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Amaravati, or the Crystal City, is a demiplane to the far northeast of the Angelic plane of Elysium. A place of precise order, it has been built - or perhaps grown - out of living works of crystal. Due to its proximity to Zion, it is likely that Namm had a significant role in the making of the Crystal City.

Amaravati is defended by a powerful Crystal Guardian, supported by a squadron of Crystal Constructors. They are a formidable foe for all but the largest and best organized of Factions, but will not harm fully Good beings.

Features in Amaravati

The Empyrean Gates
At the four boundaries of Amaravati are great Empyrean Gates, windows to places and possibilities that defy imagination. None as yet allow passage, though that may be wise for the safety of would-be explorers.

Basins of Fire and Ice
The elemental balance of Amaravati is anchored by a basin of Lake of Fire and another of Cold Sea, both of which are potential hazards yet contained within their bounds.

The Crystal Spires
The crown of Amaravati is a trio of towering Crystal Spires which focus and direct the immense elemental energies present in this place.

Traveling to Amaravati

Technically Amaravati is part of the same demiplane as the heavens of Zion and lies directly below them. As such, the only entrances to Amaravati are within buildings in Zion, though attempting to simply fly or fall down always ends in disaster even for angels.