Aether Manipulation

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Aether Manipulation
Class CP Requires
Holy Champion 30 None
Doom Howler 30 None
  • Character gains +10 to MP and MP capacity.
  • Ability to learn spells and cast from spellgems
  • +30% chance to hit with ranged spells.

This skill allows the character to learn Spells and cast from Spellgems as the Sorcerer skill Spellcraft does, and gives them +30% chance to hit with ranged spells (for a total of 55% accuracy with ranged spells).

Upon purchase of this skill, the character gains +10 to their current MP (up to their maximum).

Holy Champion Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Cloak of AirCloak of the TornadoCloak of the Whispering Wind || Cloak of Divine Resolve (free skill) → Cloak of Holy Radiance |→ Holy Bulwark || Cloak of EarthCloak of SteelCloak of the Foundation || Cloak of FlameCloak of InfernoCloak of the Eternal Flame || Cloak of WaterCloak of the Deep RiverCloak of the Relentless Sea || Cloak of Lightning | Cloak of Quicksand | Cloak of Magma | Cloak of Mist || Summon Avenging LightCleansing Light || Holy Fortitude || Wings

Doom Howler Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Elite Attack || Ghost TendrilsSoul Draining || Ghostwalk || Gnashing of TeethDoomblight || Scream of the Banshee (free skill) → Wail of the DeadKeening of the Damned || Spectral ArmorPhasing || Summon Chain GremlinAncient Trickery || Wytchfire