Alchemical Transmutation

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Alchemical Transmutation
Class CP Requires
Defiler 40 Alchemy
Shepherd 40 Alchemy
Sorcerer 40 Alchemy
AP MP HP Duration
3 5 - -
  • Converts one alchemical component into a different component of the caster's choice.
  • Cannot increase the rarity of the component as determined by class.
  • Requires an Alchemical Workbench.

Character gains the ability to transmute alchemical components in any location with an alchemy workbench for 3 AP and 5 MP. The character may only transmute a component into a component of equivalent or lesser rarity for his class (i.e., an uncommon component may be transmuted into a common or uncommon component, but not into a rare component). Please note that transmutation component rarity is different from alchemical recipe component rarity.

Blood Ice and Soul Ice may be transmuted into other materials, but other materials may not be transmuted into them. This makes the two ices rare in factions without demons. Recipes besides Cold and Unholy that feature one or more ice have good reason to be forgotten and a new recipe researched.