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Laurentia was a global leader in bionic augmentation technology, and the city-state was home to two rival biomedical titans - Vestal Industries and Paragon - who dominated the bionics market throughout Meropis.

The belief that basic access to augmentations is an essential human right was cherished by most Laurentians and enshrined in the Laurentian constitution. The degree of improvements in human physical and mental functioning made possible by the cutting edge of augmentation technology went far beyond "basic access", and Laurentian augmentation clinics drew wealthy clients from Laurentia and all over Meropis willing to buy the latest in personal improvements at fantastic prices. Laurentia lost the specialized knowledge base to use the Augmentation technology with its absorption into the Nexus, but this has been recently recovered. Augmentation Clinics once again allow characters with Surgery to perform Augmentation.

Augmentation2.gif You are standing outside of Augmentation Clinic. This is a three-story building with a curved glass facade. It is covered with stylized print murals of attractive men and women performing various intellectual and athletic feats.
You are standing inside of Augmentation Clinic. Several small, private waiting rooms are connected to a series of sterilized surgical suites equipped to install and maintain bionic augmentations. One wing of the building contains a number of comfortable recovery rooms.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 25
Hide % 10 30
Allows: Alchemy Strongholds Augmentation