All Your Souls

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All Your Souls


Link: All Your Souls
Leaders: L'ankou, Pimp Sink, Doc the Heywood, Ross Eforp
Alignment: Good
Policy: Open
Level: 7
Membership: 21
Focus: Raiding and Great Justice
Moving Zig for great Justice.

We're currently the most active, most raidy good faction. One of the biggest too! All players are welcome, regardless of experience level. If you're new, we'll help you get started. If you're a veteran, you'll find a semi-coordinated and quasi-effective team that crushes demons on a regular basis.


  • "Have fun!"
  • Treat people nicely in game and out.
  • Try to avoid killing good aligned players and raiding good aligned factions, we're all on the same team after all.
  • Current stronghold: Charlotte's Bakery - University [10, 23]. We have cookies!


If the game doesn't prevent you from joining you're welcome here! Try to stay good aligned though for convenience sake.


In the ancient times an mysterious angelic figure known as TTHSK wandered the St. Germain archipelago as a lonesome drifter shouting his mad vaguely philosophical ramblings about great justice and a strange force known as zig at anyone who would listen. Few took to his message and he became ostracized among angelkind. Finding his loneliness to be too much to bear he decided he would form a faction of his own. He spread invitations to all the planes of the nexus, to any who would devote themselves to the cause of good. (this example would be emulated by many members of AYS, who are encouraged to send invites to all players they encounter). Although for many the words of TTHSK fell upon deaf ears he eventually gained a small band of loyal followers, among them a young impressionable Lightspeaker known as GreatCatatonic. This small band would become the core of All Your Souls. As time went on more and more people joined and AYS became one of the largest factions in the nexus. Then the breath ended.

Floating in the endless void between breaths many lost faith and abandoned their factions. But TTHSK was able to guide his followers to the prime plane of the first breath. Here they laid low and gathered strength until the next breath.

In Breath 2 AYS became a group of wandering minstrels who would go from town to town performing covers of Enya songs. this was however a front for their true mission; gathering information for the great soul raids that would soon come to pass.

In Breath 3 AYS awoke from a apparent slumber to become one of the largest raiding good factions. From their home in Petra they cast a shadow over all evil factions that dared threaten the good people of the Nexus. It was during this period that TTHSK became one with the Zig leaving GreatCatatonic in charge.

Entering the current breath AYS was one of the largest and most active good factions in the Nexus part of a loose alliance that worked to create a safe haven for the forces of good in the neighborhood of Sunset. This would change however when Oblivion Squadron turned their eyes to the south and launched a campaign to destroy this enclave. AYS was forced to flee to an island of the coast of the city, where they entered a period of inactivity that claimed many of their members. During this period they were raided many times and were never able to reclaim their standards or seek revenge. This changed when on a trip to the mountains of the North a young lieutenant looked upon a bar known as the hairy Mountain Man and was instructed by the zig to build a stronghold there. From the isolation of this mountain the lich L'ankou and the Lightspeaker Ross Eforp assembled a raid squad and launched series of raids to reclaim the standards they had lost during inactivity. After the success of these raids the spirit of TTHSK came to the people and told them to reclaim the city of Cimmeria for the forces of good. Cimmeria was a dangerous place for angels, being locked in a struggle between Oblivion Squadron, the mightiest evil faction, and Foundation, the favored tribe of Hashaa. Nonetheless they continued on and launched many raids against both factions, some of which almost didn't fail. eventually they were able to carve out an area for themselves, and persistent recruiting had made them the second largest good faction. Eventually the tide turned and Oblivion Squadron collapsed in on itself and fled to the City of Arcadia in Elysium.

This victory would prove to be fleeting however as from the ashes of OS a new evil faction was formed: The Deadly Sins. A faction of demons devoted to the philosophy of "The way to Destruction!" the mortal opposite of Zig. This new faction immediately launched an offensive against AYS to avenge OS. However it was AYS that would be the first to capture a standard in this conflict. The struggle continued on and on as neither side could gain the upper hand. After ages of protracted warfare the spirit of the Zig came to the people and spoke of a great victory that could be theirs if they worked with the Ragged Philanthropists against a common enemy. On all souls day They launched a two pronged attack on the heart of The Deady Sin's Territory. The Raggeds wiped out the Sins and souls arrived to hold the fort against them. This was the first all souls day war.


Zig is a universal force that flows through all things. Zig is the key to unlocking "Great Justice". Great Justice is a state of ultimate balance and personal freedom that may be obtained through understanding Zig. Zig is a force for balance and freedom, but if left alone it may become stagnant like a pond chocked with weeds. Thus to achieve the state of Great Justice within yourself and society you must "move" Zig. Zig is moved by taking action! Any action that is just will move the Zig in the environment, but unjust actions steal energy from the Zig making it stagnant and poisonous again. Any action may "move Zig" but raids move the most. Thus to properly follow the path of Zig you must raid often. By this guidance you will find Great Justice.


Souls are repositories of Zig, good souls are in contact with the universal Zig constantly shifting out and in and bringing dynamism to the Zig. But evil souls Corrupt the Zig that comes into contact with them, leading the Nexus down the way to destruction. Thus to move Zig evil souls must be sent periodically to the void allowing the Zig to begin moving again.


We have an awesome Discord server! Come talk about this game, other games, or anything that strikes you as interesting! Find us at this link !