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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

Nexus Clash has its own IRC server and hosts some official channels. If you want to talk to other people in real time without using large amounts of Action Points, you should check it out.

Also many of the larger factions have their own chatrooms, these are usually advertised on each faction's forum or webpage.

  • Server: (or
  • Channel: #clash

You Must Read And Agree to the Rules

Getting Connected

People new to IRC can get started by following these HOWTOs.

Method 1: Install an irc client on your computer.

  1. You'll need a client, if you don't already have one. Windows users can use X-Chat (
  2. After you install and launch it, you'll see a window labeled "Server List".
  3. Set the nick name(s) you want to be seen as. Then, click the "Add" button. Type in "nexuswar", then click edit.
  4. Replace "newserver/6667" with "".
  5. Click the "Connect to this network at startup" check box.
  6. Enter "#clash" in the "Channels to join" blank.
  7. Then click "Close" and double click on the "nexus" network you just added.
  8. To join a channel manually, use the /join command followed by the channel name. Ex: /join #clash

Method 2: Run a web-based irc client in your browser (does not require java)

  1. Use a search engine to look for the string "CGI:IRC Login"
  1. Hunt through the list of hits for a site that will allow you to change the server.
  2. When you find one, bookmark it so you don't have to perform steps 1 and 2 every time
  3. Enter for the server name. (or just click the link above and skip up to here.)
  4. Choose your desired nick
  5. Enter #clash for the channel
  6. Click "login" to connect.

Have fun, but don't forget that like the Forums, IRC does indeed have some rules. They can be found here, as well as in the #clash topic.

Additional Details

For the technically inclined, here is some other information:

  • The server has ports open at 6660-6669 and 7001-7005 available to clients.
  • The server does not support SSL connections. It's trying to be as small of a footprint as possible while still retaining functionality, and since secure IRC is a pretty niche market, I opted not to compile with it enabled.
  • The maximum amount of simultaneous connections from one computer to the server is 3, any more connections will be killed. Repeatedly trying to connect more than 3 times at once may result in a ban from the server.
  • If you require additional help once connected to the server, you can go to the #help channel and get yourself some help. This channel is ONLY for help with IRC itself or using NW IRC services.
  • You can also check out the IRC Guide.

Channels of Note

The most important channel that you may be interested in:

  • #clash - The central channel for the game; can be spammy or flamey at times. Most of the time there is at least one game Admin around to answer questions or provide assistance.