Animus of the Wolf

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Animus of the Wolf
Class CP Requires
Revenant 60 Shadow of the Wolf
  • +5% to hit with Heavy Weapons
Animus of the Wolf
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 15 Minutes
  • +10% defense bonus
  • +2 dmg to hand-to-hand attacks
  • +1 to Melee attacks and another +1 to Heavy Weapons attacks
  • Character has equivalent to Enhanced Senses
  • Only unable to make ranged attacks

A Character with this skill gains a permanent +5% to hit with Heavy Weapons, regardless of current form.

In addition, improves the bonuses granted by Shadow of the Wolf, as follows:

  • +2 damage bonus to Hand-to-Hand attacks
  • +1 damage bonus to Melee Combat attacks. Gain a further +1 damage bonus to Heavy Weapons attacks
  • +10% defense bonus
  • Character has the equivalent of Enhanced Senses, if skill was not purchased as a Myrmidon, that is only active whilst under the Animus
  • Restrictions on attack, doors, and inventory removed. The character can still not make Ranged attacks.

The Revenant can voluntarily shed this form at any time. The Revenant may only have one type of transformation (Bat, Wolf, or Dust) active at one time, and must turn off one form before taking a different form.

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