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Laurentia's Sidney International Airport modernized air travel for residents of the city-state when it was constructed at the turn of the century. Despite initial environmentalist opposition, Sidney International was constructed on a grand scale and sprawls over most of the district of Sidney Island. Air travel was suspended by the outbreak of hostilities around the globe and ended permanently when Laurentia was pulled into the Nexus, but Sidney International and the facilities that supported it remain valuable destinations. Most notably, Nexal warriors who rely on a Chainsaw in battle will find the Airport to be an exceptionally good source of Fuel Cans.

Airport2.gif You are standing outside of Airport. This is a large, sleek airport building constructed fairly recently, with much of its structure dominated by glass. Several large airplanes are parked along the tarmac, but none are connected to the airport terminals.
You are standing inside of Airport. This is a sprawling airport building, with vast boarding areas all left empty and littered with trash. Several shops are spaced throughout the terminal halls. Any sound echoes ominously.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 10 30