Advanced Parry

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Advanced Parry
Class CP Requires
Mortal 30 Parry
  • Allows user to counter-attack melee and hand-to-hand attacks
Obsolete The page is marked obsolete.
The info listed here is no longer accurate / out-of-date.
Skill got removed

Advanced Parry allows the character to make a return strike upon an opponent, provided certain circumstance are met.

The character selects, in order of preference, up to three melee or Hand-to-Hand weapons to use with this skill. Changing the weapon settings requires 1 Action Point (AP).

If a character with this skill is attacked with a melee weapon or hand-to-hand attack, survives the attack, has at least 1 AP, and has selected at least one valid weapon, the character will make a counter-attack against the aggressor.

The counter-attack, if it hits, deals half damage to the aggressor. Half damage is figured after any soak is applied, is rounded down, and will be a minimum of 1. For example, a counter-attack that hits for 7 points of slashing damage is soaked by the aggressor's armor for 2 points. The remaining 5 points of damage is halved, rounding down, for a final hit of 2 points.

Advanced Parry's counter-attack will not shift the defender's Morality, nor will the defender earn any experience. Chances for weapon and armor degradation are applied as if the counter-attack were a normal attack. There is a 50% chance that the counter-attack will cost the defender 1 AP.

A counter-attack will not provoke a return counter-attack from the aggressor, in cases where the aggressor also has Advanced Parry. Certain statistics are increased with the use of Advanced Parry (for example, Damage Dealt and Kills). A counter-attack will cause any status effects to apply on the defender and will also reveal the character if he is hidden, whether or not an AP is spent. Furthermore, a counter-attack will trigger a retaliation by pets if the agressor's pets aren't already aggressive to you (such as a Defiler using Dark Heart on members of their faction) and it will also trigger your own pets twice, one time for being attacked and another time for your retaliation attack.

A character with Advanced Parry can "turn it off" by not selecting any weapons for use with the skill on their character screen.

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