Tattoo of the Wandering Way

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Tattoo of the Wandering Way
Class CP Requires
Nexus Champion 30 None
  • Nexus Champion is able to use MP to teleport directly from one place to another
  • Can go up to 10 tiles in any direction within a plane

This skill grants the character the ability to teleport from their current location to a new location on the same plane. They do not physically move through the intermediate locations, so any barriers, hindrances, or damaging terrain effects along the path will not affect the character.

This skill costs 1 Action Point and a variable number of Magic Points to use. The Magic Point cost is equal to the square root of the sum of the distance traveled along the X- axis (squared) plus the distance traveled along the Y- axis (squared), rounded up:

Magic Point cost = √[(Xorigin - Xdestination)2 + (Yorigin - Ydestination)2]

For example, a Nexus Champion with this skill is currently golfing at (39,28) on the Prime Plane. He suddenly remembers he's out of bullets and wants to use this skill to get to the gun store at (38,18). How many Magic Points will this cost?

Magic Point cost = √[(39 - 38)2 + (28 - 18)2] = √[(1) + (100)] = √(101) = 10.04 = 11 Magic Points

The character can teleport a maximum of 10 tiles in either direction, limited by their current Magic Point total.

Teleporting into a location will alert all characters there to the Nexus Champion's arrival, via a message in the messages pane, unless you're invisible.

Pets are charged 1 AP when their master teleports, regardless of distance traveled.

As this skill does not reduce the cost of movement, but increases the distance one can go, Wandering Way and Leaguestep stack with Flying. As the Nexus Champion may only "step" onto tiles that they could enter normally, flying also waives movement restrictions, i.e. void tiles.

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