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Arcadia is a demiplane in the far southeast of the angelic plane of Elysium. The blessed garden of Alonai, personification of Love, Beauty and Innocence, Arcadia is a land of stunning natural beauty and pure, idyllic landscapes. Alonai has taken advantage of the shattering of Elysium into different planes to infuse Arcadia with an exceptional measure of her ideals, and so it contains great biological diversity and ecological harmony. Despite its small size, Alonai has taken steps to include as broad a range of biomes into its land as possible. Arcadia is watered by the Fountain of Youth and its waters are cleaner and purer than should be physically possible.

Arcadia is the primary birthplace of Aethersprites (though other hatcheries exist elsewhere) and they can be found wandering throughout the land in abundance, even if no other Soul Creches have been built elsewhere in the planes.

Features in Arcadia

The Great Elder Birch
The heart of Arcadia's Birch Forests, the Great Elder Birch is the greatest tree in all the planes and shelters many cycles of forest life within its enormous trunk. At its roots flows the Fountain of Youth that winds through Arcadia's lowlands.

The Lambent Conservatory
A small piece of Alonai's Laivan Sanctuary brought into the planes of the Nexus, the Lambent Conservatory is Alonai's shrine and the nursery of all that grows in Arcadia. No two plants within it are alike.

Mount Hermon
Mountain of dazzling white snows, the slopes of Mount Hermon stand as a sentinel above Arcadia's forests. The mountain halls of the Euphoria Asylum have been carved into a spur of its slopes.

The Peaceful Sea
In the far south and west of Arcadia can be found the crystal waters of the Peaceful Sea. Its beaches are the finest sands in the Planes and are always a perfect blend of warm and cool. Resting at anchor in its expanse is the Discovery, a ship which once accompanied the ill-fated Orpheon in the first expedition to discover the lands that became Laurentia. How it came to reside in Elysium is a mystery. Due to the blessing of Alonai, it is impossible to drown in the Peaceful Sea.

Traveling to Arcadia

Arcadia can be reached through a gate in the blueberry fields of Cimmeria in Laurentia. On the fringes of Arcadia can be found portals to the other Elysian lands of Xanadu, Zion, Shehaqim and Absolution.