Berzerk Frenzy

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Berzerk Frenzy
Class CP Requires
Infernal Behemoth 60 Bloodlust
AP MP HP Duration
- - - 30 ticks
  • Activates after landing a killing blow
  • +5 to Damage and +10% to attack.
  • +1 to Soak.
  • Non-Attack actions made cost 1 MP.

While a character with this skill is under the effect of Bloodlust, their Hand-to-Hand Weapons and Melee Weapon (including swords) attacks now deal an additional +4 points of damage (+5 damage and +10% accuracy total).

However, the character now spends 1 Magic Points per non-attack action taken - including voluntarily ending Bloodlust early. Going to 0 MP will cause Bloodlust to fade.

Infernal Behemoth Skills

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