Dark Trick

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Dark Trick
Class CP Requires
Fallen 60 Charade of Redemption
  • Characters who hit the Fallen lose 2 Morality points, whilst the Fallen is under the Charade of Redemption
  • Fallen gains 5 Holy Damage aura against characters only, whilst under the Charade of Redemption

While the character is under the effect of the Charade of Redemption, successful attacks made against the Fallen cause the attacker to lose 2 points of Morality in addition to the morality shift normally arising from the attack. In addition, the attacker will take 5 points of Holy damage (as a damage Aura). Note that as pets lack morality, this aura doesn't affect them.

Fallen Skills

Abiding HateSadistic Glee || Charade of Redemption (free skill) → Dark Trick |→ Masquerade of Deception || Hellfire || Infernal Jets || Oath of SteelBond of the Mechanical || Plague of Doubt || Shadowskulk |→ Shadow Meld |→ Shadow Dirk