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Class CP Requires
Defiler 20 None
Shepherd 20 None
Sorcerer 20 None
  • Character is able to research recipes for Potions
  • Researching ingredients cost 3AP, 5MP and 1 Component item
  • Character is able to brew Potions they have learned
  • Brewing a batch of 6 potions costs 5AP, 5MP, 6 Component items

A character with this skill is able to research and create alchemical items. Alchemical Research may only be conducted in locations that allow it (see below for a definitive list). In these locations the player will see an Alchemy Actions pane added to their game interface.

Each potion has a recipe associated with it. An alchemist that knows the potion's recipe and has all the ingredients listed in it can spend 5 Action Points and 5 Magic Points at an alchemical workbench to brew a batch of 6 potions, using up all the ingredients (called "components") in the process. Characters cannot otherwise brew potions. Brewing a batch of potions earns the alchemist 20 XP and increases the Items Crafted stat by six points.

Each recipe contains a mix of 6 common, uncommon, or rare components, with component rarity varying by character class. Each recipe has a set component, which is the same for all recipes for that potion throughout the Nexus, and 5 other random ingredients. The exact ingredients will very, but the 5 random ingredients will always have the same ratio of common, uncommon and rare ingredients for a given potion. In addition, if the alchemist has a recipe of six unique ingredients, the last one listed alphabetically will always be saved - this is especially handy for Cold Potions requiring Soul Ice. Please note that recipe component rarity is different than transmutation component rarity.

These recipes are not granted to the alchemist in some instant of revelation - they are learned over many hours of painstaking (and sometimes painful) research. A character's progress towards each recipe is tracked and visible in-game, so a character will never accidentally "forget" what they have learned so far and a player does not have to worry about taking notes.

Mundane books will sometimes include a clue to the fixed component written on a scrap of paper, and a full list of the known fixed components can be found here.

Researching Alchemical Recipes

The ability to research the alchemical uses of a given component will appear in the Alchemy Pane. Experimentation is performed by selecting one component -- which must currently be in the character's inventory -- and selecting an Alchemical item. Typical factional etiquette is to only use common components for research. Performing the experiment costs 3 Action Points and 5 Magic Points and will earn the character 10xp. There are three possible outcomes when researching the use of an alchemical component, the most common being Explosive Failure:

  • Complete Success: If the component being researched is required by the recipe for the Alchemical item selected, the experiment is considered a success. The character gains the knowledge of that portion of the Alchemical recipe. The component used in the research is consumed and removed from the character's inventory.
  • Explosive Failure: If the component being researched is not required by the recipe for the Alchemical item selected, the experiment is considered a failure. Failure in something as dangerous as Alchemical research usually results in (positive or negative) Status Effects, as well as explosive damage, poisons, losing MP, or gaining MP. However, even in failing the experiment the character will gain insight into one of two areas: the character will learn of another Alchemical item that requires the component that was being experimented upon, or the character will learn of another component the Alchemical item requires (if any are available). If the character already knows all the uses of the Alchemical component being experimented on and knows all the ingredients required for the Alchemical item being researched, no new insights will be gained. In any case, Explosive Failure consumes the component being experimented on.
  • Deduction-less Failure: If a character researches an Alchemical item whose recipe does require a given component, but the character already knows all of the instances in the recipe of that component (for example, a character who requires 2 Chunks of Brass for a Potion of Combat Clarity researches the use of Brass in Combat Clarity a third time), the experiment results with the character gaining no new insight. The component is not consumed and the experiment is not considered a failure (so the character does not take any damage). The character still spends Action Points and Magic Points as usual, though.

Some Alchemical items may require multiple instances of a given component, in which case, the component must be researched for that item multiple times. For example, if a recipe requires 2 Chunks of Brass for a Potion of Combat Clarity then the character must experiment (or gain insight from failures) on a Chunk of Brass for the Alchemical item Potion of Combat Clarity two times. The component is consumed as normal in this case.

If the Alchemist is dissatisfied with the recipe they deduce through research, they may spend 5 AP and 5 MP at an alchemical workbench to throw it away and start again. Recipes can be forgotten at any degree of completion. The player will have to discover a new recipe through the same method. The new recipe will contain the same ratio of rare, uncommon, and common components as before, and the "fixed" component will be unchanged.

Ratio of components
Potion Commons
Acid Affinity 1 3 1 Patch of Lichen
Cold Affinity 3 1 1 Soul Ice
Combat Clarity 2 1 2 Gold Ingot
Death Affinity 3 1 1 Sprig of Nightshade
Electricity Affinity 2 2 1 Spool of Copper Wire
Extended Invisibility 1 1 3 Small Bottle of Gunpowder
Fire Affinity 2 3 0 Chunk of Brass
Flying 2 1 2 Silver Ingot
Greater Invulnerability 1 2 2 Chunk of Iron
Healing 2 2 1 Skull
Holy Affinity 1 3 1 Bunch of Paradise Lilies
Invisibility 1 4 0 Batch of Mushrooms
Invulnerability 2 2 1 Lead Brick
Lesser Invulnerability 3 2 0 Batch of Leather
Magic Recovery 1 1 3 Chunk of Onyx
Planar Protection 3 2 0 Handful of Grave Dirt
Regeneration 1 2 2 Stygian Bone Leech
Strength 2 1 2 Bag of Industrial Plastic
Unholy Affinity 1 3 1 Blood Ice
Water Breathing 4 1 0 Bunch of Lilies

Component Rarity by Class
Component Defiler
Bottle of Holy Water U C C
Bottle of Paradise Water U C C
Chunk of Steel C C C
Chunk of Stygian Iron C U C
Femur C C C
Handful of Grave Dirt U C C
Humerus C C C
Piece of Stygian Coal C U C
Piece of Wood C C C
Rose U C C
Skull C C C
Stygian Bone Leech C U C
Batch of Mushrooms U U U
Blood Ice C R U
Bunch of Daisies U U U
Bunch of Paradise Lilies R C U
Chunk of Brass U U U
Chunk of Ivory R U U
Healing Herb R C U
Lead Brick C U U
Patch of Lichen C U U
Patch of Moss U U U
Silver Ingot U U U
Soul Ice C R U
Gold Ingot U C U
Bag of Industrial Plastic R R R
Batch of Leather R R R
Bunch of Lilies R R R
Chunk of Iron U R R
Chunk of Onyx R R R
Small Bottle of Gunpowder R R R
Spool of Copper Wire R R R
Sprig of Nightshade R R R

Locations with Alchemical Workbenches

All strongholds contain an alchemical workbench. Alchemical workbenches also exist in the following locations:

Plane Locations
Valhalla Pharmacy, Augmentation Clinic, Mountain Research Center
Elysium Euphoria Asylum, Ivory Tower, Ward of Respite, Clockwork Tower, Crystal Castle, Great Elder Birch, Freighter, Robotics Bay
Stygia Dark Sanitarium, Ebony Tower, Hall of Reconstruction

Possible Effects

A list for all possible status effects Alchemical Experimentation can afflict you with and for how long: