Bait Shop

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For practically as long as any Laurentian could remember, the Inner Harbor Fishing Shop (and its friendly but eccentric proprietor Jim Whittaker) provided tackle, bait and - for those in the know - tips on the best streams and lakes in Windfall Ridge at any time of year.

BaitShop.gif You are standing outside of Bait Shop. This is a clean, well-built fishing shop clearly meant to appeal to tourists, with intricately designed signage atop the front entrance and advertisements for all kinds of equipment rentals. Large, boarded-up windows dominate the walls of the building.
You are standing inside of Bait Shop. This is clearly a bait shop of some kind, with the walls lined with all sorts of fishing rods, baits and lures. Some of the shelves seemed to contain clothing and other outdoor equipment before this building was looted.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 10 15
Allows: Strongholds