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Tier: 3
Morality: Good
Entrance: Shepherd



The chosen of Alonai, an Advocate rarely raises arms in battle. Instead, they stand to protect and guide others, ensuring the well being of those who deserve their care. Wherever there is suffering, an Advocate will often show up. This has led to the popular belief among demonkind that an Advocate is another Angelic warrior. In truth, an Advocate primarily shows up on a battlefield to lessen the suffering of their own kind, and to bless the worthy for their efforts.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
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Requirements Cost
Anoint Triggered. Character uses a potion on another character. - 30 -2 -
Holy Transfer Triggered. Character casts memorized Buffing or Aura spells onto another character. Anoint 60 -2 Varies

Blessing of Inspiration All good characters in the tile gain the "Blessed" status. Caster does not. - - -5 -10
Blessing of Eternity Passive. Doubles the duration of Blessing of Inspiration to 30 status ticks. Blessing of Inspiration 60 - -
Blessing of the Guardian Characters under Blessed status gain +20% defense. Blessing of Inspiration 60 - -
    ↳Blessing of the Stalwart Characters under the Blessed status effect gain +3 soak. Blessing of Inspiration 90 - -
Blessing of the Resolute Characters under Blessed status gain an additional +10% to-hit (total +15%). Blessing of Inspiration 60 - -
    ↳Blessing of the Mighty Characters under Blessed status gain +3 damage. Blessing of Inspiration 90 - -
Cosmic Affinity Passive. Character gains +15 Magic Points - 30 - -
Enchant Item  (This skill is currently bugged) Passive. Character gains ability to enchant items for 10 AP and a varies amount of MP. - 30 -10 Varies
Seal Magic Character's MP cost of enchanting items reduced by 20% and duration increased by 50% Enchant Item 60 - -
Healing Aura Triggered. All good-aligned characters on the character's tile get the Healing Aura Status Effect. - 30 -1 -7
Intense Halo Character gains an aura that does holy damage against those using Hand-to-Hand or Melee attacks. - 30 - -
Word of the Holy Light Triggered. When activated, character gains Holy Light Status Effect. - 30 -1 -7
Inviolate Form Character gains the Inviolate Form Status Effect - 30 -3 -5
Sin Eater Character may increase the Morality of Evil characters at the cost of the Advocate's own Morality - 30 -1 -
Wings Triggered. Character can fly and move for half the normal AP cost. - 30 -1 -3
Wing Wrap Triggered. Character gains +6 soak on all attacks for 25 Status Ticks. Wings 60 -3 -
Glyph Mastery Passive. Glyphs cast by the character have 50% greater health. - - - -