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Breath 3.5 Changelog

Changes to the game will be posted below as they become available.

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10/30/2015 - [Mini-Patch] - Tap Ley Line Patch


Tap Ley Line (TLL) has been altered thusly:

  • TLL won't get you above 2x your MP cap
  • TLL now gives 5 MP per activation (in all cases)
  • TLL no longer changes morality, except for angels tapping unholy ley lines (-5 MO)
  • TLL now deals demons 10 unsoakable damage when tapping holy ley lines

10/30/2015 - [Mini-Patch] - Wisp Form Patch


Revised Pet interactions so that they will act as if Defensive when interacting with Wisp Form Conduits, to better balance the skill and bring Conduits more in line with their intended role:

  • Pets that are retaliating to an attack will now attack the wisp formed Conduit instead of ignoring them
  • After retaliating to an attack from a wisp formed Conduit, the retaliating pets will consider them a valid target in subsequent regular pet ticks

10/20/2015 - [Mini-Patch] - Improved Player Messaging


Added button to go to forum profile of character's owner.


Aethersprites will no longer heal other characters that have been recently attacked by their master or master's pets (relevant for Holier Than Thou Lightspeakers)

10/17/2015 - Bug Fixing Spree

Many outstanding bugs have been fixed:


  • Aggressive vs Non-Allied now correctly excludes factions marked friendly by their masters faction when setting pet stances individually, rather than excluding factions that marked masters faction as friendly
  • Aggressive vs Non-Allied pets now correctly acquire targets moving onto their tile
  • Holier Than Thou Lightspeakers no longer lose MO on pet attacks versus good targets with morality less than theirs (except on killing blows, which incurs a -2 morality hit)
  • Holier Than Thou Lightspeakers now correctly lose 2 MO when their pets kill a good aligned character
  • Lightspeaker pets no longer acquire targets that they are unable to attack, causing them to spend a pet tick attempting to find a new target
  • Lightspeaker pets with Holier Than Thou will now correctly acquire targets with good morality, provided target morality is lower than that of their master
  • Favor of GNak tentacles now correctly take damage when their master drowns



  • Renamed non-offensive spells should now be castable
  • Renamed portable toolkits now work for item crafting and repairing
  • Flag capture message now correctly shows plane of capturer's stronghold
  • Flag capture message no longer refers to defunct faction bonuses
  • Day/Night cycle bugs resolved for Elysium and Stygia
  • Revenants no longer get sunburnt in Stygia
  • Spell renames restricted to 32 characters in length
  • Fixed learned spells that had truncated names
  • Exploit allowing grenades to be used to attack people 1v1
  • Players can no longer get trapped "outside" of the sewers
  • Players can now pick up items off the ground even if they don't have any AP
  • Items crafted without components no longer increment the items crafted stat
  • Fixed exploit involving abusing Wondercraft to gain arbitrary amounts of AP

10/07/2015 - Nexus Clash Hypermap for Breath 3.5


The Breath 3 Ultramap (and link) has been replaced by the Nexus Clash Hypermap of Breath 3.5 planes, which can be found at:

08/26/2015 - [BALANCE PATCH] Stronghold Wards and Book Balancing


When level 20 or greater, reading books only grants 5 XP


Stronghold Stronghold Wards strength scales more slowly and is now capped at 500 until there's enough level 20+ members. The new stronghold ward calculation is as follows:

If the faction has at least one level 20+ character, then use the lowest value among the following formulas:

  • 1,000
  • Active members X 200
  • 500 + (Level 20+ characters X 100)

If the faction does not have any level 20+ characters, then use the lowest value among the following formulas:

  • 500
  • Level 10+ characters X 100

07/24/2015 - Launch of Breath 3.5


All New Game Maps:

  • The city-state of Laurentia, the mortal (Valhalla) plane as well as the home of the Transcended
  • The Underground beneath Laurentia
  • Stygia, home plane of the Demons
  • Elysium, home plane of the Angels


  • Double-Barreled Shotguns removed from the game
  • Search odds have been adjusted for many tiles
  • Some improvised weapons have been removed from Obsolete status
  • New improvised melee weapon, the Truncheon
  • A large number of new Clothing items have been added
  • Books now always grant 10 XP when read


  • New Newspaper articles featuring news from the final years of the city-state of Laurentia
  • Odds of finding paper scraps in mortal books has been tripled
  • New paper scraps featuring clues from the history of Laurentia
  • New book texts from the world of Laurentia
  • 40 new exploration badges scattered throughout the planes
  • Many, many grammar and typo fixes in lore content


New Pet stance: Aggressive to Non-Allied


  • Healing required for Healing badges reduced to 15,000 and 20,000
  • Lifetime CP granting badges no longer grant CP
  • Breath badges will grant more CP than they do currently (10 CP and 15 CP)
  • Once you are level 10 or higher, if your lifetime stat is high enough you will be granted the lesser breath badge and CP (regardless of if your breath stats are high enough)
  • Once you are level 20 or higher, if your lifetime stat is high enough you will be granted the greater breath badge and CP (regardless of if your breath stats are high enough)
  • Breath badges have all new names for the new Breath


  • New Mortal aspects
  • New Sorcerer and Myrmidon aspects
  • Mortal aspects are now available in the credit store
  • Many Premium aspects have been added to the credit store, representing figures from the history of Laurentia
  • Elementalist aspects have been added to the roster of premium aspects in the credit store


  • New snazzy raid ticker
  • Updated homepage text
  • Updated top menu


Starting skills have been reduced to a limited roster of core skills useful for leveling. Starting characters receive a 'starting kit' of helpful items related to their starting skill (in addition to the default starting kit). Starting skills (and corresponding bonus starting items) are

Starting Skill Bonus Starting Items
Engineering Portable Toolkit
Hand-to-Hand Combat Set of Brass Knuckles, Leather Jacket (pristine)
Melee Combat Sword (pristine), Pipewrench
Ranged Combat Pistol (pristine), Compound Bow (pristine), Pistol Clip x10, Quiver of Arrows x4, Throwing Knife x5
First Aid First Aid Kit x15
Repair Item Dagger (broken) x10
Search Book x10


Stronghold Wards now base their strength on the number of faction members.

  • 100 HP ward for one character factions
  • 300 HP ward for two character factions
  • 600 HP ward for three character factions
  • 1000 HP ward for four character factions and larger

Single-Breath Upgrades purchased in the last Breath have ended their duration and must be purchased anew:

  • Planar Screen
  • Planar Domain
  • Adamant Denial

The following Upgrades have been removed from the game:

  • Mana Mend
  • Mana Rupture
  • Adamant Proscription
  • Homefield Advantage
  • Favor of the Elders


  • All Angels now go from 50 MO down to -30 MO.
  • All Transcendent (Neutral) classes stay as-is (40 MO to -40 MO)
  • All Demons now go from 30 MO down to -50 MO.
  • Morality is now fractional
  • Attacking now (in addition to current effects) changes morality by a fraction of damage dealt (1/10th when attacking equal or higher tier, 1/20th for tier lower, 1/40th for T3 attacking T1)
  • Morality changes on attack/hit/kill rebalanced slightly to account for new damage related MO changes
  • Healing changes morality by 1/10th HP healed
  • When attacking, characters in unaligned factions gain and lose MO as if they are neutral



Infusions as we know them have been removed - Associated mechanics that depend on them have also been altered to no longer depend on them. Skills that used to refer to infusions have either been removed or now refer to Ley Lines instead.

  • There are magical power sources scattered throughout the map - "Ley Lines"
  • Tap Ley Line will enable users to tap into the powers on such tiles to gain MP
  • Ley Lines have a limited amount of power, which regenerates over time
  • Ley Lines have a morality associated with them, which has a small effect on what happens when they are tapped for power


Alchemy now grants XP when brewing potions


  • Enchanting items now grants XP
  • Clothing enchantments now correctly have a chance to decay on death.
  • Smashing enchantments have been removed with the removan of infusion.


The maximum Speech Point total has been raised to 200 (was 100).


Guilds have received new flavor text upon joining the Guild, indicating which Elder Power you have aligned yourself to, as well as some details about the goals and domain of that Power.

All class-based restrictions on Guild membership have been removed from the game.

Guild ranks are now determined thusly:

  • Factionless characters automatically receive Rank 1.
  • Factioned characters automatically recieive Rank 3.
  • Factioned characters gain one rank if their Class matches the alignment of their Guild's Elder Power
  • Factioned characters gain one rank if their Faction matches the alignment of their Guild's Elder Power

The Global Orthodoxy Standings checker has been removed from the game.

Order of Key-La

Planar guild removed from the game.

Fists of Sanguinity

Planar guild removed from the game.

Order of the Blue Rose

New planar guild, aligned with Baraas.

Ability: Members of this guild may grant 20 SP (speech points) to another character and spend less SP to speak and emote.

  • Rank 3: Ability costs 1AP and 5MP, player character only uses 8 SP per speech action
  • Rank 2: Ability costs 1AP and 4MP, player character only uses 7 SP per speech action
  • Rank 1: Ability costs 0AP and 3MP, player character only uses 6 SP per speech action

Obsidian Cartel

New planar guild, aligned with Tlacolotl.

Whenever a member of this guild kills another character, they gain MP.

  • Rank 3 members gain 2 MP for angel kills, 1 MP for other kills
  • Rank 2 members gain 3 MP for angel kills, 2 MP for other kills
  • Rank 1 members gain 4 MP for angel kills, 3 MP for other kills

Sect of Maeval

Bonuses from Breath 3 have been removed.

When members of this guild kill another character, a masterless zombie is summoned according to rank. Masterless zombies (all flavours) will all act defensive towards members of Sect of Maevel and will ignore level 1s, but will be aggressive towards all other characters.

  • Rank 3 summons a Rotting Zombie. Rotting Zombies are identical to Lich Pet Zombies, but don't spawn another zombie upon killing a player character.
  • Rank 2 summons a Shambling Zombie. Shambling Zombies no longer spawn zombies from corpses. 90% chance to summon Rotting Zombie on kill, 5% chance for Infectious Zombie, 5% chance for Shambling Zombie.
  • Rank 1 summons an Infectious Zombie. Infectious Zombies have the same stats as Shambling Zombies, except with 85% attack accuracy. Upon killing a character, 90% chance to summon Shambling Zombie, 10% chance for Infectious Zombie.



  • Skill removed: Psychometry
  • Planar Protection cost reduced to 10 CP, no longer a child skill
  • Swim no longer manadatory for moving through water, reduces water movement to 1 from 2 AP. Swim cost reduced to 5 CP.
  • Psychic Bloodhound is now a 10 CP child of Tap Ley Line and allows the user to see who cast glyphs as well as detecting ley line tapping actions
  • Tap Ley Line has been significantly revised (see above)
  • Stamina no longer has a synergy with Swim


  • Skill removed: Infuse


  • Prayer results have been rebalanced, including the total removal of Light Within
  • New Skill: Hand of Zealotry, 20 CP
  • New Skill: Holier Than Thou, 20 CP child of Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Infuse



  • Desecration results have been rebalanced. Explosive AoE result can now be triggered on kills.
  • Skill removed: Infuse
  • Skill removed: Salt the Earth
  • Skill added and changed: Life Vampire is now a 5 MP charge attack, grants 1 Blood Ice per 10 damage dealt, rounded down (20 CP)
  • Skill changed: Soul Vampire is now a 5 MP charge attack, grants 1 Soul Ice per 10 damage dealt, rounded down (20 CP)


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Martyr's Blood


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Holier than Thou


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry
  • Skill removed: Fanatical Soldiers
  • Pets owned by a Lightspeaker who purchased Hand of Zealotry can now target neutral characters
  • Pets owned by a Lightspeaker who purchased Holier than Thou can now target characters of lower morality than the Lightspeaker


Divine Herald

  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry

Holy Champion

  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry


  • Skill removed: Hand of Zealotry


  • Skill removed: Greater Infusion


  • Skill removed: Greater Infusion

Nexus Champion


  • Skill removed: Unholy Stain

Dark Oppressor

  • Skill changed: Unholy Stain
  • Lord Over Domain now grants full bonuses when in Stygia or on Unholy Ley Lines
  • Skill removed: Life Vampire (now a Defiler skill)


  • Skill added: Infernal Jets. The further a Fallen travels in a straight line, the less AP it costs to continue moving in that direction.
  • Skill removed: Salt the Earth

Void Walker