Beads of the Rapture

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Beads of the Rapture
Class CP Requires
Archon 30 None
  • Gain Prayer Beads in inventory
  • Can charge item (10 charges) for 1 AP and 12 MP
  • Can use a number of charges to gain +5MP and +1Min Rapturous Chant per charge

The Archon gains an item in inventory, Prayer Beads. This item cannot be dropped, given, etc. It comes into being with up to 10 charges.

Prayer Beads can be recharged at a cost of 1 AP and 12 MP (done in the inventory tab) to a maximum of 10 charges.

Prayer Beads may be used (in the skills pane) at a cost of 1 AP to use any number of charges (up to 10). When used, the Archon gains 5 times the number of charges used in MP (cannot go over max) and gains the Rapturous Chant Status Effect for a number of minutes equal to the number of charges used. While under the effects of Rapturous Chant the Archon may not use Song of the Word.

Archon Skills

Beads of the Rapture || Blade of LightBlade of Ages |→ Dispelling Blade || Glyph Mastery || Cosmic AffinityCosmic Mastery || Divine Vengeance (free skill) → Enhanced Senses || Eye of JudgmentDread GazeForceful Punishment || Wings || Word of RecallSong of the Word