Avengers of Harmony Falls

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Avengers of Harmony Falls


Link: Avengers of Harmony Falls
Leaders: Annie Baker
Thulsa Doom
Alignment: Evil
Policy: Open
Level: 5
Membership: 9
Focus: Alcoholism
Magical Shenanigans

With smoke rising over the ruined skyline of Harmony Falls, a troupe of exiles found themselves individually drawn through the eldritch forested countryside to a source of hidden, ancient power. One by one, they stumbled into a glade choked with thorn and bramble, their attention wholly consumed by an unassuming stone altar that hummed with energy. Upon placing their hands on the darkstained surface, they were torn through the planes and found themselves in the realm of Valhalla. Now, they seek to assert themselves in the midst of a cosmic struggle, banding together for survival in the hopes that they may one day return from exile to the town of Harmony Falls...to renew their own battles in earnest.