Animus of the Dust

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Animus of the Dust
Class CP Requires
Revenant 60 Shadow of the Dust
Animus of the Dust
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 15 minutes
  • +2 damage and +10% to hit with Melee attacks
  • Can track targets for 12 hours
  • Heals HP for full MP value drained by Umbral Sword

At a cost of 1 AP and 10 MP, the Revenant can call upon the essence of the hunter imbued in the dust around him. Activating this skill gives 15 minutes of the Animus of the Dust Status Effect and costs an additional 3 MP to maintain for every 15 minutes beyond the first. Animus cannot be stacked with the Wolf or Bat forms.

While under its effects, the Revenant:

  • Deals an additional +2 damage and gain +10% to hit with Melee attacks
  • Heals by the full amount of MP that the Revenant gains (not the larger amount of MP the target loses) via the Umbral Sword from a target
  • May track a character that they have struck in single combat, regardless of plane (as per Shadow of the Dust) for 12 hours or until the Revenant kills their target (whichever comes first).

The Revenant can voluntarily shed this form at any time. The Revenant may only have one type of transformation (Bat, Wolf, or Dust) active at one time, and must turn off one form before taking a different form.

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