Charade of Redemption

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Charade of Redemption
Class CP Requires
Fallen 0 None
Charade of Redemption
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 30 Status Ticks
  • Fallen appears as a factionmate to all characters.
  • Fallen appears as Good to characters with Sense Morality.

The Fallen gains ability to activate the Charade of Redemption Status Effect for 1 AP and 10 MP. The effect lasts for 30 Status Ticks (duration can be stacked).

While under Charade of Redemption, the Fallen appears as a factionmate whenever another character views them in the Description pane (i.e., their name will be pink, as a factionmate's name would). In addition, characters with Sense Morality will perceive the Fallen as being of Good Morality.

This is entirely cosmetic and only affects the Description pane. This means that the Fallen remains "Evil" in all respects, pets are utterly unaffected, and the Fallen's profile page will list its true faction affiliation (if any).

A Fallen gains this skill for free upon selecting the class.

Fallen Skills

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