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Badges are given for performing certain actions within the game.
Exploration Badges reward characters for exploring the Nexus, resulting in 1 CP for each badge and small pieces of history.
Achievement Badges are awarded to characters who reach a landmark of 500 or 1000 (50,000 or 100,000 for damage dealt or damage taken, and 15,000 or 20,000 for HP healed) in any tracked statistic. For the first landmark (500 or 50,000) the character is granted 10 CP. The second landmark (1000 or 100.000) grants 15 CP, for a total of 25 CP.
CP is rewarded for reaching landmark statistics as either a Breath or Career achievement. Activities in one Breath continue to be counted in later Breaths. If a character has already earned a CP-granting Career Achievement Badge in a prior breath, they will automatically be awarded the Breath Badge upon reaching Level 10 and level 20 for the first and second landmark, respectively, granting them the CP for the Breath Badges. Career Badges themselves do not grant CP.

Exploration Badges

Exploration Badges grant 1CP each and are available in each Breath by searching in the correct location.

Current Breath Exploration Badges

The current Breath (Breath 4) has many exploration badges to discover. Explorers, please add their names and descriptions to the wiki as they are found - but don't spoil their locations here!

  • A New Chapter - In this bakery, the oldest daughter of Lucien Moreau started a new life and found lasting happiness.
  • Academic Probation - You have seen the aftermath of the last of a very long line of betrayals.
  • All In The Family - You have viewed the family portrait of Lucien Moreau, adventurer, pioneer, and legendary founder of Laurentia.
  • And I Must Scream - You have discovered a shattered phylactery of the uberlich Haldos, whose trapped essence lured other remaining fragments of his being to this desolate place.
  • At All Costs - You have stood in the place where the first crusade against evil began.
  • Baraas Ascends - You have found one of the eternal runestones upon which is inscribed the agreement that unites the Word.
  • Birthing Pool - You have discovered the mutagenic sludge from which Wyrm Master aspects are hatched.
  • Broken Alliance - You have seen the fruits of Tlacolotl's labor.
  • Broken Promises - You have seen the last homes built as part of the ill-fated Sunrise Revitalization Project.
  • Circumnavigation - You have seen where famed daredevil, explorer and vigilante Samantha Tatham began and completed the first solo flight around the world.
  • Citadel - You have stood beneath the shining giant of Laurentia, the Olympic Tower.
  • Clinging to Life - From this beach, people from all walks of life worked together to rescue survivors of the doomed Air Laurentius Flight 47.
  • Cloudwatching - You have stood atop the towering summit and seen the great metropolis below you.
  • Cops and Robbers - You have visited the site of the most audacious and disastrous bank heist in the history of Laurentia.
  • Dedicated Few - On the last night, though the whole world seemed to burn around them, a dedicated few arrived here to fulfill their duties.
  • Enthroned - You have seen how one of the founding figures of Laurentia wished to be remembered.
  • Explosive Yield - You have stood in the place where a bomb was twice used to create a diversion from a great crime.
  • Fall of the Watcher - You have discovered the imperfect seals that protect this sacred place from the intrusion of the Pit of Azazel.
  • Four Corners - You have witnessed where four districts meet, and where people from all corners of the city worked together in harmony.
  • Fragmented Return - You have stood where Talbot the Destroyer first set foot within the Nexus.
  • Halls of the Scholar - You have stood in the halls where Azazel the Wise dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge and truth.
  • Halls of Wrath - You have found where a great demonic invasion was halted, at the cost of many lives and a single stolen scroll.
  • Idle Hands - You have found the roots from which this forest was grown as a living haven from a world at war.
  • In The Name Of Science - You have found the laboratory where the secret of creating Soul Ice was discovered, at a cost that only began with thousands of innocent lives.
  • Institute of Arts - You have explored the one place in Laurentia that was not easily whitewashed.
  • Into the Dark - You have witnessed the devilish machinery that twists the sacred clockwork of Elysium into the unholy weapons of the Fallen
  • Last Confession - In this place, the family feud between two families was finally laid to rest after a century and a half.
  • Reasons to Live - On this spot, the Blue Rose Bandits talked a grief-stricken young man off a building ledge and convinced him to live life to the fullest.
  • Remorse - You have visited the monastery in which the first masks were forged to cover the scars and sins of the Redeemed.
  • Stolen Victory - You have beheld the foundation upon which the city of Pandaemonium was built in a single hour from the stolen life force of a dying world.
  • Tapestry of Time - You have gazed upon the great rotunda that documents the history of this land.
  • The Earth Shudders - You have viewed the devastation wrought by the terrible battle which first tore this plane asunder.
  • The Legend - You have gazed upon the statue of Erica Tatham, the legendary history professor who spent a lifetime devoted to Cimmerian University.
  • The Little King - You have seen the home to which the political prodigy known to many as the King of Laurentia retired in anonymity.
  • The Rise of Kafa-El - You have walked in the halls where the Seraph Kafa-El was commanded by Namm to enforce his law.
  • The Voice - You have found the place where the madness of Ahg-za-haru and the mutant gifts of Tholaghru combined to transform an unsuspecting soul into the first Wrackwyrm.
  • Under The Boot - In this apartment complex, the last trace of dissent was permanently stamped out.
  • Untouched Wilderness - You have seen the last remnants of a land once unspoiled.
  • Well of Truth - You have found the remains of the artifact Azazel created before the fall, rumored to destroy lies and piece falsehoods.
  • What Once Was Lost - You have visited the place where a young soul, unable to find her place in Laurentia, drowned herself to escape it all.

Breath III Exploration Badges

Breath 3 had 25 exploration badges.
A list of the locations where they could be found is here.

  • Bloodlines - You have beheld the place where humanity was first endowed with flesh and blood.
  • Common Touch - It is here that the great philanthropist Smith Robertson made his home.
  • Cromahl-Hult - You have stood inside the great citadel of Cromahl-Hult.
  • Deluge - You have stood at the lofty point from whence the angelic hosts unleashed a great deluge of water to cleanse the land from evil.
  • Effervescence - Your eyes have gazed upon the roiling boil.
  • Eresius Rest - It was here that the fisherman Eresius was sleeping when he was given the Prophecy of Ordai.
  • Fatigued - You have walked the halls of research that led to the Killing Mist's descent upon Petra.
  • Favored of Baraas - In Memory of Jerry Lototoa Wilson, 1966-2011, a man whose greatness is measured in the number of lives he touched.
  • Fire and Ice - You have seen the point where Fire and Ice co-exist without diminishing each other.
  • Flakes of Delight - You have sampled the Archipelago's most famous exports.
  • Fought the Law - You have walked where the last resistance to Martial Law was abolished.
  • Four Winds - Your eyes have gazed upon the unholy source of the winds of Gehenna.
  • Harmonious Joining - You have seen where the First Great Council took place, where all elements converge.
  • Hole in None - You have beheld the sand trap for which there is no mulligan.
  • Immutable Law - In this spot, you are taught that everything goes wrong.
  • Landfall - You have witnessed where the Killing Mist first made landfall.
  • Netherland - You have stood at the genesis of the first Nether Hound, born under the claws of GNak.
  • Paradise Lost - You have seen where the corruption of Paradise began.
  • Riptide - You have seen where Alexis Luna, the 'bewitched bride', cast herself into the sea after news of her groom's murder reached her at the altar.
  • Shades of Black - You have walked the halls where the Infernal Horde celebrated its first great victory.
  • Shades of Grey - On this island, the great Nexal army of Cromahl-Hult met its defeat when their leader, Augarnian, lost the Balance.
  • Sincerest Flattery - You have stalked the halls that the Northcamp Copycat stalked.
  • Tainted Fruit - You have seen the foundation of the Great Blight of Petra.
  • The Crypt of Maeval - You have explored where the Maeval, the first recorded Revenant, once made his lair.
  • View from the Top - You have seen the whole of the archipelago laid out before you.

Breath II Exploration Badges

  • A Whole New World - You have looked upon the first successful device created to allow travel between worlds.
  • All Ye All Ye Outs In Free - You have found the favorite hiding place of Princess Key-Lah.
  • Beginning of the End - You have stood over the unmarked grave of Norgate the Elder, the first Noble Mage to be executed by The Bronze Flame revolution.
  • Blinded by Lust - You have stood where a man realized he had unwittingly betrayed his race for what he thought was a woman.
  • Bloodlust - You have walked the same halls as the demonic horde which toppled the impenetrable fortress.
  • Bridge Magic Built - You have walked the bridge built by the mages of Silverlight.
  • Captain Bloodbeards Folly - You have beheld the remains of the once-dreaded Captain Bloodbeard. Some say his ghost still haunts the grotto.
  • Crystal Farm - You have seen the work of the patient sea-dwellers, and gazed upon the crystals they grow into buildings.
  • Deck of Cards - You have found where the card soldiers go to rest.
  • Goldlust - You have stood in the former headquarters of the mercenaries who controlled the fortress.
  • Ground Zero - You have witnessed where humanity ended.
  • Impassable Dream - You stood along the shores where the first intrepid scouting party dreamed of a way to cross the parched wastes.
  • Last Ship Leaving - You have walked where the last of the survivors were evacuated.
  • Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin - You have walked the halls where the scales of balance weighed in judgement against the kingdom, heralding doom to the unworthy.
  • Smiles All Around - You have found where the Cheshire Cat grinned its widest.
  • Snicker-Snack - You have found where the Jabberwock met its fateful end at the end of the Vorpal Sword.
  • Time Sink - You have found the place where many a mortal wasted away, sifting endlessly through debris in hopes of earning the favor of their most fickle gods.
  • Tree Hugger - You have seen where the trees are worshipped as gods.
  • Viva La Revolucion - You stood in the room where The Bronze Flame plotted their revolution against the ruling mages.
  • Walking Home - You have seen the place where the first walking hut took its first shaky steps on wooden legs.
  • Watery Grave - You have swam the section of river where the first shaman of Birchdale drowned.
  • When The Walls Came Tumbling Down - You have seen the last remaining section of the great maze.

Breath I Exploration Badges

In the first Breath, there were 10 Exploration Badges found by searching certain locations. Each one found granted 1CP.

  • Altar of the Ancients - You have stood among the stone remnants of the first altar built by the Ancient of Days.
  • Big Bang - You have seen the area where the first blood flowed into the ground (and where this breath began).
  • Confluence - You have watched the meeting of the elements as it occurs in Gehenna, where ice becomes fire and fire becomes ice.
  • Founding Father - You have paid homage to the one whose vision inspired it all.
  • Great Bowl - You have stood in the great bowl of Elysium and heard the echoes from the hills sing in harmony, echoing the choruses raised by the angelic host as it was exhorted to war.
  • Hermits Repose - You have walked along the riverbed where the last of the Karvasian clan passed his final days, cursing from afar the industrialization of the great island.
  • Iron Barracks - You have sat among the Barracks from which the legions of hell first made war from their Iron City.
  • Lord Mayor - You have visited the home of the first Lord Mayor of Torzace, and seen the Karvasian family ancestral home.
  • Shrine of the Wound - You have gazed upon the first building erected in Gehenna, constructed to the memory of the Great Overthrowing as the demonic hordes took Gehenna as their home.
  • Slowpoke - You have beheld the remnants of the first great spacetime anomaly of the world, where all seemed to become frozen in time.

Breath Achievement Badges

Breath Achievement Badges are awarded to characters based on their statistics for the current breath. Breath Achievement Badges grant 10CP at the 500 mark (50,000 for damage dealt or damage taken, and 15,000 for hit points healed), and 15CP at the 1000 mark (100,000 for damage dealt or damage taken, and 20,000 for hit points healed). They can be achieved multiple times per character and are gained in addition to Career Achievement Badges. Possessing a Career Achievement Badge in a statistic guarantees the corresponding Breath Achievement Badge (and its CP) in future Breaths. The badge names will be different every breath.

Each time a character receives an Achievement badge that results in CP gain, a global announcement is made informing all players in the game of their achievement.

The list of badges for the current Breath can be found here.

Career Achievement Badges

Career Achievement Badges are awarded to characters based on their cumulative statistics across multiple breaths. They can only be achieved once per character, and are calculated from the character's "Total" sum, not their "Breath" sum.

Career Achievement Badges also cause the Factions of characters who earn them to gain a one-time bonus of Renown. The first, second and third badges are worth 1, 2 and 3 Renown respectively, while the final two badges are worth 8 and 10 Renown.

Each time a character receives an Achievement badge that results in CP gain, a global announcement is made informing all players in the game of their achievement.

Career Badges
Stat 10 50 100 500 1000
Alcohol Drunk Low Tolerance Frat Boy Alcoholic Sinatra Friend of Bill
Angels Killed Perverter Ruiner Nightmare Whisperer Voice of Armageddon The End of Hope
Books Read Reader Bookworm Librarian Bibliophile Teacher's Pet
Deaths Buried Wormfood Aspect Hunter Lich Pet Coffinmaker's Friend
Demons Killed Cleanser Demonslayer Hammer of Light Justicebringer Blade of the Word
Doors Destroyed Opportunity Knocks Big Bad Wolf Here's Johnny Landshark Homewrecker
Doors Repaired Apprentice Carpenter Woodworker Journeyman Carpenter Architect Master Carpenter
Food Eaten Taste Tester Gourmand Glutton Masticator Food Critic
Items Crafted Sweat Shop Worker Journeyman Blacksmith Factory Foreman Artisan Artifex
Items Repaired Tinker Mender Fixer Handyman 80s Action Hero
Kills Killer Warrior Disciple of Death Master of Death Gravemaker
Locks Picked Thief Burglar Second-Story Man Locksmith Master of Tumblers
Pets Killed Dogkiller Exterminator Pest Control Trophy Hunter Director of Animal Testing
Pills Taken I Have a Headache Pill-popper Living the High Life Monster Addict Slave to the Habit
Power Removed Wiresnipper Fusebreaker Circuitbreaker Blackout Degenerate
Power Restored Apprentice Electrician Fusemaker Journeyman Electrician Circuitmaker Master Electrician
Targets Shot Barn Assassin Sharpshooter Deadeye Gunslinger Hickok
Career Badges, 2
Stat 500 1000 5000 10000 50000 100000
Damage Dealt Crusher Smasher Bloodletter Assassin Surgeon's Lament Widowmaker
Damage Taken Punching Bag Bruised Crushed All Stitched Up Keeping Healers in Business Constantly in Traction
Career Badges, 3
Stat 500 1000 5000 10000 15000 20000
HP Healed Medic Doctor Surgeon Healer Bodyweaver Lifesaver

Monster-Hunting Badges

Characters can receive badges for defeating powerful boss monsters that can be found in the Nexus. Each badge can only be earned once per character.

Badges for killing the Crystal Guardian that protects Amaravati:

  • Shardbreaker - dealing damage to the Crystal Guardian during the battle. Gives 5 CP. Attacking a Crystal Constructor or commanding Pets to do so will count as participation.
  • Crystal Smasher - dealing the killing blow. Gives 10 CP.
  • Entropy Incarnate - dealing the most damage to the Crystal Guardian during the battle. Gives 15 CP. Damage dealt to Crystal Constructors will count toward this total.

Damage dealt to the Crystal Guardian more than 24 hours before it is slain will not count toward the total damage dealt. If a player damages the Guardian (or a Constructor) any combat actions against either by any of their other characters will not count toward participation in the hunt.

Badges for hunting the Great Wyrm, a beast of Tholaghru that lurks beneath Stygia:

  • Wyrm Hunter - dealing damage to the Great Wyrm during the battle. Gives 5 CP.
  • Wyrm Slayer - dealing the killing blow. Gives 10 CP.
  • Wyrmsbane - dealing the most damage to the Great Wyrm during the battle. Gives 15 CP.

The Great Wyrm regenerates rapidly, and if it ever reaches its full health during the battle, the amount of damage done against it will be "reset" to 0. This means that if the Great Wyrm suffers 200 points of damage at the hands of Character A, then regenerates to full health, Character A will not be credited with dealing any damage to the Wyrm and so will not be able to get the "Wyrm Hunter" badge.

In Breath 3, characters could earn similar badges for defeating Maeval, the first recorded Revenant. Since Maeval can no longer be found and fought, it is no longer possible to earn these badges. However, many characters participated in successful Maeval hunts and still have these Badges (but not their CP). These badges are:

  • Stalker of Death - dealt damage to Maeval during the battle. Gave 5 CP.
  • Hunter of Death - dealt the killing blow. Gave 10 CP.
  • Foe of Death - dealt the most damage to Maeval during the battle. Gave 15 CP.