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Prologue: Amateur demons cause pain by slashing, whipping, and exploding willy-nilly. Professional demons are much, much more effective.

One more badge. Just one more damn badge. She had followed lead after lead and this had been the best yet. It sucked, but it was the best she had.

For the 100th time, she cursed the old woman. "The far side of the Sea, it is," she had said. She was sure and was paid well for the information. If this turned out to be a bust, she was gonna send that old bitch to the void. NOBODY made a fool of Katrine, Dread Defiler. It took the better part of a week to walk around this damn sea and so far, nothing!

Several days passed. Katrine was getting VERY cranky.

Unbelievable. The old woman was right! As long as it took to get around the Sea, it took almost as long to find it, but here it was. Now, she could rest...

Katrine woke with a terrified scream. Waking from a deep sleep, only to open your eyes and find yourself face to face with an Infernal Behemoth will do that to you. "I am Urol," the beast whispered with foul breath.

# Urol whispered to you, saying, "Normally, I would love to sink my claws into your soft flesh, invoking that state of bloodlust. Today, however, I won't. Call it capriciousness. Call it goodwill."

"Or perhaps," Urol continued, "I just know that you're a badge hunter, and it will cause you more pain to have to walk back, rather than respawning in Valhalla." (Grassland : Mon, 11 Jun 2007)

The beast flew away, laughing at her. Laughing! Katrine had a new quarry to hunt. But first, she had to clean herself up. A Defiler defiling herself - how embarrassing.