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Class CP Requires
Dark Oppressor 60 Crown of Pain
  • Crown of Pain now inflicts debuffs on target, as follows:
  • Brimstone inflicts Choking (-10% to-hit),
  • Caustic inflicts Exposed (-2 soak),
  • Decaying inflicts Lethargic (-10% defense),
  • Infernal inflicts Weakness (-2 damage).

The Oppressor's Crown of Pain now inflicts a negative Status Effect on the target for 6 Status Ticks. These effects overlap (and hence do not stack). The status inflicted varies according to the Oppressor's choice when reloading the Crown, as follows:

  • Brimstone - inflicts the Choking status (-10% to attack).
  • Caustic - inflicts the Exposed status (-2 to soak)
  • Decaying - inflicts the Lethargic status (-10% to defense)
  • Infernal - inflicts the Weakness status (-2 to damage).
Dark Oppressor Skills

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