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As property values in 21st-century Laurentia soared, the city built upwards and apartment or condominium living became the standard for most middle-class citizens of Laurentia, particularly in Wolverton and Silver City. While old-money Laurentians such as the inhabitants of Sunset favored single-family homes, many apartment complexes were built to cater to the tastes of younger money by offering unique luxury brands such as The Vue and Arcadia Flats. On the opposite end of the wealth spectrum, the impoverished district of Sunrise was mostly built up with aging apartment buildings built between the 1950s and the 1970s and poorly maintained ever since.

Apartment Building.gif You are standing outside of Apartment Building. This building is about a dozen stories tall and made of glass and steel. All of its windows glisten and shimmer in the light, and many of the apartments have balconies with sun shades.
You are standing inside of Apartment Building. A lobby area here leads to elevators and a stairwell, which is relatively clean. The apartments are a bit on the small side but comfortable, and seem to have various sorts of electronic security systems built into the doors.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 40
Hide % 10 35
Allows: Strongholds