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Laurentia's three Bakeries owe their origins to two pioneer sisters, Juliette (Lambert) Moreau and Charlotte (Graham) Moreau. The former, the second daughter of famed Laurentian founding figure, married a baker's apprentice named Stephen Lambert in 1840, separating herself from her father's storied fortunes to build what became a thriving bakery business in the south side of the booming town of Silver City.

While the unification of Laurentia in 1860 had little effect on Juliette (save that the district boundaries agreed upon put Juliette's Bakery in Wolverton) the political events leading up to unification had uprooted her elder sister Charlotte from her home in Cimmeria. Seeking to build a new life alongside her husband, bookseller and author Peter Graham, she went into business with her sister and took over management of a fledgling second branch of Juliette's near to Graham's home in Sunset, which thrived to such an extent that even before her death in 1890 it was known to most as Charlotte's.

In 1976, Charlotte's returned to the home of its namesake, opening Charlotte's University in Cimmeria, across the street from the University Medical Clinic. The reputation of the chain remained undiminished in the 21st century, and all three locations were a popular destination for writers, musicians, poets and those who simply loved delicious baked goods.

Bakery.gif You are standing outside of Bakery. This is a small, simple building which once sold baked goods. A plaque on the outside reveals this bakery is named for one of the daughters of a famous early settler of this land.
You are standing inside of Bakery. There is a hand-painted menu and a glass display of various baked goods for sale. The furnishings are eclectic, and the walls are lined with the work of local artists and signed photographs of visiting celebrities.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Strongholds