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Action Points (AP) are the basic limiting factor when playing this game. Most actions require an action point to perform. Once you run out of action points your character cannot take any actions until he or she regains AP.

Spending Action Points

The following actions cost 1 action point each. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Attacking
  • Reloading a weapon
  • Entering or exiting a building
  • Moving (although some tiles require 2 AP to move across)
  • Opening/Closing a door
  • Locking/Unlocking a door
  • Reading a book
  • Using a first aid kit
  • Eating, drinking, or using an item
  • Searching an area
  • Speaking (The first 40 speeches/whispers per day are free)
  • Whispering (The first 40 speeches/whispers per day are free)
  • Retrieving/placing an item in a faction safe or personal footlocker

Regaining Action Points

Action points are regained at a rate of one every fifteen minutes during the AP tick. You can regain up to 96 AP per day this way, and can spend them as long as you have them. Generally, it is more effective to allow your AP to regenerate to full (Or near to it) in order to take more actions in one go.
The maximum number of action points a character can have at any time depends on their Character Level, and is usually between 50 and 71 (with some exceptions.) Characters gain +1 to their maximum AP total for every level after Tier 1, starting with 51 AP at level 10.

Some skills, such as Mystic Vigor, Harbinger of Death, and Sadistic Glee (and possibly others) also provide ways of gaining extra AP.

Speech Points

In addition to the normal Action Points (as outlined above), the game also keeps tabs on Speech Points.

  • Characters have a "Speech Point" cap. Characters may accumulate up to 200 Speech Points. If a character has at least 5 Speech Points banked, speaking and emoting actions (this includes faction chatboxes but NOT faction announcements) the action costs 5 Speech Points and 0 Action Points. Any time the character has sufficient Speech Points for "Free Speech", the "Say" button should display 0 AP. Members of the Order of the Blue Rose guild may speak at the cost of fewer Speech Points than normal, and may grant Speech Points to other characters.
  • Speech Points regenerate at a rate of 2 per AP tick (i.e., 192 per day).
  • If the character has fewer than 5 Speech points, the speaking/emoting action costs 1 AP instead.
  • The upshot of all of this is that you get just under 40 free speech actions per character per day.
  • Speaking does not trigger Status Ticks, Status Effects, or Glyphs, regardless of whether Speech or Action points are used. This means that a character under the effect of Minor Poison will not suffer damage from speaking.