the same bonus (e.g. soak) will not stack.

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