Absolve Suffering

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Absolve Suffering
Class CP Requires
Shepherd 20 None
Absolve Suffering
AP MP HP Duration
1 5 - -
  • Cannot Target Demonic characters.
  • Target is cured of all Poisons, Enervated status and Dark Oppressor curses .
  • Shepherd gains the ability to see when someone is Cursed.
  • User gains experience points based on the status effects removed.

This skill allows the character to see who on the tile is suffering from Curse of Blood or Agony Curse and grants the power to remove certain adverse Status Effects from a target non- demon character. The skill costs 1 Action Point and 5 Magic Points to use. One use of the skill will clear all applicable Status Effects from the target -- it is not necessary to use the skill once for each effect to be removed. Status Effects gained through adverse alchemical reactions may not be removed.

If the Shepherd is an Advocate with Healing Aura, having Absolve Suffering increases the duration of Healing Aura by 10 points.

Successfully using the skill will earn the character a certain amount of Experience Points. If no adverse effects are removed from a target no Experience Points will be awarded. These gains are adjusted for any difference in levels between the user of this skill and the target of the skill's effect.

Absolvable Sufferings and Their Rewards
Suffering Base Experience Points Earned
Minor Poison 1
Defiler Poison 2
Curse of Blood 3
Agony Curse 3
Acid Burn 3
Choking 3
Doomblight 3
Drained 3
Exposed 3
Frightened 3
Lethargic 3
Phantasmal Terror 3
Plagued with Doubt 3
Weakness 3
Enervated 4
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