Adrenal Healing

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Adrenal Healing
Class CP Requires
Infernal Behemoth 60 Bloodlust
Bloodlust (Upgrade)
AP MP HP Duration
- - - 30 ticks
  • Activates after landing a killing blow
  • Can be activated with Blood Ice
  • +1 to damage and +10% to accuracy
  • +2 to soak
  • Behemoth heals +3 HP per hit
  • Behemoth heals +5 HP per ten-second pet tick.

While a character with this skill is under the effect of Bloodlust, they will regenerate 3 Hit Points for every attack they hit with. This attack must be against a character or pet, but does not need to deal damage in order to reinvigorate the Behemoth (and so will trigger even if the target is immune to that damage type). This healing is in addition to any other forms of healing that may also occur (for example, from Blood Taste). The character can regenerate over their normal amount of Hit Points through the use of this skill, but will return to their maximum if they have over their normal total when the effect ends.

In addition, the Behemoth heals 5 HP per ten-second Pet Tick. This healing will not put the character above their normal maximum amount of Hit Points.

Note that Blood Taste will not increase the character's hit points above their maximum, and will stop functioning when the character is at, or above, their regular HP cap. This means that when you are not already wounded you will only gain 3 HP for every successful attack .

While Bloodlusted, the Behemoth gains an additional +1 Soak bonus that brings the total to +2 Soak.

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