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Magic Points
Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
50 40 20
To Hit Defense
40% 5%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
Holy, 4 None
Special Abilities
  • Will not attack non-Evil targets.
  • Will attempt to heal the Lightspeaker and other Good characters before attacking.
  • Can attack Invisible characters.
  • Can attack flying characters

Aethersprites are Angelic beings summoned by the Lightspeaker. Aethersprite behavior is different from that of most other pets, in that their primary role is one of healing and not combat.

They are primarily concerned with the health and safety of the Lightspeaker who summoned them, and will heal him first before attacking. On the "10-second" tick, Aethersprites always try to heal in lieu of attacking, and will still heal when set to passive (Aethersprite healing does not grant XP). Aethersprite heals restore 10 hit points and remove Minor Poison, Defiler Poison, and Enervated status effects if they heal a character. Sorcerer's Might prevents Aethersprites from even trying to heal (Aethersprites cannot reduce Sorcerer's Might duration), while the Glyph of Pain vs. Good prevents the Aethersprites from healing anybody except for their master. Characters affected by Blood Curse cannot be healed by Aethersprites.

Aethersprites are able to attack (and heal) Invisible characters.

An Aethersprite will only attack characters of Evil alignment, unless their master possesses the Hand of Zealotry skill (in which case they will attack Neutral characters as well) or the Holier Than Thou skill (in which case they will attack anyone of lesser Morality than their master).

If the Lightspeaker possesses the skill Heart Light, when an Aethersprite heals it also transfers 5 MP from itself to the character, up to the target's normal MP maximum. This only applies to characters other than the Aethersprite's master.

On a "retaliatory" tick, Aethersprites have a 20% chance of healing in lieu of attacking.

If an Aethersprite heals, it expends 5 MP and 1 AP. If an Aethersprite tries to heal, and can heal its master, it will. If its master cannot be healed (or does not need healing), it will heal a random character of good morality in the location. If there are no good characters in the area that the sprite can heal, it will attack. Aethersprites can heal good-morality demons. Aethersprites are mainly concerned with healing but are somewhat aware of Faction disputes; they will not heal members of a faction their master's faction is hostile to. In the event of a stronghold siege on their master's faction, they will heal only factionmates and members of factions their master's faction is friendly to.

An Aethersprite stolen by Touch of Corrupted Loyalty loses its healing abilities and becomes known as a Hellsprite.

Masterless Aethersprites exist as Wandering Monsters in Elysium, usually within the neighborhood of Arcadia.